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House Fodder

House: Resignation

House Episode 3-22 : Resignation

Airdate May 8, 2007

The Hook: A young girl and boy, college age, practice martial arts in a dojo under the watchful eye of their sensei. The practice is vigorous but safe. The girl lands blow after blow. Suddenly the girl collapses, coughing up blood, despite the fact that no blows had landed on her! The sensei calls her name, Addie.

Act 1

House comes into the room where team puzzles over the reports on Addie. He's in a fine mood, chuckling and about to read the joke from the label of the coffee cup he's carrying. The Hice shush him as they continue reading reports. Addie coughed up the blood, so Cameron suggests it may have come from her lungs - drugs, toxins, infection… No fever, no elevated white counts, which rules out infection says Foreman. Blood panel found no drugs, no toxins, adds Cameron. Ontoscopy was pristine, ruling out lungs, Chase puts in. Once again House tries to break in with a cheery "Good morning", only to be told "Not yet!" by Chase. Stomach- ulcer, GI bleed? Suggests Cameron. Foreman nixes that : ER ran an upper and lower GI : no occult blood in her stool. ‘So if it's not from the stomach, it's not from anywhere', Chase puzzles.

House finally succeeds in making his entrance : "You guys get to the point where the blood's not coming from anywhere?" he asks. The Hice suggest more exotic possibilities : rupture of the sinus cavity, drip from the back, blow from karate? Too much blood, and her opponent never landed a blow.

Cuddy breaks in asking if this a good time, but not really caring as she motions House and Foreman out. Next door she asks why Foreman is resigning. "He's afraid of turning into me!" House cheerfully asserts, which sounds like a perfectly good reason to Cuddy, and she has him sign a form, wishes him luck in his future endeavors, and gives Foreman a hug. Cameron and Chase see all this through the glass walls and puzzle over the import.

House and Foreman return to the room and House chides Cameron and Chase for not exhibiting more curiosity over what just went down. "Did Foreman get a promotion?" he prods. Foreman cuts through the BS "I resigned." Cameron seems surprised, Chase grimaces, then gets right back to the case, suggesting hyperdynamic heart just pumping blood into the lungs through normal channels. House sends Foreman and Chase to give Addie, a heart stress echocardiogram to see if he's right, Cameron to check out her dorm and redo the lab tests.

Foreman and Chase have Addie peddling away on a stationary bicycle to get her heart rate up to 170. While they wait, Chase asks Foreman about his reasons for departure. Foreman say he doesn't want to talk about it because he doesn't like Chase, "never have, never will." I'm not sure what Chase has done to inspire this much vitriol. Chase is intrigued by Foreman not telling : he can't see why Foreman wouldn't tell him about getting a new job or disliking House even if he did dislike Chase : therefore he figures that Foreman is ashamed of the reason. Addie reaches 170 and appears exhausted. Chase quickly attaches a heart sensor and probes around, pronouncing the pulmonary artery good : no problem there, but he notices a strange symptom of goose bumps when the room is not cold. Addie says she's not scared, either.

Hearing about this, House, for no apparent reason suspects infection. Foreman says they already ruled that out, no fever, no white count. Nevertheless House orders treatment for a variety of infections, and a lung biopsy. Chase asks House why Foreman's quitting and House won't answer either, leaving Chase to conclude "Interesting, you're ashamed of the reason, too."

House stop by Wilson's office and Wilson offers him another cup of coffee. House announced Foreman's resignation and putative reason, which leads Wilson to say "You don't want to end up like you, either." Wilson yawns as House talks, leading House to construct a diagnosis for Wilson based solely on the yawn. "Naso-vagal issue or heart problem?" he speculates. Wilson declines the conversational gambit and says House just doesn't want to deal with Foreman's leaving, and begins a little psychological diagnosis of his own. House says he's OK with it. Wilson says either he's lying, or doesn't really believe Foreman's leaving, or just "jumped straight to acceptance." House stage-yawns to feign boredom. Wilson suggests bargaining or a raise. "How much do you think it would cost to make him want to be like me?" Oh, I could name a price. Wilson can't, though, and House thanks him for the coffee and leaves.

Addie gets better on antibiotics, despite no detectible infection, and House tells the Hice that getting better on antibiotics means there must have been an infection. Addie is in the middle of a laughing conversation with her parents, Ben and Jody. In the hall, House asks the team for possible medical reasons for yawning, first indicating it may have something to do with Addie, then denying it does. Foreman chuckles at House's games, leading to further psychoanalysis by Chase. "You never used to laugh at House's jokes, but now you are : you don't want to leave this job." In the middle of the conversation House points out that Addie is now suffering a pulmonary crisis. The Hice rush in to intervene as the panicked parents look on.

