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Heroes: 4.07 - Strange Attractors

Sylar is totally taunting Parkman. In fact, he takes over Matt's body and makes sweet sweet love to his wife. Apparently Sylar is much more skilled at the horizontal mambo than Matt is. Matt figures he can drink Sylar into a stupor and remove him from his mind forever, but Sylar plays him and takes over his body while he's drunk. This is reminiscent of when Niki/Vicki switched dominant personalities.

Jeremy - the harbinger of life and death - is in police custody. HRG calls in a favor and has Tracy come in to get Jeremy out. Perhaps he also had ulterior motives for calling Tracy - just to see her again... Tracy is visited by Photoshop Sam who whisks her away to the carnival. He tries to convince Tracy to bring Jeremy to the carnival to join the freak show family. Sam gives Tracy the compass so she can find her way back to the fair and some delicious elephant ears and zucchini weenies. Sylar sees her and remembers Nathan's memories of her.

Tracy and HRG are able to get Jeremy out of jail, but when a local confronts Jeremy, his touch kills him - in front of an audience. HRG urges him to bring him back to life, but Jeremy, defeated and depressed, walks back into the police station. What follows is just tragic - one of the cops goes vigilante and decides to take matters in his own hands, taking Jeremy, who doesn't resist and essentially has him drawn and quartered.

Tracy, upset at Jeremy's murder/death, tells HRG never to contact her again.

One of the cops - the sheriff - was a child actor, but I forget what show he was on. Anyone have a clue?

Sam is kind of in command of time and space - why does he need Hiro? Perhaps he just can't travel across time - only space?

It's the Tri Delta (and I heard some have) rush as Claire, Gretchen, et al are kidnapped and taken to a slaughterhouse for their initiation. Only four people rushing this sorority? Not a very popular sorority if you ask me. Becky (aka Invisi-girl) taunts Gretchen and Claire and tries to kill Gretchen. When Claire comes to the rescue, Becky impales her. The other two rushees witness Gretchen pulling Claire off the metal stake she was impaled with. Methinks those four are starting their own sorority.

Photoshop Sam, pissed at Jeremy's death, exacts his revenge Jeremy's assailant. He waits for him to enter the police station and then, using his power, demolishes the entire police station - leaving the rest of the town intact.

Okay, I get that Sam is supposed to be evil - but RIGHT ON!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 27, 2009 10:54 PM
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