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Heroes Fodder

Heroes: 4.01- Orientation / 4.02 - Jump, Push, Fall

Hi everyone! Heroes is back! Since most of the stories have yet to interconnect, I'm going to try a different breakdown. This volume of Heroes is labeled: REDEMPTION.

Claire is off to college and all the new experiences it will bring. She's trying to live life low-key, but we know that won't last for long. She has an annoying and overachieving roommate that you just want to push out the window, but it looks like the roomie takes care of it herself.

She makes a friend with Gretchen, who is also from Texas. They become friends (and maybe more later - cue porn music).

When Claire's roomie takes a nosedive out their dorm room window, Claire suspects murder. Gretchen offers a way to find out - "Jump, Push, Fall." If you fall, your trajectory is pretty much straight down. If you jump, the arc is a little more, etc. etc.

Claire decides to test this. When she thinks no one is looking she jumps out the window and lands flat smack onto her roomie's white chalk outline. I guess she got her answer. Only thing is, Gretchen was watching and saw the whole thing. Ah, well, Claire has a confidante now.

Hirando start their own "Dial a Hero" service which begs for a "Who you gonna call?" joke here but I can't think of any. Hiro's sister still looks down at Ando with scorn and we find out that back when they were kids Ando spilled a slushy (can't say Icee as that is a trademarked term, I guess) all over Hiro's sister's favorite dress.

Hiro confesses to Ando that he's been to the doctor and he's dying. When Ando suggests going back to the past to change things so that he won't die, Hiro refuses. To do so would change history and he can not change history or the cheerleader wouldn't have been saved, etc. etc. but Hiro unintentionally blinks himself back to the carnival where it all began...

Instead of changing his past, he changes Ando's - making sure Ando doesn't spill the slushy on his sister. When he returns to the present he sees that Ando and his sis are an item now. Awww....

Peter is on the righteous path, back to work as a paramedic, but a Super Paramedic. He is using his powers for good.

How do I merge this pairing? Sythan? Naylar? Do I even bother? Sylar is starting to emerge and all involved in creating this monster are worried. What if Sylar remembers? What happens then? They want the good Nathan back.

Matt is trying to live life on the straight and narrow, not using his powers at all. In fact, he goes to weekly meetings for substance abusers. Because of what he did to Sylar/Nathan, he is feeling the aftereffects of it - he sees Sylar taunting him and teasing him when no one else can see.

He's also jealous of the Culligan man who delivers water to their house. He's VERY friendly with Janice and this irritates Matt. Ultimately, he uses his powers to convince the delivery guy to get another route and never see Janice again.

Noan is living the life of a single bachelor - nothing to eat in the fridge, burnt TV meals, and cereal for dinner. Ma P is still on his case to get the company back on track while she waits in the wings and worries about Sylar/Nathan.

Here's the new kid on the block - It's T-Bag and he's escaped from yet another prison!!! Actually, Rob Knepper plays Samuel Sullivan, the ringleader of a traveling carnival (is there any other kind?) Except his carnies all seem to have abilities. The Sullivan Brothers Carnival lacks one of the brother - it seems he was killed (by Danko's men?) and Sam means to exact revenge. He sends Darth Maul to take down HRG and Danko.

Sam's power seems to be that of pen - as in "the pen is mightier than the sword." Using a special pen (perhaps Edgar Allen Poe's pen stolen from Warehouse 13?), he dabs it in some ink (is the ink special too?) and put a drop on Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. The ink transform into a psychic story-telling device. It shows the face of Hiro. Turns out their time-traveling carnie is on his last legs and they need a new one. He gets his dying Hero to send him back in time to the carnival that Hiro was at (don't know any carnival that actually travels to different continents...)

Sam approaches Present-Hiro in the past and teases him with the possibility of using his powers...

Water-girl Tracy has re-emerged from her puddle and is bent on killing Danko though HRG makes her think twice about. When she gets to Danko's apartment, Darth Maul is already there to kill him with his lightning fast speed and a couple of deadly knives.

She turns to HRG for help who immediately goes to assist her (do I see two future lovebirds here? I think so - their chemistry is pretty hot.) HRG finds a key on Danko that leads to a safety deposit box. He enlists the help of Peter, who only really helps him because there's a chance to steal another power - Darth Maul's. They go to retrieve whatever is in the safety deposit box. It's just an old broken compass, but when Peter holds it, it goes beserk. I guess the compass works only with those that have powers and maybe leads them to others with powers? Sure enough, Darth Maul shows up and tries to slice up the two. HRG is the only unfortunate one in that scenario.

Recovering in the hospital, he calls Tracy because he has no one else to turn to. She arrives and sits with him - they have a moment... :o)

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on September 25, 2009 2:00 PM
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