Act 2

Chase extracts fluid from Addie's lungs with a honkin' big needle that gives me the heebie jeebies. Post-draw, the fluid indicates either cirrhosis of the liver or heart failure, he says. Both of which tested fine, Foreman says. House says the blood in the effusion indicates infection. Chase says the amount was minute and not indicative of anything. Could also be lung cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma Cameron says. House still insists on infection and orders double the antibiotics dose. And check her lungs, on the inside this time he says : an anteriorgram.

In the clinic, House interviews a vegan couple. The man, Steve, complains that his poop floats, which his young pretty girl friend, Honey, a nutritionist, says shouldn't happen. House breaks off to catch the pharmacist and order "three ten-milligram pills of your finest amphetamines." Uppers. The Hice catch him and say Addies's anteriorgram was normal : no lung infection. House jokes around but still insists on an infection. Chase laughs at his jokes, but then Chase always did. Foreman is not amused. House suggests a protein shortage, in fact a very bad, horrible diagnosis, "compliment factor H deficiency" that means Addie will die. But there's no definitive test for factor H deficiency : so we'll go for the closest thing we've got, House says. The test involves ‘sticking a needle in her eye' : getting a sample of the fluid inside the eye.

Returning to the clinic, House tells Honey that Steve is cheating on her. Honey seems cool with this until House says it's not with another woman, it's with a hamburger, which angers her. House is impressed with Honey, and it appears he may be making a move on her, right in front of her boyfriend : or is it former boyfriend?

Foreman and Chase stick a needle in Addie's eye. Eeeeew. I can't even handle a glaucoma test, where they just touch the eyeball. I can't imaging watching the needle slide toward me. Addie's eye is propped open with some sort of ‘Clockwork Orange' gismo. My heebie jeebies ramp up a notch, and so do Addie's. Nevertheless the stick is done.

House grinds the amphetamines into a powder with a mortar and pestle, then laces a cup of coffee and ‘shares' with Wilson. Wilson is suspicious that House is buying now, aince House being nice is a sign of the apocalypse. When offered a coffee, he takes the other one, a move House anticipated, keeping the laced one in back. House sounds Wilson out on the subject of hiring Honey to replace Foreman. House claims to have ‘gotten her number' while examining her boyfriend's rectum, but challenged by Wilson to produce it, it's on her job application. He whimpers a little over her age : 26.

Chase reports the macular biopsy was negative and Foreman and Cameron suggest the possibility of a brain tumor. House is accommodating, and has them schedule an MRI to check for this but insists they also check for an abscess or anything caused by an infection.

Cameron and Foreman comment on House's seemingly better mood as they conduct the MRI. Addie wears an eye patch over the eye with the punctured eyeball. The MRI is clear for both tumors and infections, but in the middle of it Addie begins screaming that her head hurts. She's bleeding heavily at the back of the head.

Act 3

As they inspect the damaged area, House comments : "Her head exploded : how cool!" The Hice argue for an autoimmune disease, which would be treated with steroids, while House still holds out for infection. To explain why it comes and goes, he says 'maybe she's got a leprechaun in her colon playing with the doggie door : letting the infection in and out.' House cheerfully videotapes the team as he continues to hold forth for infection, yet allows the team to go ahead and start steroid treatment for autoimmune disease : which could kill her if they are wrong.

The parents and Addie are scared but brave as the treatment begins.

House is almost gleeful as he watches the treatment begin from the gallery, telling Cuddy to expect a heart attack or stoke at any moment. But the moment passes and Addie appears to be getting better. Cuddy consoles him : "There's always tomorrow."

Wilson interviews Foreman and is extremely hyper, speaking rapidly and forgetfully, not making much sense, but it's clear he wants Foreman to stay and says House wants it, too.

He leaves to conduct a breast examination and stops in the middle : he's tachycardic and sweating. He puzzles a bit over his heart rate of 185, then come to a realization and leaves, telling the patient he has to go kill someone.

Wilson confronts House in his apartment over the speed he's given Wilson. House detects another yawn, and says it indicates Wilson's taking antidepressants for a depression he hasn't heretofore admitted. Wilson sort of admits it. House offers to take Wilson's antidepressants to prove he (House) is not depressed but Wilson won't give him any.

House is asleep in his apartment. His phone rings but he doesn't stir. There's a knock at the door. Again he doesn't stir. A shadowy female form enters his room and approaches. It's Cameron. Let's think a little about how she got in. She has a key? House, like Cuddy, keeps one under a flower pot? Cameron's housebreaking skillz have been sharpened by all the patient's house break-ins the team has conducted over the years? At any rate, she tells him Chase was wrong, Addie's kidneys have shut down.

