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House Fodder

House: You Don't Want to Know

House Episode 4-08C : You Don't Want to Know

Airdate: Tuesday November 20, 2007

This is a capsule review : it will be supplemented soon by a full review.

The Hook:

A magician is performing the old Houdini shackled-upside-down and submerged-in-a-tank-of-water trick. Big Love is drafted to participate in verifying the reality of the trick. But something goes wrong and blood drifts out of the mouth of the submerged magician. Big Love and Foreign Guy rush to get the man out of the tank.

Act 1

House rides a scooter into the lecture room. Sooo 1990's, House. The candidates all wait, mute. Foreman reads the paper in the back, coffee at hand. House announces a new competition. FG interrupts to tell about the magician last night. House suggests there's nothing interesting about a drowning man whose heart stopped, and tries to go on, but BL interrupts to say the man lost consciousness almost as soon as he hit the water. House wanders how BL could go on a man-date with his family obligations. FG tries to get back to talking about the heart stoppage, saying the ER confirms the man's basic healthiness, but House maintains that he was lying : about everything : "He's a magician, that's what they do." Cutthroat Beeyotch tries to get back to the challenge.

House says the winner gets to nominate two competitors, and House will fire one of the two. FG still wants to talk about the magician. House tells him to run along and perform his little tests, but if he's wrong, he's fired. CB is all ears to find out how she can oust a teammate. House says the challenge is all about demonstrating the skill of ‘breaking the rules without getting caught': "Bring me the thong of Lisa Cuddy!" As House the shoos startled contestants out of the room to begin their quest, Foreman quips "That's how I got hired."

BL, 13, and Plastic Surgeon Guy all express disgust with the unprofessionalism of the assignment and declare they should all beg off. CB says "Fine," but they all realize she doesn't mean it and she acknowledges it. The race is on.

FG interview the patient, whose name is Flynn. 13 comes in and tells Flynn that if there's nothing wrong with him, FG gets fired, which amuses Flynn. All his answers to FG's questions are negative. He asks "Would it help if I puked?" and coughs up a stream of playing cards, then invites 13 to pick from a fan of them. Flynn appears unconcerned about his condition and keeps up with the tricks. He tells FG to check his wallet. FG hands Flynn the wallet. When Flynn opens it, it promptly bursts into flames, which he extinguishes with a brief puff of air. Then he opens it to reveal the card 13 picked. Now 13 and FG are intrigued, but Flynn declines to repeat the trick with a sly smile.

PSG stares at Cuddy in the halls. CB asks him why he's staring if he isn't playing. CB suggests spilling his coffee on Cuddy, working together to give her a reason to take her panties off. As they approach, CB trips PSG, making the coffee not spill on Cuddy. CB innocently asks if she can help with clinic duty.

FG asks Foreman for hints about the case, because he hasn't found anything wrong with Flynn. Foreman wants to know why he should help one candidate over another. Foreman suggests an MRI of the patient's lungs.

CB has Cuddy paged to the nurse's station. [She doesn't mention which one. There's only one?] CB lights a cigarette and blows smoke on the fire sprinklers. [Points off for that : there's no smoke sensor there : just a mechanical fusible plug that melts at fire temperatures.] CB apparently realizes her error and mounts a table to hold the lighter up to the sprinkler. Off go the sprinklers : and the fire alarm. She wades to the nurse's station and berates the nurse for Cuddy not being there. The nurse says "Dr. Taub said she'd be right out." Sure enough, there's PSG and Cuddy, dry, in Cuddy's office, PSG waving and smiling.

FG prepares Flynn to roll into the MRI. Flynn makes jokes, but as he rolls in he immediately cries out and writhes in pain. FG and 13 run to the rescue. Flynn has internal bleeding.

FG and 13 brief House on Flynn's tests, but so far they mainly know what didn't cause the bleeding, not what did. 13 drops the file and appears flustered, as House stares unhelpfully. PSG and CB enter the room, PSG holding up a pair of black thong panties. The others ask how he got them, but House declares they are not Cuddy's. House declares Cuddy is wearing a red bra, and the thong would match. Foreman tries to direct the conversation back to Flynn's problem, but House asks CB to hike up her skirt and show her underwear. When she refuses, House declares she is wearing a black bra and therefore she and PSG cut a deal. With a guilty look, CB retrieves her thong and declares "If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough."

