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Heroes: 4.11 - Thanksgiving

It's a very special Thanksgiving episode of Heroes...

Hiro returns to the present with Dr. Suresh's film, but Sam still doesn't tell him where Charlie is.

Sam watches the film and realizes the full potential of his abilities.

Noah invites Claire to Thanksgiving dinner, begs her in fact since Sandra and new boyfriend will be there. While at the supermarket, he sees Lauren, his old Primatech flame and invites her to Turkey Day dinner. Doug, the new boyfriend, is about as straight as bendy straw.

Peter confronts his mother about Nathan's dead body in the storage unit. She claims the body is a shapeshifter and they had to hide the body since Nathan is a state senator. Peter asks if Nathan is really dead. Nathan wants to know also, but Ma P deftly evades the question with promises of a fried turkey and creamy mashed potatoes.

Ma P confesses her sins and tells Peter and Nathan the truth. Nathan then reveals himself as Sylar. He holds them captive and tries to slice open Ma P's brain, but Nathan's soul is inside him, fighting to get out. Sylar can't finish the deed because Nathan's fighting him from within.

The Tattoo Lady and Darth Maul wonder if Hiro fixed the past, then where is Joseph? The Tattoo Lady convinces Hiro to take her to the past to see what happened. They go back to find it wasn't Mo that killed Joseph, but Sam! They time travel back to the present just shy of Sam finding them. Hiro is forced to partake of Thanksgiving dinner though he would have preferred udon and sushi instead.

Sam blames Edgar/Darth Maul for killing Joseph. They are about to get into it, but Hiro grabs Edgar and stops time. He instructs him to flee. His escape leaves everyone believing he is guilty and plays right into Sam's hand.

Claire drops the bomb on her parents that she wants to drop out of college. She cuts herself to prove her point - Doug promptly faints. Gretchen shows up at the Bennett Family Thanksgiving. Everyone goes on their merry way after they've had dessert. Noah and Lauren make plans for a future dinner date.

As she leaves, she tells Gretchen she's going to check out the carnival and Sam before she returns to classes. She's stolen the compass from her dad and Gretchen decides to tag along.

Sam has the Rasta guy do a mindmeld on Hiro. Hiro goes back to his comic book roots and blinks away, surprising Sam.

Peter is determined to exact revenge and bring Nathan back and kill off Sylar once and for all.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 5, 2009 9:48 PM
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