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Heroes: 4.05 - Hysterical Blindness

Photoshop Sam tells his ragtag group of carnies that soon another will be joining their group and to replace the spot that Sam's brother vacated when he was killed.

Sylar is picked up by cop/Ghostbuster Winston (Ernie Hudson). He can't remember who he is so the cop brings in the good doc to question him and try to determine who he is. Sylar starts to remember snippets of his past, but not much. Before Dr. Gibson can figure out who he is, the cop gets info on him and finds out his identity - Gabriel Gray, wanted for murder of his mother. When the cop goes to interrogate him the "old-fashioned" way, Sylar puts his hands up in defense and inadvertently uses his powers and pushes the cop through the window. He escapes the police station and essentially takes Dr. Gibson hostage as he makes her drive him away from the station, but in the end she helps him escape after she sees him shot and watches him heal himself.

Sylar takes off into the woods and finds refuge at the carnival, which magically appears in a clearing... and disappears once Sylar enters its grounds. Can we say, "Something wicked this way comes?" He's not the one they were expecting to join their carnival, but they welcome him with open arms (cue Journey music).

Gretchen and Claire rush a sorority, but it turns out Becky, one of the head girls at the sorority her mother was one a member of is a lackey of Photoshop Sam's and has the power of invisibility. Becky is the one that pushed Claire's ex-roommate out the window and has made Gretchen out to be stalking Claire. Gretchen actually confesses as much and grabs Claire to kiss her. I mean what's college life without a little lesbian action?

Peter has breakfast with Ma P, who is distracted because Nathan hasn't called. She pays no attention to Peter. Let me guess who her favorite child is. Peter speeds off to work and in the process saves Deaf Emma from getting hit by a bus. Of course, when he touches her, he got her powers. Funny bit when he tries to speed off again and can't. He kicks a garbage can and sees the sounds it produces. He's intrigued by the power and smiles.

We find out Emma's doctor is also her mom. She's worried that Emma is hiding and not living the life she should. Emma used to be a doctor. We get hints that Emma lost a love or something and gave up the life she once knew.

When Peter gets to work he hears/sees some children singing. He sees all the beautiful colors the singing produces when he sees Emma noticing the same thing. They find a common ground in the power they now both possess. In fact they create beautiful music together. He invites her to lunch and she agrees, but when he makes a comment about the file room she runs away.

Emma goes home and plays the cello and creates all these beautiful colors - she gets so into it and the music is so intense that the sound wrecks the wall in front of her.

Peter go home, alone, but is greeted by Hiro who has teleported to his pad. He greets Hiro just as Hiro collapses.

Can't wait for next week! Hiro has an inoperable brain tumor we find, but HRG locates a hero with a healing touch while Photoshop Sam helps Sylar become the Sylar he once was - I'm thinking that might be a BIG mistake.

What did you think?!

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 13, 2009 11:42 PM
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