Foreman tries again to direct the conversation back to medicine. House asks to see the MRI film and FG tells him they never got any, Flynn started screaming the second he started to enter the machine. "You guys ever wonder," House asks, "how that guy was going to get out of that tank?" He walks out and directs FG to follow.

An OR: a surgeon operates on Flynn, declaring he has lacerations in his digestive tract and a shredded spleen. Gesturing broadly, House, barely gowned and with no mask, announces his trick, reaches into the patient's open abdomen, and produces a handcuff key, telling FG "Now you disappear."

Some time after the operation, House drops the key on the patient's tray, telling Flynn the MRI's magnet ripped it though his innards from its hiding place. He tells Flynn that FG is no longer on his case since there's nothing wrong with him. Flynn, however maintains he never screwed up the original trick, that there must have been something really wrong with him. House poo-poos this, saying everything's explained by Flynn's forgetfulness and incompetence. Flynn asks House if he ever did magic as a kid : "You seem the type, lonely and obsessive." He fans a deck and asks House to pick a card. House picks the six of spades. House asks if it's going to magically appear in his wallet. Flynn throws the deck against a glass wall. All the other cards fall off the wall, and we see the jack of spades stuck to the wall. House says "You are a hack," and peels the jack off the wall, only to find the six of spades behind it. On the outside of the wall. House looks at Flynn with increased respect. Flynn says "I don't screw up," and promptly begins bleeding from the nose. Heavily.

Act 2

House talks to the team, now conceding that Flynn is actually sick. He tells FG to stop smirking. FG replies "That's just how I look." BL asks about the underwear challenge. House says it's "Officially on hold." "Not fair", says BL, and pulls a red thong out of his pocket. Startled looks all around. House gives CB a quizzical look and she stands and pulls her skirt down a little to show the top off her black underwear. House says he thinks BL is lying and redirects the discussion to medicine, and the suggestions fly fast. PSG suggest illegal drugs as a possibility. House sends PSG and FG to check the patient's clothes and home for drugs. CB and BL are to check for heart conditions. 13 he calls to his office.

There he asks for comment on a ‘hypothetical' act of clumsiness by a girl. She spars with him. He wants to know what she's afraid of. She declares she's not hiding any medical condition.

PSG and FG find some pot in the patient's rooms, which are cluttered and Victorian looking. FG is interested in a fortune telling machine. PSG pulls the cover off a cage and pronounces "Uh, huh. Tularemia." FG say's he'd have to have rabbits. PSG says maybe a tick jumped from a rabbit and landed on one of these white fluffy alligators", pointing to a cage full of rabbits.

House approaches Flynn with a bag for his IV. Flynn asks "What's in it?" House asks how he did the trick? Flynn says to explain it is to lose the magic. House suggests various ways Flynn could have planted the card. "The fun," Flynn says, "is in not knowing." House rejoins that "The fun," as he cuts the IV line, "is in knowing." Flynn complains of head pain. House asks if he has a headache. Flynn says "Maybe I'll just take one of these... Vicodin," as he produces one out of thin air. House checks his bottle. Yup, sure enough, short. Flynn makes as if to return the tablet, but it disappears before it can drop from his hand.

House tells Flynn, "You eat a lot of beets, you use an electric toothbrush, and you sleep less than six hours a night." Flynn is impressed, but House promptly explains how he deduced these facts. Flynn says "That was way cooler before you explained it." "It was meaningless before I explained it." They have a discussion on the sense of wonder vs. the power of knowledge. Just like in the case of the dying girl judo devotee last season, House can't stand not knowing, and he really can't understand how anyone else can stand, much less prefer not knowing. That's really House's life in a nutshell : the drive to know.

House tells Flynn he's got tularemia, and antibiotics will fix him right up : "Sorry to spoil the mystery." As House draws some more Vicodin from the pharmacy to replenish his diminished supply, he spots Cuddy in the hall. He tosses his prescription on the floor so Cuddy will bend over to pick it up, while he observes her ass. "Oh! My! God!" No VPL equals "You're not wearing underwear!" Cuddy objects, but House says in a skirt that tight, she has no secrets. And she blushes when he mentions BL. Cuddy flees.

