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Heroes: 4.06 - Tabula Rasa

Hiro is in hospital from his brain tumor. He tells Peter he can't be cured, but Peter figures he might be able to be fixed through "non-traditional" means. Peter takes over his power before he introduces Hiro to Emma.

Peter blinks over to HRG's place to see if he knows of a healer. They find one as Claire and Peter stay their requisite ten feet part since the actors broke up.

Photoshop Sam helps Sylar find his true self. Does Sam not realize once he does this it'll be the end of the carnival? Sam sends Sylar into the House of Mirrors to watch a documentary of himself as his memories are confusing (and not really his). Freaky-deaky. Darth Maul is jealous of Sylar and his relationship with Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. Sylar may not remember who he is, but he sure remembers he can make the moves on the ladies for he thinks his name is LL Cool S. :D The boys get into a pissing match that Sylar wins.

Sam has invited our Ghostbuster/Detective to the carnival and puts in the House of Mirrors for Sylar to deal with. Sylar can't hurt him and doesn't want to be Slice and Dice Darth Maul comes in to do the job for him.

Sam has that David Koresh aura about him as he brings Sylar into his fold and baptizes him in to the Church of the Poison Mind...Something wicked this way comes? Buddy, something wicked is already here!!

Peter and HRG track down Jeremy Greer, a healer, but it looks like he heals and destroys. Peter is able to get Jeremy's powers, but when he returns to the hospital Hiro is gone. After Hiro helped Emma to transition into accepting her powers he remembers that he forgot to add Charlie to his bucket list ]blinks away to the past before Charlie was Sylarized. Not sure how they're going to do whole scenes as Charlie is now on Glee.


Ok - Peter touches Hiro and takes his power, but then he touches Emma. He still retains Hiro's power - story continuity issue? Or did I miss something about the power? He does this twice in the show. Or does Emma have some non-absorbing, power-resistant clothing?

Rumor is one of our heroes will leave us forever and L&O blondie Elisabeth Rohm is set to join Heroes as a former love interest and co-worker of HRG's.

Heroes aside, please think positive thoughts for the Angels! If they make it to the World Series, I get to go :oP

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 24, 2009 6:05 PM
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