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Heroes: 4.09 - Shadowboxing

Back at the slaughterhouse, Claire pretends the water bottles the sorority left for them were drugged. She assumes the ditzy duo drank from them and even if they didn't they don't question her.

Peter, who now has the ability to heal, hopes to get promoted to Head Paramedic as he heals the wounded while on the job.

Sylar, now in command of Matt's body, plans on going to New York to seek out Peter Petrelli to find out what happened to him. Matt can play Sylar's game as he hides his revolver in Sylar's carry-on. How does the phrase "Sucks to be you," fit in the scenario?

Carnival Sylar wakes up as Nathan Petrelli and is freaked out by his location and looks. He has no choice but to fly his ass out of there.

Now, presuming Sylar has taken up Matt's body, is that why Carnival Sylar wakes up as Nathan?

Gretchen is also freaking out as she fears Invisi-Becky is out to kill her. Claire gives her a container of talcum powder to ward off the evil spirit that is Becky and as a cheap alternative to air freshener. Who doesn't love that baby fresh scent?

Back at the hospital, Emma has to call on her medical training to save the day. Peter eyes her and is oddly turned on but the traumas coming in distract him. As Emma is trying to save a patient the old fashioned way, Peter is trying to save another with his powers, but every time he uses his newfound power, it weakens him. Emma and Peter inadvertently keep touching each other, yet Peter doesn't reabsorb her powers. What's up with that?

Claire goes to the sorority house to try to find more about Becky. She comes across the ditzy duo pledges and find their minds have been erased by the Haitian. Daddy has come to the rescue. Did we know the Haitian's name is Rene? Gretchen can't take Claire's lifestyle and bolts. College life is rough, isn't it?

A little distraught, Claire is visited by Sam while HRG goes in search of Becky. We find out Becky's ulterior motive is to get to HRG. Back in the day when he was still bagging and tagging, HRG took Becky's daddy away from her. Becky, just a child, had her powers of invisibility manifest when HRG came to her door. Sam asks HRG to let them disappear into the night, but HRG figures that isn't a good idea. He's about to take Sam in (where to, I'm not sure, since he doesn't work for Primatech anymore), but Becky comes in to try to save Sam. HRG pulls a gun on her but Claire doesn't want him to kill them. HRG allows them to escape.

Sylar has no choice but to try to drive to New York as Matt has caused himself and Sylar to be put on the no-fly list. Suckah. To get back at Matt, Sylar takes his anger out on an innocent man trying to help him out with a flat tire. Matt's at a loss. He's in control in some aspects of his being, but not others.

They make it to Odessa to the same diner where Charlie worked. Matt, who has no recourse, decides he needs to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He leaves a threatening note for the waitress, prompting her to call 911. As Matt and Sylar exit the diner, they are surrounded by cops. Matt uses his powers to make Sylar reach into his jacket as if he were reaching for a gun. The cops open fire and Matt/Sylar goes down. Ghostly Matt disappears.

Peter prompts Emma to think about going back to medical school. When Peter gets home, he removes all his heroic articles off the wall and then is surprised when Nathan shows up at his door.


The ep was okay, though I'm looking forward to next week's even more.

I did find a few moments between Sylar and Matt pretty funny. Lines about Matt's upper body strength and Sylar taunting him about his weight. There could a been a few more lines like that thrown in.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 11, 2009 9:31 PM
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