In the elevator, House asks BL how he did it. BL attributes his success to "Prayer, mostly."

As they leave the elevator, FG pops up and reveals that ultrasound showed bleeding around Flynn's heart. CB adds that the antibiotics are not working, so it's obviously not tularemia. PSG offers the possibility of botched biopsy. The team settles on a possibility of cancer and House sends them to search for it, but not before he notes a tremor in 13's hands.

Back to the MRI. 13 is prepping Flynn. Flynn complains of numbness in the extremities, and suddenly becomes fearful of death, which he predicts within 24 hours. CB and BL watch the displays. CB wants to talk about who BL is going to put on the chopping block, but he's focused on the patient. BL spots bleeding in multiple sites in Flynn's body.

Act 3

Back in the lecture room, the candidates discuss the creepiness of Flynn predicting his own death. House dismisses this as another magician's trick : remembered if it comes true, forgotten if not. Foreman points out the patient's low immunoglobulin levels, which, with other symptoms could point to amyloidosis. All the teams' pagers go off : the patient is seizing. FG and BL are dispatched to deal with the seizure, the rest are sent to look through the patient's medical records for any indications of amyloidosis.

FG and BL explain the measures they're taking to the patient, who is conscious but can't speak. He seems to be stabilizing. FG lobbies for himself with BL. Flynn begins seizing again. FG notes that Flynn's kidneys are shutting down, and that CB is a racist, as they struggle with the seizing patient.

House and Wilson play foosball. Must be time for more House psychoanalyzing. They discuss the patient, and BL's feat. House wonders if he and Cuddy had sex. 13 and FG come in to report the kidney failure. But, as 13 points out, none of his medical history remotely points to amyloidosis. House says Flynn needs a bone marrow transplant, but Wilson points out you'd have to irradiate him first, which if the proponents of blood disorders are correct, could kill him from infection. As we found out last season. House orders a subcutaneous fat biopsy to prove his hypothesis. 13 asks for permission to pursue the bad tranbsfusion blood theory as well. Again House notes her hand trembling. She quickly hides it in a pocket of her lab coat. He tell them to go for it and he'll have BL do the biopsy. Returning to the game, House calls out "Nine-Three." "Five-all," Wilson corrects.

PSG brings BL a coffee and a bribe : five thousand dollars not to be named. BL says this is wrong, but PSG responds that House specifically said he could use any criteria he wanted, and he (PSG) knows what school BL's kid is at, and what it costs, and further that BL's kid will need braces.

13 and FG test blood : all negative : while Foreman looks on. House comes in. BL's biopsy was inconclusive, and House wants to know what they've found. House orders them to start treatment for amyloidosis anyway, but Foreman vetoes the idea unless some corroborative evidence can be found. House says "Give me the blood" (meaning from the same transfusion lot). He's AB and can accept from anyone. When he doesn't get sick it will prove the transfusion blood was OK.

As 13 gives House his transfusion, he speculates that 13 already knows she has a problem, but just wants to deny it. He's lifted her wallet and seen that the only picture she has of her mom looks about 32 years old, leading him to conclude she died young. House speculates the case was Parkinson's Disease. Huntington's Chorea, 13 says. She says she'll resign after the case is over. House tells he he's been substituting caffeinated coffee for her decaf, so the trembles (all accept the first file drop) are his doing : it was his way of getting her to admit the truth. But 13 says he can't know for sure because she doesn't know for sure. House is amazed that she hasn't had herself tested :there's that attitude he has trouble with again, "How could you not want to know?" Not knowing, she says, gives her the courage to do things she'd otherwise be too scared to do.

13 observes that House is sweating and has a fever. "House, you're sick!"

Act 4

The team is gathered around House, who's sitting in a wheel char and sipping tea. They throw diagnoses at him, and he rejects then. FG approaches to check his lymph nodes and House strikes his hand away. House says it's a 'benign transfusion reaction' and they should concentrate on the patient. House gets up, then complains that the room is spinning and his mouth just went dry. Symptoms, he says, of narcotics. Looking at his tea, "Who spiked....?" and collapses.

