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Heroes: 3.19 - Shades of Gray

Shades-Gray.jpgClaire gets Alex's job at the comic book store (the manager is the techie from Seven Days) much to the delight of all the guys getting their geek on in the store. She's also confronted by Doyle - the Puppetmaster. He's looking for help and Rebel sent him to her.

Nathan is informed that Matt is at Capitol Hill with a bomb strapped to his chest. He goes over there and tries to help disable the bomb. He tells Matt to read the mind of the bomb squad guy but he's so freaked he can't concentrate. Danko wonders how Nathan got there so quickly since he was just talking to him when he heard about Matt. Danko tries to set off the bomb but Rebel intercepts the radio signal, blocking it. Matt and Nathan disable it but he knocks Matt out and takes him back in to Building 26.

Sylar finally finds his dad and threatens to kill him but once he turns around we find he's Lex Luthor's dad too! :o) Dad turns around and he's strapped to a respirator and dying of cancer. If you thought Sylar was bad, Dad is worse. When he sees that Sylar is able to heal himself, he quickly decides he needs Sy's power and pins him to the wall, using a power to knock him out. Like father like son? In the end, youth wins over age as Sylar practically strangles dad and leaves him to die.

Noah plays informant on Nathan and Danko to Ma P but she tells him the sitch is under control. Danko meets up with Ma P. He asks if Nathan has a power, she tells him it sometimes skips a generation. She then tells him she knows about his past and wonders how he was able to survive when so many died. Does Danko have a power too? If so, what is it? The power of brooding?

Danko and Nathan get into a tiff. Danko replays a recording where Tracy yells at Nathan "You're one of us!" Danko questions Tracy himself but she doesn't give up Nathan.
Nathan gives Danko orders from the President, removing Danko from the project. Danko later confronts Nathan and Noah, pushing Nathan through the highrise window. Nathan falls but floats halfway down. He soon flies away. Danko turns to Noah and asks him if he knew Nathan had a power.

Claire ultimately ends up helping Doyle, but to what end? Will this guy remain the ass he was before or will he really change for the better? I'm guessing the former.

The bromance that is Hiro and Ando find end up in Los Angeles, looking for Parkman. The Matt Parkman they find isn't the one they expect. Looks like Rebel sent Hirando to save Matt's son - Matt Parkman, Jr.

At home, Claire gets a text from Rebel warning her they are coming for her, but when the agents bust in to capture Claire, she's nowhere to be found. We see that Claire is outside her window, held by bio-dad, Nathan, floating by the house window (Get you booty out of there!)
Danko goes back to his pad, but Sylar is waiting for him.


Who do you think Rebel is? Nathan? Someone unknown?

I wasn't paying attention to this ep, so if I missed anything, I apologize.

New ep in two weeks.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 12, 2009 12:32 AM
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Pretty good episode over all. TBH I want to believe that Nathan is rebel but it seems a little to obvious.

I'm assuming that once Nathan's power is exposed that Danko is back in charge and thus why Claire's "free ride" is over. Does that seem accurate?

-- Posted by: Lance at March 12, 2009 8:11 AM

Does anyone seem to think that Rebel is actually the little boy who could control computers and stuff, it would explain the whole big brother thing going on at the moment and the messages appearing on screens etc

-- Posted by: edward at March 12, 2009 10:16 AM

Hey edward... I was just about to suggest Micah as "Rebel". :) Instant effortless control over machines would fit in nicely with what Rebel has been capable of. My other theory is that it's Mama Petrelli, but I have my doubts.

As for Clair's free ride... yeah, that's over because Nathan was found out. I'm guessing that Danko is Da Man now, and things are about to get very rough for our Heroes. Assuming Danko survives the encounter with Sylar, of course. :)

And now I let my "The Incredibles" love out a bit. I really really REALLY hope that baby Parkman is a shape-shifter of some sort. Wouldn't it be hilarious to see him turn into a fire-belching cartoon demon in Hiro's arms? It would be a complete rip-off, but I'd forgive them.

This is the first episode in a long time that I loved from start to finish. Nothing to nitpick, nothing to complain about. I did a total 180 on Sylar's dad's storyline, even.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at March 12, 2009 11:11 AM

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