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Heroes: 4.03 - Ink

I apologize for posting so late - was sick earlier in the week, but let's get going.

Carnie Sam makes his witches brew concoction of ink and is off to NYC to check Peter out, hoping he can be a replacement for Sam's brother, Joseph. I wonder what Joseph's power was?

Back in NYC, Peter slaps another of his "hero" articles on his wall and is then promptly served (I'm not talking about dancing). Turns out Sam has filed a lawsuit against Peter so he can meet him. Sam claims to be a victim of Peter's haphazard paramedic skills. Peter claims he never saw him at the scene, but when Sam sneaks into his apartment and uses his inky skills to photoshop himself into the most recent article Peter put on his wall, Peter begins to have doubts.

Maybe I will start calling him Photoshop Sam... Aldus Sam? Pagemaker Sam?

We find out Sam was a child of the hired help of a wealthy Rockefeller like family. He tries to go home again but is promptly shut out by the current owners. We later see the same house in ruins.

Apparently, Sam can "control the very earth under my feet." which promptly makes me think of that song "I feel the earth move under my feet..."

I'm a little confused about his power - I guess his special ink and power can allow him to draw virtually anything - including something that would cause a sinkhole?

No Hirando this week.

Our newest hero, Emma, a deaf woman, can literally see sound. She works in records at one of the hospitals Peter frequents. She first sees the sound of her leaky faucet dripping onto a spoon which then begs the question - why didn't she see her cat meow a mere seconds before?! She sees the sound of her mug crashing, but yet she doesn't see any sound when she taps on her keyboard or when Peter talks to her? Is her power random? Thoughts? The actress who plays Emma - Deanne Bray - is actually mostly deaf.

She goes to a park to have her meal, but when a street musician leaves his cello on his stand while he goes off to get something to eat, Emma takes the opportunity to create a symphony of notes that only she can see, even though she can't hear what she's playing. Apparently, it's not caterwauling, but beautiful notes that stops everyone in their tracks. Even Peter, who happens to be in the park, stops to listen.

Which begs another question - Who leaves their expensive cello sitting around in the middle of Central Park to get a hot dog? Come on!

Back at college, Gretchen wants to talk to Claire about her flinging herself out the window but Claire promptly ignores her. HRG comes by to check up on Claire and Gretchen takes the chance to befriend him. He invites the two to lunch and Gretchen takes the opportunity to make her case to Claire - that they need to discuss what happened the other night. Claire confesses her power and the two become roomies and BFFs

Parkman is still struggling with the demon called Sylar in his mind. He and his partner go into to bust a drug dealer. Without his powers, Parkman is a pretty crappy cop. Sylar helps him catch the drug dealer, but then toys with him and turns his power around on him. He convinces Parkman that the drug dealer is also a kidnapper and even shows him the body of the kidnap victim under the stairs. He beats the crap of the drug dealer and when his partner shows up (where the hell was he the whole time?) Parkman tries to show him the body and the ransom note, but there is nothing to be found. It makes Parkman look like he took a detour from the wacky farm.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 2, 2009 12:23 PM
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