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House Fodder

House: The Doctor Screws Up

I watched this episode in my own haze of sickness, a tad jealous of the patients on screen gulping down Jello and getting cold washclothes applied lovingly to their foreheads. I wasn't far gone enough, though, to be jealous of the two main victims, a young, interracial married couple suffering from some serious tummy problems.

As the couple gets set up in cozy twin beds, House starts bugging Wilson about the nurse he's recently caught hanging around all the time. Are they dating? Isn't it time to slow down the destructive relationships? Wilson denies their involvement, which clearly makes House push even more.

While House and most of his crew (including Cameron and her GOD AWFUL bangs - I have to shield my eyes when she appears) make guesses as to why these two got married so young (they look about 14 but I guess they're supposed to be in their very early 20's), Foreman makes sure to stick up for their relationship. Huh? I was just getting used to him being the bad guy and now he's all about the lurve?

During clinic - House's favorite part of the day! - he comes across an angry dude, pissed at having to wait so long for some attention. House - not one to take complaints - unnecessarily sticks the guy with a thermometer where, uh, the sun don't shine, not realizing he's messed with the wrong guy.

The team knows the couple are suffering from the same medical issue, but can't figure out how they both got it and what "it" is. Is it environmental or did one give it to the other? Through Foreman's sensitive listening skills (the writer's must have gotten serious grief over his character development, because who IS this new guy?) they piece together the couple's history. Which includes having - wait for it - the SAME DAD. Barf, gag, vom, puke. Unbeknownst to them both, she's married to her brother! He's married to his sister! They're both suffering from a rare genetic disease as well as an illegal situation. Bummer.

And back to Foreman. As the day winds up, he sits next to the married brother, letting him cry on his shoulder. He finally heads home, but not before running into his new girlfriend. That's right, you guessed it, the (ooo! gasp! white!) nurse that House was so sure Wilson was dating. Aw. No wonder Foreman's Mr. Cuddles now.

We follow House on his motorcycle, where halfway home he gets pulled over by a cop. Who is...none other than Angry Thermometer Man. House definitely messed with the wrong guy. ATM tells House he saw him pop a pill during their visit, indicating a serious addiction, and can tell that he's high right now. He arrests the Doctor for driving under the influence of drugs, and while putting House's hands up over his head, reaches into his leather motorcycle coat and pulls out House's friendly bottle of Vicodin. "I'm sure you're too lazy to get a prescription for these." Yup, he is.

Dum dum dum dum DUM.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on November 2, 2006 3:28 PM
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