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Heroes: 3.22 - Turn and Face the Strange

Lee-Oka.jpgCan I just start off by saying the Japanese redneck truck driver cracked me up?!

This ep seems to be about exacting revenge - Matt on Danko. Sylar on HRG.

Danko continues to fake Sylar's death, but HRG smells something funny and it's not the decaying corpse of Sylar, but meanwhile HRG has bigger fish to fry. Sandra is in town and wants some answers.

Hirando are on their way to find Matt Sr., but an upset Junior foils their plans by causing their shamelessly product placed car to stop. They hitch a ride with a trucker and are excited he's Japanese, but he's clearly American born - with his heavy redneck accent and all (let's call him Sushi Sam!). Junior's still upset and the truck won't go. They get the boot from Sushi Sam and eventually they are able to subdue Junior with Ando's skinny Asian Shrek face. Apparently, he has to make the face for the next couple of thousand miles. Have fun with that? Why not put a little Manischewitz in with his fruit juice and let that kid have a nice nap? Hmmm... is this why I am not a parent? :oD

HRG wants more proof dead Sylar is really Sylar but the body has been taken to be cremated. He pulls the spike out of faux Sylar's head to see if it's really him. He doesn't regenerate so he sends the spike for DNA testing. Guess what? Not Sylar's DNA! What a shocker.

Sylar poses as Danko at one point, another time as Sandra - claiming she wants a divorce from HRG. HRG almost falls for it, but just as he's about to sign the dotted line he realizes Sandra's signature isn't hers. He pulls up old cancelled checks online and confirms his suspicions. Once he calls the lab, he also confirms the dead body isn't Sylar's So he believes the Sandra in DC isn't his Sandra at all. Little does he know that the real Sandra is there. When he goes to confront Sandra, who he thinks is Sylar, he scares the crap out of real Sandra who is even more convinced than ever that HRG and she are not meant to be.

Claire and Nathan get a message from Ma P to meet at Coyote Sands. Just as Mo is going through his dad's old (but heavily redacted) files he left at that dingy apartment and finds that his dad worked at the same Coyote Sands.

Matt mindmelds with Danko, convincing him to check on his loved ones. We see Danko check on his Russian girlfriend - an escort who kind of looks like Jaime Pressly. Matt's intent on getting revenge on Danko for killing Daphne. Eye for an eye. Danko's lied to his girlfriend everything. Matt uses his powers to force Danko to tell his girlfriend the truth. He's about to exact his revenge on Danko by killing the girlfriend but he's a cop and he can't kill just for the sake of killing. He drops the gun as Danko grabs his. Danko fires, but Hiro's there to save the day. He stops time and wheels Matt out on the office chair. Once the truth is revealed, the girlfriend leaves Danko.

Umm, how did Hiro know where to find Matt? He doesn't know where Danko lives. Did I miss something? I know Hiro talked to Mo, but I didn't think Mo knew exactly where Matt was or where Danko lived.

Matt tells Hiro he didn't want him to save him, but Hiro tells him a true warrior knows the difference between a "righteous butler" and a--Oh wait, I think he said "retribution." I'm glad Matt understood him.

Hirando find Matt and show him his baby. Look everyone! It's three men and a baby! "Good night, sweetheart, well it's time to go..."
HRG pretends to be a shapeshifted Sylar and pulls a fast one on Danko. He calls Danko on his bluff. Danko tells HRG that Sylar's been pretending to be one of the commandos. HRG makes Danko take him to Sylar, but Danko turns on him and pretends HRG he's crazy. But Sylar/Donner makes a comment about his divorce and HRG knows it's Sylar - how would a commando know about his divorce? HRG shoots him in the back of the head, but when he doesn't come to, HRG has to cut his losses and run. Of course, Sylar/Donner comes to and spits out the bullet HRG shot him with.

The Petrellis reunite at Coyote Sands, a dilapidated village of barracks in the middle of nowhere. Ma P sends her offspring to do some digging. There they find skeletal remains. Ma P falls to her knees. Apparently, there's more than one. A car comes up in the distance and it's HRG to rejoin with Ma P.

I think I saw some adamantium in them there buildings. Is Wolverine far behind?


Will Touch and Go Matt Jr. be the savior for our heroes? Will Sylar prove so scary that Matt Jr. shuts off Sylar's power?

The whole shape-shifting thing is rather annoying. Sometimes it's hard to follow who Sylar is. And secondly, Sylar and Sandra wear the same size clothes? Come on... Also, I would think that there would be some telltale sign that shapeshifting Sylar isn't the person he is currently pretending to be. He'd have to shift into his persona based on his memory of that person, right? How can he duplicate them exactly? Is there an iPhone app for that?

Poster below brings up a good point - is it Matt's baby? I don't really recall and I don't have Season 1 on DVD. Can someone confirm? I thought it was Matt's baby, but she had an affair with someone and hence the divorce? And if they divorced, why name him after your ex?

How is Danko going to explain that Donner isn't dead? Won't Donner's commando friends and co-workers want to go to the funeral or pay their respects?

We learn next week about Ma P's sister...

Redacted. Love that word.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 10, 2009 8:00 AM
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Good episode.

Poor Noah got manipulated hard by Sylar. Loved it... heartbreaking, dramatic... it was the kind of stuff where midway through a scene, you could guess where it was going, but rather than feeling cheated by knowing the ending, instead I was practically shouting at the TV, wishing Noah would figure it out as quickly as I did, knowing he wouldn't, ... Really great stuff.

I can also guess at part 2. Noah doesn't get mucked over like that very often. The man's got ice in his veins. How hard will he come down on Sylar, and how soon?

Good to see Parkman get tough. But now that we know what line he won't cross, I hope we never see him point a gun at anybody again... there won't be any drama to it.

It was silly and ridiculous, but I loved it when Ando had to make the crazy face to keep Touch n' Go Baby happy. Hilarious! The redneck Japanese truck driver was a nice touch, too.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at April 7, 2009 10:36 AM

This episode was kind of dull for me. I'm not really sure where this story arc with the baby is going. The baby's power is a bit odd, though it might have some potential. Might the baby be able to shut off someone's abilities? How about shutting off a person? That could be interesting. I'd like to see more of what's going on in the background with Micah (a.k.a. Rebel). That wold be more interesting than the storyline that's going on with Hero and Ando. By the way, why would the mom just let Hero and Ando take off with her baby? I'd figure she'd want to tag along at a minimum. And wasn't it pointed out at one point that the baby wasn't Matt's, but rather it belonged to Matt's one-time police partner who the mom messed around with? I thought that was the reason they divorced in the first place.

-- Posted by: Michael G. at April 10, 2009 8:39 PM

re: Parkman's baby... It's been a while, but I think the way it went was that Janice confessed to an affair, then later told Matt he was going to be a father. The assumption is that Matt's the father.

We've also seen that "powers" can be passed from parent to child, so it seems likely on that count that Parkman is in fact Touch n' Go's papa.

I don't remember any reference *from the show* about Touch n' Go not being Parkman's offspring.

Naturally, I could be wrong about any/all of this. I pay close attention when the show's on, but I don't exactly take notes, ya know? :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at April 13, 2009 5:50 PM

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