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Heroes: 4.08 - Once Upon a Time in Texas

Ahh... let's relive the fairy tale that was Hiro and Emma Charlie...

Hiro goes back in time, looking more pasty than usual, back to Texas to save his true love - Charlie from being sliced and diced by Sylar. Photoshop Sam makes his way back in time to warn Hiro of the consequences of changing the past.

Hiro ignores him and stops time and carts Sylar out of the diner and to the local Greyhound station, stuffing him into the luggage storage underneath and outbound bus. Unfortunately, Charlie is still dying of a brain tumor. His only recourse? Bring Sylar back and have Sylar remove Charlie's brain tumor. Bribing him with info of the future, Sylar removes Charlie's tumor (why not also remove Hiro's as well?) Hiro recites the LONGEST haiku ever (it was more like 10-14-10 then 5-7-5) to Charlie as Sylar does the deed and fixes Charlie.

In saving Charlie, she becomes upset with Hiro for saving her life while letting Sylar walk away to freely kill people. But she comes back around and it looks like Charlie and Hiro will have that happy ending after all until Photoshop Sam shows up and tells Hiro that he's taken Charlie back to his carnival and had old man Arnold (also a time manipulator) hide her away. It's his only way to get to Hiro. He needs Hiro to fix his past - something in particular that happened eight weeks ago - where we see a dead Mohinder!

Meanwhile, in the same timeline, HRG has a hot female counterpart named Lauren, who lusts after HRG in a bad way and bold enough to suggest an affair in the midst of HRG trying to stop the murder of his daughter, the cheerleader. She hands him the keys to the nearest Motel 6 and suggests he meet her there. Ice cold RC in the minifridge, baby, and all the mini soaps you can steal.

HRG goes but realizes he forgot to take his dose of Cialis and tells Lauren he can't do it. He blames it on his love for his family, though.

Once back at work, Lauren hands him an envelope with the same motel key and a note that tells him she had the Haitian wipe the memory of her love for him. End of that story and thank God. Though the Haitian would be a great tool for any Human Resources Department!


Elisabeth Rohm, who played Lauren, looks a little different than I've seen her in the past - nose job? Botox? Someone chime in. I have to agree with Combat Chuck that this storyline was a bit superfluous and lame. When I read that Elisabeth Rohm was cast as a love interest for HRG, I thought, "What about Tracy?!" Well, I guess we don't have to worry about that. Tracy is still in the picture and now that HRG is single, the odds are greater they will do the horizontal mambo.

Why does the Younger-by-three-years Hiro have a higher-pitched voice like he just hit puberty than Present-Day Hiro?

Why is it that all of characters seem to speak fluent Japanese?!

Okay, maybe I'll understand Photoshop's Sam's motive a little better as the story plays out, but if Sam needs to fix his past and is worried that others will find out about what happened, why does he need Hiro so badly? Why not use old man Arnold? The guy was at death's door so if he kicks it helping him, no one will know his dirty little secret, right? Why go through all the trouble to ensnare Hiro into helping him? Because by doing so, he had to get old man Arnold to send him back in time at least three times since we were introduced to him at the beginning of the season. I'm just saying...

End of story for Charliro - or is it? Now that Charlie's life has been saved, there is a possibility she'll be back in the present day timeline of Heroes (when she's not filming Glee).


Well, if you didn't already hear by now, one of our heroes will die and that hero is... the one who has died twice already - Nathan Petrelli. Adrian Pasdar, who plays Nathan, found out his character would die - and this time it's permanent - while reading the script that decides his character's fate. I guess it was inevitable because how many times can we kill this guy anyway?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 4, 2009 12:33 PM
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