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Heroes: 4.10 - Brother's Keeper

Sam wants Hiro to go back in time to retrieve some film Mo had in his possession before he'll give up Charlie's when and whereabouts.

Back over in India, Mo has a box of his father's materials. His girlfriend wants him to toss the box away because she knows if he starts investigating he won't stop. He throws it aside, but soon grabs the box and looks through it. He finds an old 35mm film reel and puts it on. It's film of his dad talking about someone with powers, etc. etc. This is what Sam wants Hiro to retrieve.

Nathan escapes the carnival and goes to Peter, trying to figure out what has happened to him. Before they can really delve into the matter, Rene, the Haitian shows up and wishes only to speak to Peter. He tells Peter that Ma P is blinded by her emotions. He gives Peter info on a storage unit in Queens (aren't all the storage units in Queens?) Peter and Nathan go there and unveil Nathan's dead body. They go in search of Ma P for some answers, but they find Parkman in a hospital instead. Peter goes and heals Parkman, much to Matt's dismay. Matt tells them the truth about Sylar to try to get them to leave, but Sylar takes over and beckons Nathan over. One touch is all he needs to get his body and mind back together.

They touch briefly and Sylar got his wish. So when Peter touched Sylar/Nathan, did he gain all of Sylar's powers? Not just Nathan's power of flight? Hmm....

Tracy's powers are getting out of her control so she goes to Noah for help, but finds Claire there instead. Tracy starts to freeze over but Claire helps her to a tub of hot water, but when the hot water starts to freeze over she jumps out and starts to freak out. Claire grabs her to calm her but then she starts to freeze over - oops. Tracy tries to drag her to the bath but drops her and breaks off her foot - oops again. She starts to cry, but Claire heals herself and pops up, asking for her foot back.

Along with Mo's dad's possessions are blueprints to build a special compass. A compass that leads him to Sam. Mo goes in search of Sam and finds himself at the carnival. He finds Sam's brother, Joseph, instead. All his life, Joseph has been keeping Sam in the dark about his powers. Apparently, Sam's powers increases as he feeds off the energy of others with abilities. Sam overhears Mo and Joe's conversation and follows Mo back to his motel room. His intention is to get the film from Mo, but kills him instead. Sam takes off in a panic, but we find out Mo isn't dead because Hiro did jump back in time to retrieve the film as well as putting a bulletproof vest on Mo.

Tracy and Claire are having a nice chit chat when Noah comes home to see the girls having tea and Claire's foot on the coffee table. "How many times do I have to tell you, Claire - get your feet off the table?!" LOL. They really should have put that line in there.

Apparently, Sam is supposed to be Irish. I have yet to notice an Irish accent, though Joseph has one.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 5, 2009 9:05 PM
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