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Heroes: 3.20 - Cold Snap

Cold-Snap.jpgTwo heroes fall! :o( Rebel is revealed! :o)

Danko is (supposedly) alone at his home, but finds the Puppetmaster with a gift tag on him.

Angela and Noah meet clandestinely one last time. Angela's leaving the city because Danko's men are after her. She takes off in the rain and meets up with one of high society friends and asks for some cash. The friend ultimately gives her the cash in her purse and Angela leaves, but she is surrounded by Danko's men as she enters a highrise elevator. The doors close but they are already trying to bring the elevator car down. When they do, they think they have her, but in swoops Peter to save the day. He grabs his mom and flies off with her.

Mo falls for the oldest trick in the book. He comes to look in on Daphne at Danko's request, but Danko just wanted him there so he could capture him easier.

Noah convinces Danko to allow Tracy to escape so they can capture Rebel. He's hoping to use this to his advantage so Danko plays into his hand. Tracy escapes with the help of Rebel. Tracy helps Matt, Daphne and Mo escape. (Matt seems to have really mastered his powers!)

Noah tracks Tracy to the local Abercrombie & Fitch store where he fulfills his fantasy of meeting up with a gal in the dressing room, hinting to the sales clerk that there is more than just clothes sampling going on (after whipping his glasses off to show off his baby blues.) He bargains with Tracy to get her to lead him to Rebel.

Apparently she agrees because she's on her way when an ATM stops her and gives her cash and a location at Union Station. We find out that Rebel is none other than Micah, whose voice has dropped an octave or so. How many of you figured it was him anyway? Not too big of a secret.

Not realizing Rebel was Micah, Tracy is upset that she just led Noah to him. Micah is also pissed because clearly Tracy may look like his mom but is nothing like her. Micah figured she'd be followed and they escape to the parking structure but are being hunted by the commandos. She asks Noah to turn on the sprinklers and then tells Noah to stay ahead of the ice. He takes off running and she freezes the water as they sprinklers burst on. All the commandos are frozen in place and so is she. Danko comes out and shoots her, as she becomes a pile of shaved ice. And then there were eight... (or nine or ten Heroes left...)

I know this was a more dramatic way to go, but couldn't Noah have started a car and got them out of there as she froze the commandos? There's a possibility of another Tracy/Niki lookalike... Will she'll be revealed later?

They take Daphne to the hospital and Matt uses his powers to convince the doctor not to report the gunshot wound to the authorities. When Daphne is finally in her own private room, Matt uses his powers again to convince the hospital that she is Gwen Stefani (why no paparazzi outside her room?) She tells Matt that they can't be together and it's time for her to go. She changes and takes off. The next time we see her she's on the Moulin Rouge sign in Paris and Matt shows up. Suddenly, he can fly. That's when she realizes she's in a dream state and Matt has invaded her dream to say his goodbyes. She asks him to take her to the moon and off they go. Daphne flatlines and dies. :o(

Matt's dream that Daphne and he were together in the future was clearly false. So what did that dreamquest really mean? Or did recent events change the future as Matt saw in his dreams?

Hirando try to decide how they should save Junior Parkman, who they think it is Matt Parkman as a baby, not his son. Junior has the ability to turn things on and off with a single touch. Janice comes home from her corporate job (what did she do before when she was married to Matt - wasn't she an artist or something?) She doesn't question Hiroando's motive (I don't think they met before, right?) and try to distract Danko's men from entering the house. As Danko's commandos try to bust in to Parkman's home, Junior touches Hiro and "turns on" Hiro's power of time. Hiro stops time but can't teleport so he has to wheelbarrow Ando to the bus station 12 miles away while carrying Junior. Matt was still married to Janice when she was pregnant so even if they are divorced, why hasn't he seen his kid?

Ando psychoanalyzes Hiro's awkwardness with Baby Parkman and chalks it up to his distant relationship with his father and the passing of his mother when he was a child, but Hiro considers the loss of his mother as something that happened only a few days ago. He's wanted to cry since then but has yet to shed a tear.

Ma P and Peter stand in the crown of the Statue of Liberty and wonder what their next move should be.

Best line: (Hiro) What are we saving the baby from? Lead-based toys?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 27, 2009 10:26 PM
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I loved this ep!

Micah needs to meet up with Peter...

-- Posted by: Rainmound at March 30, 2009 6:45 AM

Best moment in the 'ep was definitely the "lead-based toys" line.

I hadn't heard Hiro and Ando refered to as "Hirando" before. Bravo, Connie... hilarious!

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at March 30, 2009 1:31 PM

Dissent at best in my opinion. Typical Heroes episode. In earlier eps. they showed us a version of the future with Daphne and Matt together and happy, then in this eps. they kill her off. I just don't get it.

-- Posted by: Lance at March 31, 2009 3:58 PM

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