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House Fodder

House: Characters

Continuing Cast:

Dr. Gregory House___Hugh Laurie

Chief diagnostician of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH), infectious disease specialist and nephrologist.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy______Lisa Edelstein

Dean of medicine and endocrinologist

Dr. James Wilson____Robert Sean Leonard

Head of Oncology Department

The Hice - assistant diagnosicians:

Dr. Eric Foreman____Omar Epps


Dr. Allison Cameron__Jennifer Morrison


Dr. Robert Chase____Jesse Spencer


Guest Cast Ep. 3-24, "Human Error" Aired 5//2007

Dr. Gooding _______________Stephen Markle
Esteban Hernandez__________Omar Avila
Marina Hernandez __________Mercedes Renard

Guest Cast Ep. 3-23, "The Jerk" Aired 5/15/2007

Nate ___________________Nick Lane
Enid___________________Colleen Flynn
Doug__________________David Bowe
Mark__________________Dustin Joiner

Guest Cast Ep. 3-22, "Resignation" Aired 5/08/2007

Nurse_______________Bobbin Bergstrom
Addie_______________Lyndsy Fonseca
Ben_________________Tony Spiridakis
Jody_________________Eve Gordon
Honey_______________Piper Perabo
Steve________________Tracy Howe
Jamie________________Shonda Farr
Sensei _______________Bayani Ison
Kyle_________________Wayne Sable
Daniel________________Kwabena Darkwah

Guest Cast, Ep. 3-21, "Family" Aired 5/1/2007

Matty_____________Dabir Snell
Salesman__________Greg Cipes
Claudia____________Adina Porter
Nick______________Jascha Washington
Scott______________Thomas Mikal Ford

Guest Cast Ep. 3-20, "House Training" Aired 4/24/2007

Lupe Monique_______Gabriela Curnen
Rodney Foreman_____Charles S. Dutton
Alicia Foreman______Beverly Todd
Bonnie_____________Jane Adams

Guest Cast Ep. 3-19, "Act Your Age" Aired 4/17/2007

Eddie_____________Joel David Moore
Janie_____________Carla Gallo
Jasper____________Slade Pearce
Lucy_____________Bailee Madison
Deran____________E. Erich Anderson

Guest Cast Ep. 3-18, "Airborne" Aired 4/10/2007

Fran_____________Jenny O'Hara
Robin_____________Meta Golding
Keo______________Tess Lina
Peng_____________Jamison Yang
Joy_______________Krista Kalmus
Sour Faced Girl_____Melissa Kite
Foreign Man________Pej Vahdat
12-year-old Boy_____Connor Webb
Businesswoman____Gayla Goehl
Businessman_______Ben Carroll
Mother____________Karla Droege
Crying Child________Savannah Argenti
Passenger #1______Victor Buno
Passenger #2______Donna Silverberg
Nurse____________Bobbin Bergstrom

Guest Cast Ep. 3-17, "Fetal Position" Aired 4/3/2007

Emma Sloan_________Anne Ramsay
Tyson Ritter_________himself
Fetal Surgeon_______Jeff Sugarman
Nurse______________Bobbin Bergstrom

Characters appearing in multiple episodes

Edward Vogle___________Chi McBride

: Billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical firm and former board chairman of the hospital. Repeated clashes with House over style / insubordination. Tried to have House dismissed. (Season 1)

Stacy Warner___________Sela Ward

: Dr. House's ex-girlfriend [2], with whom he used to live, and former lawyer for Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching
Hospital. (Seasons 1 and 2) Had fling with in season 2. Sent back to her husband.

Mark Warner____________Currie Graham

: Stacy's husband. (Seasons 1 and 2)

Ali____________________Leighton Meester

: 17 year-old daughter of a clinic patient who becomes infatuated with House. (Season 3)

Michael Tritter___________David Morse

: Police officer with a grudge against Dr. House In multiple episodes, tried to bring a criminal case against House for prescription drug abuse (Season 3).

- Cecil

Posted by Cecil on April 3, 2007 6:35 PM
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