Act 4

Addie's on dialysis. House still thinks infection, and seems inordinately happy about a very gloomy diagnosis for Addie : she's going to die. But House says they'll wait for her to have a second event : stoke or heart attack, to confirm the diagnosis before telling Addie she's doomed. The doctors hover in shifts around Addie's bed. Finally, on Foreman's shift, the inevitable happens, and he jumps for the heart paddles. She has a heart attack, as Foreman bitterly reports to House. He confronts House over the fact that House doesn't know the patient's name or her father's or mother's name. House tells Foreman "You don't want to quit." Foreman asks "Are you saying you don't want me to quit?" Sounds like he's begging for it. But House spars a bit over Foreman's attitude. Foreman is appalled by House's egocentric feelings about his patient.

House tells Addie she's dying - very bluntly. She asks "How long?" and he tells her "two days". Addie doesn't want to hear any details of her condition or even the name of it and her parents throw the jerk doctor out of the room. House leaves, but then comes right back in again. He confronts her over her lack of curiosity. He's actually smiling as he struggles to comprehend how anyone wouldn't be the least bit curious over what's killing her. It offends his own sense of things. Addie calls him on the smiling, and House denies it, then catches sight of his face in a reflective surface. "You can only diagnose a problem by looking at what's missing… " he starts to say, then trails off and says he has to go.

House breaks in on Wilson, trying to sleep off his speed high in a dark room. House confronts Wilson when he realizes that his attitude is not normal, even for him, and he now realizes that, before he dosed Wilson with uppers, Wilson dosed him with uppers : anti-depressants, and that the reason Wilson wouldn't give him any was he didn't want House to get a double dose. Wilson admits it and says "They worked!", House has been smiling, relaxed, and happy. Wilson says a miserable dying girl told him he was happy, and why would she if it weren't true? House says he's been hazy, not happy, and she's no different that she's ever been… then has an epiphany and rushes back to Addie's room.

Now the jerk doctor throws the parents out of the room, cushioning his rudeness with the news that Addie's going to live. House tells Addie he knows she's been depressed and tried to commit suicide by swallowing kitchen cleanser wrapped in something to allow it to pass to her stomach and intestines before being exposed, thus avoiding burning her mouth and throat. The cleanser ate a hole in her intestines which healed but created a bridge between her veins and arteries that allowed an infection to spread throughout her body. He says she can be fixed by a two hour operation and a lot of therapy. He makes her promise him not to reattempt suicide. She begs him not to tell her parents and he says legally he can't if she promises not to do it again, which she does.

As Addie goes under the knife, House breaks confidentiality and tells Ben and Jody about the suicide attempt. He urges them to get her into therapy and "try some meds, too." The parents experience a mixture of relief and concern, and thank House for the information.. House turns to go. "Can we call you," Jody asks, "if we have any questions?" "No." House says, departing, reputation for jerkdom intact.

Cuddy interviews Foreman in the observation deck and tries to change his mind, telling him that there are worse things to turn into than House. Foreman says it's not worth it.

House and Honey meet over drinks : in a bar and billiard place that serves peppermint tea. I thought this was New Jersey, not San Francisco. It's not clear if this is a job interview or a date, but I'm leaning toward date. House lists his deficiencies, "I'm on antidepressants (aha!) because a doctor friend of mine thinks I'm miserable. I don't like them, they make me hazy. I eat meat, I like drugs, and I'm not always faithful to the women I date." Honey skips right over all the other faults to say "You don't seem depressed." House points the skipped flaws out. "You told the truth, " she says. "Yeah, I don't always do that either." "Well, how miserable can you be, saving lives, sleeping around and doing drugs?" I think she's a keeper, House. "Were you on the debating team in high school?" House says, provoking a smile. "Also, I hate tea," House says, taking big gulp of his. So is she hired?

- Cecil

Next Week:
"House finally meets his match with a patient who's just like him. But what's killing him is unlike anything else House has ever seen."
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Next Episode: 3-23 The Jerk [And they don't mean House]

Guest Cast Ep. 3-22, "Resignation" Aired 5/08/2007

Addie________________Lyndsy Fonseca
Ben_________________Tony Spiridakis
Jody_________________Eve Gordon
Honey________________Piper Perabo
Steve________________Tracy Howe
Jamie________________Shonda Farr
Sensei _______________Bayani Ison
Kyle_________________Wayne Sable
Daniel________________Kwabena Darkwah
Nurse________________Bobbin Bergstrom

Posted by Cecil on May 8, 2007 7:34 PM
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