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Heroes: 3.17 - Cold Wars

Cold-Wars.jpgIn hopes that Monday's episode was going to be "Company Man, Part 2," I was excited to watch, but my excitement didn't last very long.

The premise of the ep is "Is he a good guy or a bad guy?" We saw in "Company Man" that Noah was not a company man but a family man when he risked all to save his daughter, who once was just his ward when he first was given her to watch.

"Cold Wars" focused on Noah's interrogation through the oh-so-savvy grilling techniques of Parkman, Mo and Pete (they do oil changes, too). Turns out Parkman's savvy grilling techniques are of the Bobby Flay kind.

The trio take Noah to a nearby Motel 6 (cuz they left the light on). Matt uses his powers to try to read Noah's mind. We see that Noah and Angela had a conversation on a park bench. Noah wants to continue their work, but Angela is ready to call it quits. She gives him his severance pay and a nice watch for his years of service at Primatech.

Matt's probing shows Nathan was behind the hero corralling (but didn't we know that already?) We see that after his meeting with Angela, and with no job to go to, Noah is bored to tears doing crosswords at home. What he wouldn't give for a flamethrower (and I'm not talking about equipment, more like a villain) to pursue. Nathan recruits Noah to help him since he had been doing it for decades. Noah takes him to a storage unit where he shows him all the equipment and weapons he has stored and used over the years to capture our heroes. Matt writes down the address and code - Peter goes to check it all out. What he doesn't know is he is under the Hunter's surveillance.

The commandos go to capture Peter but he tosses a flash bomb (?) and flies away.

Mo accuses Matt of having a personal vendetta over Daphne's death. Noah eventually tells him Daphne is alive. Matt doesn't believe him and delves into his mind to find out the truth. He sees that Daphne is seriously injured but still alive.

Nathan is a little wary of the Hunter, who is about to go rogue any minute now (is his last name Palin?) Noah and the Hunter don't see eye to eye on how to capture our heroes. Noah gets into Mo's cab and tries to recruit him, but Mo isn't sure whether to believe him or not and passes on the recruitment. Once Matt sees this, he accuses Mo of double-crossing them and they get into a fight. Noah eggs it on. While they fight, Noah takes the opportunity to pull a Doug Henning and escapes. He tries to, anyway, but Peter stops him and takes him back up to the motel.

Noah visits Danko the Hunter to try to make amends and get him on his side. It's going to be a battle of the wits with these two. That should be an episode in itself. Can't wait for that showdown. Matt gives Peter Danko's address, but Noah warns him that he'll get hurt if he goes after this guy. Peter doesn't listen, grabs a gun and takes off. He gets Danko at gunpoint but Danko's under surveillance too. Nathan sends the troops after his brother. Nathan shows up. Peter shoots Danko and flies away to help Matt and Mo.

Mo and Matt are captured, but Peter uses another flash bomb to distract Noah while he rescues Matt and flies away.

We see that Noah is actually still working with Angela but to what purpose? To stop her own son? To bring back Primatech? To save the cheerleader thereby saving the world... again?

Matt and Peter go back to the loft where Matt draws on the floor a la Mr. Ee-sock. The painting is of DC being hit by a nuclear blast. Methinks he is drawing the next season of 24!


It was an okay ep, but no "Company Man."

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 26, 2009 12:06 AM
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Personally, I was pretty happy that this wasn't "Company Man Pt 2". That episode was great because of the drama of figuring out Noah's true allegiance. But that story has already been told... there's no drama there anymore. This needed to be a different story, and it was.

Discovering Noah's backstory in this chapter of the story was pretty good, although there were several "revelations" that we already knew, so it seemed kinda silly in places (your comment "...didn't we know that already?" sums it up nicely).

Danko is a nice wild card. Fun to have him around... how long until he snaps? (yeah, I know, I saw next week's preview too... I know the answer to that one...)

One thing I have to say that I really didn't like... EE-sock Parkman, the future paintings, and the loft. Now, I know it's a cool set and prolly a big money-saver for NBC, but I really want them to stop using that loft! Why is that thing not under 24/7 surveillance? Why does all the foreshadowing have to come from milky-eyed artists? Why are there always fresh painting supplies in an abandoned loft? Why has the loft's landlord not gutted that place and rented it out to somebody else? And oh, lookie... the big plot device is... an exploding man? Again, really?

My suspension of disbelief took a hit during that scene.

Minus the last few minutes, I thought it was a good episode. Like you said, it's no "Company Man", but unlike you I think that's good thing. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 26, 2009 11:23 AM

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