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Heroes: 3.23 - 1961

1961.jpgWe delve further back into Angela's backstory in this episode of Heroes. We see young Angela (Alexa Nikolas) and her sister, Alice, find themselves at Coyote Sands - which seems like some sort of internment camp for people with abilities. Their parents are there, too - so was it voluntary? Dr. Suresh runs the facility along with Dr. Zimmerman - the doc who gave Niki Tiki Tavi their abilities. We meet a young Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman and Bobby Bishop (aka Goldfinger, Midas, Stephen Tobolowsky).

It's her time at Coyote Sands with the others that helped form the Company.

While Angela believes her sister and her parents died at Coyote Sands, she has been having recent dreams of her sister so what better way than to have her offspring dig up the remains until they find those of her sister Alice.

We learn Alice can control of the weather like Storm in X-Men.

Looks like Bishop and Deveaux are crushing on Angela. Don't know what Linderman's problem was - maybe he likes boys.

A storm brews in present-day Coyote Sands and Angela immediately thinks it is Alice. HRG is out in the storm and is knocked over and dragged into one of the buildings by Mo. Mo thinks HRG followed him, but when he explains what he's doing there, Mo shows him his father's research and Project Icarus.

Alice is a little freaked out by Papa Suresh. When Angela and the others plan their escape, she tells Alice to stay put, that she'll be safe as long as she stays put. So she did... For 50 years!

Angela finds her sister, who has literally lived off the land for the last 50 years (does she have a child's mind still - it wasn't very clear). Surprisingly, adult Alice has pretty supple skin for someone who has been living in that dry sandy area for the last 50 years!

We see the night Angela left, Papa Suresh took Alice to do some tests on her. Scared, Alice runs off. Suresh lays chase and slaps Alice. Alice's dad sees and uses his powers to send Suresh flying to the ground. Guards shoot her dad and chaos ensues.

Adult Alice sees Mohinder and is reminded of Papa Suresh. Already freaking from Angela, she wreaks havoc on the compound. Angela tries to appeal to Alice to come back with her, but Angela disappears.

How convenient the storm Alice created buried all the graves the Petrelli clan dug up. Peter hands Mo a film canister he found on the compound. The Petrellis and HRG leave while Mo stays behind - he needs more questions answered.

The Petrellis find themselves at the local diner, trying to regroup. Nathan is ready to return to DC to own up to his actions, but before he can do so they see Sylar shapeshifting as Nathan on the TV making a statement to the press!


Good ep, but I don't think they'll ever top "Company Man."

I thought the music played a big part in this episode - that or I just like Roy Orbison.

As I write this blog entry, the wind is whipping around so much my windows are shaking - is Alice nearby?

No more wire hangers! The actress (Diana Scarwid) who plays Adult Alice is none other than Diana Scarwid, the actress who played Joan Crawford's daughter (as an adult) in Mommie Dearest!

Coyotes Sands had a Lab 26, obviously a relation to Building 26, but how so? Are they continuing on with the experiments Suresh was conducting 50 years ago?

If Peter touches Sylar will he gain ALL of his abilities?

I'm gonna say it again - whoever Sylar shapeshifts into should have a telltale something to differentiate him and the real thing. A twitch. Different colored eyes. Anything.

It's hard to determine if Dr. Suresh was a good guy or bad guy in the past. Did he think he was doing good, but what he was doing was ultimately bad?

We could use a little more comic relief... When are Hiro and Nathan gonna meet up again?!!!

The actress who plays young Angela is pretty good. She kind of reminds me of Anna Paquin.

A lot of reconciliation and forgiveness going on in these eps. The perfect setup for next season story arc: REDEMPTION.

Supposedly one of our original heroes will die in the season finale - who will it be? Can one hope it'll be Claire? Doubtful, I think she's already signed for another season. Matt, Nathan, and Mohinder haven't signed yet so one of them will be likely. My bets are on Nathan since Sylar is shapeshifting as him. Will Peter or HRG kill Nathan thinking he's Sylar but it's really Nathan? Did that make any sense at all? Mohinder's the narrator of the show, would they eliminate him?

OFF TOPIC: Does Phil Spector's mug shot make him look like a relative of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons? Separated at birth? Hmmm...

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 15, 2009 1:00 AM
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They should make the actress who played young Angela a series regular. She was awesome.

-- Posted by: mac at April 14, 2009 8:49 AM

Supposedly, this episode was "Company Man" for Mama Petrelli. Personally, I didn't think it was quite that good. However, this *was* a good 'ep. And mac's right, that girl who played young Angela was stellar.

Of course... when is mac ever wrong? :)

The birth of a new "company" (not sure what else to call it) is a nice touch.

It didn't bowl me over, it didn't shock me, but it was a solid episode. Here's hoping things start to kick into high gear next week...

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at April 14, 2009 10:22 AM

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