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Heroes: 4.12 - The Fifth Stage

If you've been watching the "Slow Burn" intervals during the commercial breaks during Heroes, you'd know Lydia, the Tattooed Lady has a daughter. Since she has to protect her daughter, Lydia tells Joseph that she'll keep Sam's dark and dirty secret.

Sam sends one of his lackeys, Eli, on a errand to retrieve info from Noah's place. Eli has the ability to multiply.

Noah is going on his first date with Lauren. He's about to show her the compass, but it's disappeared from his desk. He calls Claire to return it, but she's on her way to the carnival. Looks like that first date isn't going to happen.

Claire and Gretchen arrive at the carnival after a very long drive and too many Big Gulps. There first stop is the bathroom, but Sam comes out to greet them. He gives them free passes and some popcorn. He asks them to look around until the popcorn's gone. Is that a trick? Bottomless box of popcorn. Is there a hole in the bottom of the box? Is it laced with something other than trans fatty fake butter oil?

As they walk around, Claire sees that her kind are living out in the open with their abilities.

Peter is on the hunt for Sylar and to bring Nathan back. He borrows Rene's powers and goes off in search of Sylar. While in the elevator, a nurse enters and gives him the eye. The nurse grabs him by the neck and turns into Sylar. They enter into an area of the hospital under construction. Sylar empties Peter's bag of drugs (mostly sedatives). They fight. Since Plan A didn't work, Peter goes to Plan B. He grabs a nail gun and crucifies Sylar to some plywood. He's going to beat the crap out of Sylar until Nathan comes back, as well as take away Sylar's memories of himself.

Nathan returns and they head up to the roof (the same one Peter jumped off in the pilot, I believe). He tells Peter to let him go, that he can't keep up the good fight against Sylar. He takes a nosedive off the roof and lands on top of car. He stands and gets up off the car, but it's Sylar.

Eli shows up at Noah's. Lauren and Noah make a plan to shoot all the Elis but when they are about to do so, they find the Elis gone as well as Noah's files and Lauren's notes. Prior to this, Noah confesses an almost-affair with Lauren, and how she had the Haitian erase her own memory.

Claire sees the creepy Puppetmaster again and he tells her how much he loves living at the Carnival. Should she stay or should she go? Gretchen finally understands Claire's search for belonging and lets her go. Claire decides to stay on with the carnies for a few more days before returning to school - if she returns to school. As Gretchen drives away, the carnival disappears.

Did you agree with the way they wrote Nathan off the show?

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 6, 2009 10:46 PM
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