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Heroes: 3.16 - Building 26

Building-26.jpgClaire (as well as other Heroes) is getting cryptic text messages from "Rebel." In her ongoing teen-ridden angst, Claire argues with Noah about keeping on the down-low. He warns her to keep her trap shut or else 'they' will come for her and the rest of the family.

Over in Building 26, Nathan has Tracy chained to a chair, facing a wall of heaters to keep her icy fingers from working. Nathan has requested more funding from The President. Abby Collins (Moira Kelly from "Cutting Edge") has been sent to be Nathan's new boss and oversee the goings-on in Building 26. Nathan's not too keen on this, Danko the Hunter is really not keen on this. Another politico sticking their nose in it?

When Abby finds Tracy chained to her chain, she is furious. Mutant powers aside, she's still human. Abby storms out, intending to file a complaint against Nathan and pull his funding.

Nathan tries to convince Abby that the operation needs to remain up and running, but Abby isn't giving in. At this moment, Tracy escapes and takes an analyst hostage. She freezes him and he falls against the wall, shattering to pieces. Tracy is recaptured and Abby reinstates the funding and then some. "Toe pick!" she yells! :o)

Claire helps Alex, this guy in a comic book shop that Rebel texted her to help. Noah comes into the comic book store and Claire calls her dad on his cell to distract him while Alex uses the distraction to run away with Claire. She finds out that Alex's power is to breathe underwater (he would have easily won the second task in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!)

Sylar and Luke are on their way to find Samson Gray, Sylar's bio-dad. Luke tries to play Sylar, but the human lie detector knows something is up. They stop at a diner to eat, where Luke stupidly reveals where Sylar can find his dad. Before they can go, the diner is stormed by commandos. Luke helps Sylar escape, but Sylar leaves him behind. He doesn't need him any longer. Luke is captured by Danko's men.

Hiro and Ando are in India, but they only go there because Matt's drawing told them to go there (so how is that destiny). They are there to stop a wedding. Ando meets the bride and convinces her to call off the wedding, much to Hiro's dismay. Ando stole his thunder... again. Ando is kidnapped by the groom who threatens to kill him if his bride doesn't marry him. Ad the wedding proceeds, Hiro crashes it and threatens the groom to call the wedding off. He does and Ando is returned and the bromance continues.

The bride shows Hiro and Ando a fax for them from "Rebel." It says to save Matt Parkman.

Tracy is back in the sauna chained to the chair again. She accuses Nathan of loosening the chain so she could escape. She says she'll succeed next time. Nathan then speaks to Danko and knows he is the one who loosened the chains.

Claire and Noah have a heart to heart because Sandra has given Noah the boot. Noah leaves for the nearest Costa Verde Motel 6 as Alex comes out of the closet - literally - where he's been hiding.

Luke is in an armored transport when the vehicle is attacked from within. It's Sylar, dressed as one of the commandos. He's killed them all. He takes a laptop and Luke from the van.

Noah is at the hotel bar having a drink, mulling over possibly never seeing Mr. Muggles again. He takes another drink and his vision starts to blur. He passes out and is taken away by Matt, Peter and Mohinder.

I'm excited to see next week's ep - another Noah-centric one, it looks like.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 22, 2009 1:33 AM
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Mixed feelings. Mostly I liked it.

Nitpick: The heros are dividing up again. We've seen this before... eventually it gets to where nearly every character has his own distinct plotline and geographical location.

Nitpick: Clair's teenage angst. 'nuff said.

Nitpick: A new minor character has been introduced to (prolly) be Clair's love interest as well as a convienent secret for her to keep from her father. The audience will be expected to instantly connect to this new character and feel great sympathy for him. Most won't.

Nitpick: If the promo is to be believed, our next episode will be "Company Man, part 2".

And of course, my previously-stated concerns are still valid... Nathan's turncoat actions, Sylar's daddy search, and so on. I thought the writer's strike was over?

Even so, like I said, I mostly liked it. As long as I don't *think* too much during the episode, it's crazy-good fun (kinda like watching the "Fantasic Four" movie).

Oh, and I thought that Abby looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out how. "Toe pick!" That was a laugh-out-loud moment. :) Classic.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 22, 2009 11:09 AM

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