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House Fodder

House: Dr. Gregory...Kevorkian?

"Is that Joel Grey?!" I asked my roommate when the episode began. It took us a few moments (well, that and the credits finally started to run) before we could confirm that it was. And man, did he do a fantastic job. Grey plays an elderly research scientist/doctor who is hard at work in his lab before suddenly passing out. A rat is delicately nibbling on his lip when we cut to theme music.

Turns out the guy is actually a doctor that The Doctor respects, adding some weight to things. After a few stressful stress tests to determine whether the problem is in his lungs or heart, the scientist says he's giving up. He's been suffering for a year and doesn't want to live like this. He wants to die and he wants their help. House eventually "concedes" to helping him kick the bucket with an overdose of morphine. Really, he just dopes him up so he can continue looking for a diagnosis.

Cameron and Ana Lucia from "Lost" should battle it out for the most annoying female character on television. At least one of them got fired. The only thing that will get Poorly Cut Chunky Bangs to stop harassing House about his leg is when he quips back with things like: "I'm a cripple, remember? Accomodations must be made." Hasn't she ever heard of keeping a low profile?

Of course the scientist is furious when he wakes up, not dead. Shockingly, Cameron disagrees with every choice the team has. Helping him to die seems wrong, but also not respecting his wishes and keeping him hostage can't be right. House keeps her busy reading the scientist's old journals - one of which reports a study where he gave radiation to babies, without consent - hoping this will turn her against the scientist, making her more willing to help find the problem. It works.

Eventually, the team finds the problem and it's terminal; turns out the poor guy was right all along not to fight it. House is just happy to have his solution, of course, and pops a few pills on the way home. In the last scene we find out that someone helped the scientist die in the middle of the night. Cuddy thinks it was House, but cut to the hospital chapel and there's Cameron, crying. Turns out girlfriend actually grew a backbone. House pats her back and says: "I'm proud of you." Huh?! I don't think those were the right lines.

Two other things.

1.) Wilson is continuing to be a pain in my a#%. I want to punch that smug look off his face. Why do they want me hating on him?

2.) The whole subplot with House and the eighteen-year-old digging on him is highly suspect. Do they think we female viewers need this to remind us that Hugh Laurie's a hottie? Because no worries there. It's under control.

- Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on September 20, 2006 1:38 AM
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I just want to comment on the fact that I

(have issues with with Amy Malouf's reviews)

(redacted by Cecil Rose, see comment below)

~Chad W Higgins~

-- 1. Posted by: Chad Higgins at April 19, 2007 8:22 PM

Chad, I certainly don't want to discourage comments, but maybe you didn't realize that Amy hasn't reviewed "House" since November. When the Rome series ended and I looked around for another blog gig, I noticed that "House" was not receiving reviews currently and volunteered my services.

Perhaps my reviews will be more to your liking, perhaps not. Give the three most recent ones a try. I do want to keep the commentary civil, and on the grounds that Amy's not here to respond, I've edited your remarks above.

Feel free to agree or disagree with my commentary. I'm glad you enjoy the show - I do too. The bloggers here at the Fodder Network mostly engage in this as a labor of love - love of the shows we review and love of writing. I'm sure there is room, if you care to try your hand, for more reviewers. "Jericho" is another favorite of mine that is currently unreviewed here. The fodder network regularly advertises for bloggers - watch for such an announcement and respond if you'd like to try. Warning - I meant the "for the love of it" part - don't expect big bucks.

-- 2. Posted by: Cecil Rose at April 23, 2007 1:41 PM

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