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House Fodder

House: Coma Guy's Son

I wish they had House watching a recognizable soap when he eats lunch. Like...say..."Days of Our Lives." I'm sure Fox could swing that with NBC?

John Larroquette (so much white hair!) plays Coma Guy who's been out for 10 years. House has started eating lunch down at his bed instead of the usual, Old Man Coma Guy's, because of an interest in Coma Guy's son. (I wish they had House watching a recognizable soap on his mini TV. Like...say..."Days of Our Lives" or even showcase the return of Luke and Laura? I'm sure Fox could swing that with NBC.) It appears the son (did anyone else think he sort of looked like Adam Levine from Maroon 5?) is suffering from neurological problems that cause him to run into things and have seizures.

After sending the son into a coma, House and Crew get down to business. He recovers from seizing and sheepishly asks for his backpack, filled with booze. The guy's a raging alcoholic. Soon follows a slew of problems - failing kidneys, failing liver, etc. etc. He's not in good shape and they need to get some medical history. Turns out, Coma Guy Dad is all he has left.

So meanwhile, downstairs in Coma Guy's room, House - against everyone's warnings of course - sticks the guy with an adrenaline potion that wakes him up. (Does this really work? Why don't they always do this?) He only has one day to be up and about before he's back in his coma (I mean, of course!) and immediately asks to be taken to Atlantic City for a steak or a hogie. He refuses to see his dying son.

Unable to convince him otherwise, House and Wilson hop in the car. Road trip! Coma Guy picks up a white, shiny, square object. "What's this? It says 'ip od." Oh, stuck-in-a-coma-for-ten-years jokes never get old. And that newsboy cap Hugh Laurie was rocking? I dig. Very Christian Bale 10 years ago.

Back at the hospital, the crew is being grilled by Angry Cop Man, out to nail House. He knows Wilson lied for him and is sure he'll get someone to squeal. House is an ass - no one will actually be faithful to him, right? Never underestimate intense fear, my friend.

The dudes get to Atlantic City where they have some very cozy chats about life paths and unconditional love and such. It turns out that Coma Guy didn't want to see his son, because he lost his wife to a fire he couldn't rescue her from, and this would be just another example of his inability to save his family. With some gentle prodding, he decides to give his heart to his son (aka kill himself), who needs it to have any chance of survival. Poor little Wilson leaves, setting House up with an alibi downstairs (he hands some dude in the casino a cane and yells "House!" for everyone to hear) and mopes around at the thought of his constant enabler status. Gratefully, we're not treated to any scenes of the assisted suicide, but it happens. And now, the son has no dad, but a new heart. Circle of life, I suppose?

Angry Cop Man can't get anyone to spill any juice, but we know this isn't the end; this man wants revenge. In the last scene, Wilson is at the ATM, but can't take out any money. He calls his bank (without having to hold!) and finds out his funds are being held for the police investigation. He's either gonna have no money or turn House in. Bummer.

On a final note, I'm very impressed by the great attention the producers have paid to the scar on House's neck. Each week it gets a little bit tinier and lighter. Bravo! Make-up Emmy!

Posted by Amy on November 15, 2006 9:21 PM
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