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Heroes: 3.15 - Trust and Blood

Trust-Blood.jpgWell, let's see - this week the plane most of our heroes were on was taking a nose dive due to a big fat hole caused by Peter's new found power after he touched Tracy. The plane crashed but miraculously most everyone lived.

Those that didn't break any limbs took off into the woods. Their bright orange jumpsuits are hard to hide from the commandos but they manage to do so. Matt, Hiro and Suresh escape together. Matt goes all milky-eyed and leads them to safety.

Peter and Claire are running off together into the sunset - oh wait, we're talking about the characters not the actors. HRG intercepts them and Claire is able to stop her dad long enough for Peter to run off. I haven't figured out whose side HRG is on, but I hope, as usual, he's ultimately on the right side.

The Hunter or Danko, as he is also known (Zeljko Ivanek) looks like he is about to go rogue on Nathan.

Peter finds Tracy in the woods. She doesn't want to run but has no choice. The two bond and take off (do I smell a future coupling between these two?)

In his trance, Matt leads Suresh and Hiro to a trailer out in the woods. He breaks in and gets some paper and crayons and starts to frantically draw. Suresh and Hiro find some civilian clothes to change into.

Ando is trying to get to Arkansas, but can't seem to find a direct flight from Japan. Daphne finds Ando. Ando tells her that Hiro has a GPS tracker and he's somewhere in Arkansas. Daphne grabs him and speeds off.

Meanwhile, Suresh is trying to convince Hiro to turn himself into the authorities and tell them he doesn't have his powers, but Hiro is staying to his course. Matt comes out of his trance and one of the drawings is of Daphne getting shot at the crash site. Matt can't leave her alone and takes off for the crash site.

Mary Campbell and her son return home, the mom scolding the son about hitting some kid at school. They enter the house and find Sylar there with Agent Simmons tied up in a chair. He's pretty beat up but he's still not talking. Sylar figures to torture Mary and her son for info.

Daphne and Ando make it to the crash site. They see the cheerleader, but they don't see Hiro or Matt but figure both are alive because Ando is supposed to kill Hiro in the future.

Peter and Tracy knock out some guards. Peter is going back disguised as a guard to find Nathan. Peter confesses to Tracy that he can only hold on to one power at a time. As soon as he gets a new power, the other disappears.

Daddy is leading Claire to the commando tent where My Two Dads are there to convince her to go back to Costa Verde. Claire in all her teenage angst and overacting is giving both dads some 'tude. Two dads discuss the situation about The Hunter and while their back is turned to Claire, Daphne speeds in and takes Claire.

Daphne and Matt reunite, as do Hiro and Ando. Daphne can't speed them all out to safety but before she can think up a plan, she takes a hit from The Hunter. Shots are fired, Daphne goes down, so does Claire. Matt, in his anger, enters the shooters' minds and turns them against themselves. The shooters turn on each other and kill. The Hunter remains intact and cuffs Claire. Everyone else except Daphne is able to escape.

Claire and The Hunter get into an argument back at the commando tent. He threatens to shoot her in the back of the head, but Nathan stops him. Noah urges Claire to go home and lead a normal life so that everyone else can stay safe. Claire worries about Peter and the others but Noah tells her he'll do his best to keep them safe. She goes home.

Hunter is looking to go rogue on Nathan, but Nathan puts him in his place... for now. Nathan gets a call from Tracy who offers up Peter as her hostage. She just wants her old life back and is willing to sacrifice Peter to get it.

Sylar is starting to torture the Campbells, but finds out that Luke Campbell has powers, too. Luke shows Sylar his powers - a power of heat/microwave. Stuff melts, boils, burns. Sylar reads his mind and knows he's lying. Great line from Sylar, "I don't need an ability to know you're lying," when mom says she doesn't hate her son... Meanwhile, Simmons is able to remove the Phillips screwdrivers impaled in his hands and grabs a gun to shoot Sylar. Luke pushes Sylar away and uses his power and ultimately kills him. His mom looks at him in disgust while Sylar looks at him with admiration.

Luke wants to go with Sylar, but Sylar is not about to until Luke tells him he can find Sylar's dad for him. With the use of his powers and realizing he is not lying, Sylar and Luke take off in Luke's mom's car.

Tracy and Peter meet up with Nathan at the rendezvous point, but Nathan isn't alone. He's totally playing Tracy but she so wants her old life back she's willing to believe him. HRG has a kill shot on Peter while the Hunter has the shot on Tracy. HRG won't take the shot and with Peter holding Nathan, he has Nathan's power of flight and takes off into the sky. Tracy is taken prisoner. Nathan knows HRG had Peter in his sights and didn't take the shot to save him. Nathan thanks him.

Peter, Matt, Suresh, Hiro, and Ando meet up via their cellphones, but know they have to ditch it so the commandos can't find them. Matt is all about revenge now since he doesn't know Daphne is alive or not. It's all about the fight now. They have to leave everything behind - their families, homes, bank accounts, etc.

Claire is pretending to be the good little girl. She tells her mom she wants to get a part time job and stay close to home for awhile. Her mom is excited at the news. Claire gets a text message to tell her to keep up the good fight and is signed "Rebel." She texts back to find out who it is but the texter remains anonymous.

Nathan speaks to his Mom who wants her to turn Peter in if he comes to her. Mom isn't going to help Nathan right now since she feels slighted he went to the President for help and not her. As she speaks to Nathan she is looking at some news clippings of The Hunter.

We find Tracy tied up in a truck. She begs Nathan to get her out of this, but he can't help her now. They stick the shunt up her nose to subdue her as Nathan walks away.

I'm not sure where this is going, but it does look interesting and exciting. I have high hopes for this "volume" of Heroes, so I hope they don't disappoint.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on February 16, 2009 7:25 PM
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