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Heroes: 4.04 - Acceptance

Here we go!

Tracy wants her old life back so she goes in search of her old job with the Senator. He offers her the job, of course, with all its "perks". When she meets him for dinner to discuss the details, all he really wants to do is go back up to his suite to play Scarecrow and Mrs. King (if you know what I mean). :D She realizes this isn't what she really wants and leaves. Is she heading back to HRG's place? Maybe!

Nathan has a relapse of memory - of accidentally killing a girlfriend (Millie's daughter) in high school. While it was an accidental death, Ma P covered it up and disposed of the body, leaving clues that girl ran away and never looked back. She had the Haitian wipe away the memory from Nathan's mind (what other memories has she wiped and from who?) He confesses the death to Millie (Swoosie Kurtz) who doesn't believe him - or so we think.

Kimiko asks Hiro to give her away at her wedding to Ando over a year away. Both Ando and Hiro don't think he'll survive another year. Ando wants him to tell Kimiko the truth, but Hiro is busy working on his bucket list. He gets a call on the Dial-a-Hero line and it's a co-worker ready to jump off the roof. Tadashi, in accounting, has shamed his family by photocopying his butt during a party. He jumps off the roof to his death. Hiro goes back in time to stop Tadashi from photocopying his butt... but Tadashi does it again (and again and again), in various form. He can't stop the vicious cycle of butt copies!

Sometimes, you just can't change the past! Hiro realizes this and tells Tadashi to find his calling and stop doing a job he hates (if only it were so easy!) This final meeting with Tadashi on the roof gives Hiro pause and he finally confesses to his sister about his illness and impending death. He has the mother of all migraines when he's telling her this and disappears from the pain. Where did he blink to?

Nathan is attacked by someone and dragged off into the woods, then shot to death and buried in a slow grave. Turns out that someone was hired by Millie to kill Nathan. Little do they know that since Nathan is really Sylar and Sylar has the power of resurrection, he comes back to life - rut roh - as Sylar, How many times can will kill poor Nathan. Let him R.I.P!

Peter goes to HRG to show him his compass tattoo, but it's no longer there. HRG claims he's no longer doing the work he used to, but he still does some research into the compass.

Claire, after a couple of weeks of college, seems to be an HR guru and coaches her dad on how to land a job after The Company. Kind of a lame interchange.


The Tadashi Dial-a-Hero story was the humor I remembered from Season 1. Every time Hiro ran up to the roof and yells "Don't jump!" almost scaring Tadashi to his death, I laughed - every time. It was like a Japanese Groundhog Day.

Going back to last week's ep, why did Peter have the compass tattoo? Why did it disappear? Does it reappear only in the vicinity of Photoshop Sam?

One of my issues with the Nathan storyline is... isn't he still a senator? Shouldn't he have a daily schedule and many bodyguards? Does he really have the time to traipse around the city following his whims?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 9, 2009 8:04 PM
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