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Heroes: 4.13/4.14 - Upon the Rock/Let It Bleed

I apologize for the delay in posting - lots going on in my life.

Anyway, let's get started. Claire's living the carnie life with Samuel, et al. Eli, the multiplying guy, keeps his many eyes on Claire. Claire spots a Primatech box in Sam's trailer.

Is Sam supposed to have an accent or not? Because I sure as hell don't hear one, yet the Sam in the flashback had one.

Hiro's brain tumor has scrambled his mind. He is mixing all of his fantasies and sci-fi stories together. Highlander, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Don Quixote, X-Men, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek - Hiro intermingles bits of each into his own reality, but Ando realizes he's giving them clues to solve a mystery. And how rich is Hiro that he has a comic book room?!

Sam goes in search of Emma and it is he who was the one that sent her the cello. The same compass tattoo on his arms is on the cello. He wants her help finding another with abilities. One who is essentially Father Nature - he can make flowers bloom by touching them and grass grow wherever he walks. Emma's true gift is that her emotions can flow through her music and pull people to her. I thought that was the gift of any great musician, but then maybe all great musicians are heroes? Emma plays her cello and pulls Father Nature to her (wasn't this actor in the Heroes webisodes at one point?)

Personally, I would love to have the gift of making trees grow and flowers bloom because right now I have a black thumb.

Sam uses his own siren call to try to get Emma to join the carnival. He takes Ian - Father Nature back with him to Carnie Town.

Eli is totally creeping Claire out so she runs away from him into the Hall of Mirrors. Eli tells his many selves to cover the exits - does he really need to tell them? If they are him, wouldn't they know? Claire uses the hall of mirrors to fool Eli and knock him out. She breaks into Sam's to look at that Primatech box but is stopped by the Puppetmaster guy. He likes his life now and doesn't want her to ruin it.

Lydia wants Claire to stop Samuel, but Eli has regained consciousness and attempts to stop her. Sam returns with Ian and between the two of them they begin to created an enchanted woodland in the middle of the dessert - even Claire is impressed but she still wants to go home. Sam allows her to leave but tells her she always has a home here with the carnies.

First half ends with Nathan's funeral. I think I saw Nathan's kids but not the ex-wife. Nathan gets a full military burial with a F-16 flyby in the missing man formation. They present the flag to Ma P, but I thought US Flag Code states it goes to the next of kin. So technically, that would be Claire or Nathan's other kids.

Sylar returns to the carnival to wreak some havoc, but Sam seems to be just as powerful, if not more. Sylar hesitates from slicing Sam open (is a bit of Nathan still in there?) which gives him the advantage. Using his powers, he swirls a vortex of sand around Sylar, ripping off half of his face in the process.

I get Claire is the rebellious college student, but her holier-than-thou attitude is getting rather irritating. She tells Noah keep his distance and give her time to grieve and no, she's not returning the compass.

Darth Maul is lurking outside Noah's window, ready to slice and dice him, but Noah is hyper-aware and uses his own spidey senses to thwart Edgar's assassination attempt.

Lydia and Sylar get it on so Lydia can find out what's wrong with Sylar. He takes her power without slicing her open. Lydia tells him it's because he's impotent (power-wise, I assume). Pissed, Sy takes off. Looks like Sylar can't kill anymore (or as much as before) because he yearns to be a part of family and not alone.

Claire goes in search of Peter and finds an abandoned police scanner. We see Peter at a building where hostages are being held. Looks like he has to work out some hero issues as he grieves for Nathan. Claire follows and helps him. Peter gets shot but he absorbs Claire's power to heal himself.

Noah interrogates Edgar the old-fashioned way. He ties him up and beats the crap out of him in the back of sushi restaurant. Darth Maul sashimi anyone? Lauren talks some sense into him and gets Noah to play good cop instead of bad cop. He does and finds out they are not at cross purposes, but are oddly working toward the same goal.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on January 10, 2010 12:00 PM
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