House is on a table where 13 and BL are performing all the biopsies he didn't want. They discuss his upcoming choice and why she's the only one that hasn't tried to influence him. Fatalism and confidence seem to the reasons. House is coming to, and BL runs off to "do some stains." House notes they've got most of their samples. "Yeah, just the liver to go." she says, pulling out a l-o-o-o-o-ng needle. House says she might want to use a little lidocaine. "Oh, yeah, I forgot," 13 says, plunging the whole needle to the hilt in House's abdomen. I'm warming to this woman. "You drugged me," House says. You drugged me.," she replies. Sartor Resartus! She leaves, leaving House to contemplate philosophy. House leaps into action and confiscates one of her discarded rubber gloves.

A weary Wilson enters House's office and informs him the mutinous team is worrying about life on Pitcairn's Island, all his biopsies were clean, Foreman's OK'd treatment for amyloidosis, and the patient is scheduled for irradiation at nine. They dual philosophically, about House's risk-taking. House said he had to be the one to do it because he's type AB. "Universal recipient," Wilson says, "you take from everybody." "Of course you're type O," House says, "universal donor. No wonder you're paying three alimonies." Wilson gets suspicious and asks how House knows his blood type. Did House test him for something? House says, no, Wilson must have told him. "Who chats about their blood type?" "There's no reason to ask anyone their blood type," House says, an "AHA!" moment dawning on him.

House stops the patient's gurney in the hall on it's way to radiation therapy. House tell the patient he's dying, and doesn't he want to tell House all his secrets so they don't die with him? "I'm taking it with me," Flynn says, "that way it stays special."

House tells him "You were wrong about everything. It's not magic and you're not dying. What's your blood type?" To Flynn's quizzical look, he says "Trust me, it's way cooler to know."

House enter the therapy room and announces the patient won't be coming. He's fine, they just gave him the wrong type blood for his initial bleeding session. "But we tested his blood," 13 protests. Ah, House points out, but we can't actually test for blood type, we test for antibodies. Flynn is an A, but some diseases create an extra antibody in some patient's, and gave Flynn an extraneous B, making us think he's AB. "It's happened. I've finally had a case of Lupus!" Saline, type A blood, and steroids, the patient will be all better in no time.


The team waits in the lecture hall, BL on one side, the other four on the other, nobody speaking. House enters with Cuddy's thnng on a cushion, royal presentation style, bows and presents it to BL, advising him to use his powers wisely.

BL nominates CB and FG. House is surprised by the second choice, though not the first. House speculates that, since there's no logical reason for BL to choose FG, he must have made a deal with Cuddy and is relaying her choices. "You said get her underwear," BL says, "and I got it." "Your scheme was brilliant," House says, "and you're fired." The unforgivable sin was subverting House's rules instead of Cuddy's. House leaves, PSG leads the group to shaking BL's hand, but FG is still in shock, and walks away.

13 walks into House's office and demand to know what's in a large envelope she's carrying. "Looks like an envelope, with the results of a genetic test for Huntington's inside," he says. 13 is livid that he's done this, and argues for her right not to know. She pulls a Wilson, analyzing House's desperate need to know... everything. She leaves, leaving the envelope in House's hands. He tosses it in the wastebasket, unopened.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As the scene fades, we see a notation:

"In memory of Barbara Issak, 1949-2007".

Barbara Issak was the supervising sound editor for "House", and died July 21, 2007, of ovarian cancer.

Rest in Peace, Ms Issak.

- Cecil
Next Week:
Cuddy turns up the pressure on House. House turns up the pressure on the team. Two people must go. Oh, and there's a patient : a punk rocker with bleeding problems.

Last Episode: 11/13/07 4-07 Ugly
Next Episode: 11/27/07 4-09 Games

Guest Cast Ep. 4-08,
"You Don't Want to Know"
Aired 11/20/2007

Writer.............................Sara Hess

Director...........................Lesli Linka Glatter

Recurring Roles:

Olivia Wilde................Thirteen
Edi Gathegi..................Cole/Big Love/BL
Peter Jacobson.............Taub/Plastic Surgeon Guy/PSG
Anne Dudek.................Amber/Cutthroat Bitch/CB
Kal Penn.......................Kutner/Foreign Guy/FG/Alice
Bobbin Bergstrom........Nurse

Guest Stars:

Steve Valentine.............Flynn
Noelle Drake.................Ilana
Joe Ochman...................Surgeon
Mandy McMillian..........Nurse #1
Adria Johnson.................Nurse #2

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