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Heroes: 3.24 - I Am Sylar - Preview

Sylar.jpgMatt wants to take Junior back to Mom but Hirando doesn't think it's a good idea. Matt leaves for Janice's anyway as Hiro cooks up a plan...

Sylar is having a bit of an identity crisis with his constant shapeshifting. He went to bed as Sylar and woke up Agent Taub whose identity he assumed. He's frustrated and needs his mommy. So he doesn't forget who he is, he cuts into his forearm the words, "I am Sylar."

Sylar goes on a visit and finds Gentle Ben! Clint Howard - Ron Howard's brother is also one with powers. Looks like he has the ability to use sonic vibration to destroy objects. Sylar takes his ability and leaves "I am Sylar" in blood on the wall. When Danko and his team go to bust Gentle Ben and take him to back to Bldg. 26, they find a dead Ben and Agent Taub/Sylar makes a snarky remark.

Hiro has a grand plan to get captured by Danko's men, but to ultimately turn the tables on them. He wants to use Ando as bait and they bromance hits their first bump. Ando doesn't think Hiro sees him as an equal Hiro but before they kiss and make up, Danko's men storm the loft and Hiro stops time. For the first time since he got his powers back, Ando wasn't frozen in time because they were touching when Hiro stopped time. Ando is relishing in the "secret clubhouse" that Hiro experiences when he stops time. Ando likens himself to Batman and Hiro to a fascist Superman. Hiro sets Ando up to get a full spray of tranquilizers as he starts time again. Ando is hit and he stops time to take the uniform of one of the agents.

As Agent Taub, Sylar requests the evidence box from his mom's murder. As he goes through the items, Sylar transforms himself into his mom so he can have a conversation with himself. Can we say Oedipal Complex?

Danko and Sylar go after Rebel. Sylar confronts Micah, but Micah appeals to him and props him up as the savior for the heroes. Looks like it worked as Sylar takes on Micah body and leads Danko away from the real Rebel. The agents shoot Fake Micah and he falls into the river, dead.

He takes Micah back to his place for safekeeping, but when Micah spies Sylar talking to his mom (shapeshifting back and forth). Micah appeals to him again and tells him if he can shapeshift he can change for the better. He can be Nathan and make some real positive changes. Sylar instead tosses Micah out and threatens to kill him if he sees him again.

Sylar goes to the Petrellis with the yearning to write "I am Spock," but controls himself. He envies everything Nathan had that he didn't. He shifts into Nathan (and that's where we find him when the real Nathan sees him on TV.)

When's he going to shapeshift into Spock? May 8th, apparently!

Hiro fumbles in his plan to be a hero and when he is found out by the other agents, Ando/Crimson Arc comes to the rescue and effectively tasers everyone.

The real Nathan wants to go alone to meet the President and fix the problems he has caused. The family wants to help him, but he takes off alone anyway. Peter follows. He's not leaving his bro alone in the battle.

Hiroando kiss and make up. They decide they need each other to succeed, but when Hiro tries to stop time, he crumbles to the ground with a bloody nose and a major headache.

Matt meets up with Janice but hears the agents closing in. He wants to escape with Janice and Junior, but he realizes he has things to do before he can have that perfect life.

Nathan and Sylar have a little tête-à-tête but before Sylar can take his power, Danko tranqs Nathan. Danko wants Sylar to go back to being Taub, but when Sylar resists, Danko puts a knife into the back of Sylar's head effectively killing him... or not! Sylar doesn't die this time (why?)!


Season Finale Monday. I heard Sylar proposes to Claire?! What?!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 26, 2009 10:47 PM
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