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Heroes: 3.14 - A Clear and Present Danger

Clear-Present.jpgHappy New Year - Chinese or otherwise!

Let's jump back into it! Looks like it's several months after the last episode where Nathan ratted out the Heroes to the President. Doesn't look like he and Tracy are together as Tracy has hooked up with another politician - a governor, to be exact. She watches an interview of Nathan, who is now the chairman of Homeland Security.

In the interview, Nathan speaks of protecting the people from a serious threat. As Tracy watches, several commandos have entered her home and is captured. The lead commando? It's Zeljko Ivanek! He tasers her, knocking her out and makes a call to let Nathan know they got the first one.

Hiro takes Ando to the new secret superhero lair I assume he purchased. It's an old converted firehouse and possibly the leftovers from the now-cancelled re-do of Knight Rider. In fact, I think I see K.I.T.T. over there in the corner... Hiro shows him the new lame spandex costume he got for him, but Ando isn't too keen on his newfound abilities since he's a supercharger for other people's abilities and without someone else's abilities about all he can do is recharge his cell phone. But his views change when Hiro unveils the Andocycle! With thoughts of Akira, Ando takes off on the cycle.

We find Peter working as a paramedic, trying to live a normal life. He is trying to save an accident victim, but is unable to do so by being his normal everyday self.

Claire is thinking about colleges. Grandma P is gonna foot the bill, she just has to pick one. Claire is still as annoying as ever, but Claire still wants to save the world and doesn't believe Sylar is truly gone. Later, she overhears G-ma P talking to Nathan. She overhears that the commandos are going after Matt and Peter next. Angela sees her as she leaves to go warn them.

Turns out Claire is right, Sylar is not dead. In fact, he's in Baltimore, about to join Michael Phelps new swim club! On the way to his first swim lesson, he stops by a watch shop and asks the owner who confronts him with a gun (is that how he treats all his customers? I bet he doesn't have much business!) Sylar questions him and turns out the guy is Sylar's bio dad or so we think. The watchmaker goes on to explain that he bought Sylar from a man who needed money and had a spare kid to sell. His wife was barren and the watchmaker confesses that it was his brother that is Sylar's bio dad.

Daphne and Matt are living together in that travesty of an apartment. Daphne still uses her power of speed to be the best city messenger ever! Meanwhile, Matt is trying to live a normal life without using her powers. As he tries to convince Daphne not to use her powers, he has a vision of Usutu.

Peter gets a call from Claire warning him of the threat of capture. Peter gets in a cab to go to Matt's and guess who is the driver - Mohinder! Even though he's trying to live a normal life he decided to do so in New York City than in Slumdog Millionaireville.

They reach Peter's destination and as Peter leaves, the commando gets in the cab. He forces Mohinder to a lot with the other commandos who try to take Mo into custody. But Mo goes all Hulk on them and rips off the taxi door, knocking Zeljko out and uses it as a shield. He takes off to be cut off by a car - but it's Noah to the rescue! They almost make it to the exit when they are trapped by the commandos. He turns on Mo and apologizes before he tasers him and turns him over to the commandos.

Peter stops by to see mom, but is greeted by Nathan. Nathan seems to want to bring Peter into the fold, but Peter won't hear of it. He wants no part of Nathan's "plans." Nathan wants to know what abilities Peter has but Peter answers a question with a question. "What's the last thing you saw me do?"

Looks like Matt has illegally imported that turtle from Africa to a fish tank in his apartment. He is visited again by Usutu who tells him that he must take on the role of a prophet - that he has to paint the future. Matt can't draw, but as he sits down with pen and paper he instantly goes Annie-eyed and starts to draw.

Hiro gets a hold of Ando, but finds that he is not out fighting crime, but is contributing to the local economy by frequenting a strip club. Ando is basically blowing Hiro off, but when he hears Hiro get attacked and captured, he jumps on his Andocycle and takes off to save his friend!
Matt awakens from his trance. The pic he has drawn is one of himself and Claire. Claire shows up at his place. As they look at the pic, it is of the current moment, and Matt is shot with a dart through the window. The commandos take Claire and Matt.

Peter arrives back at his place to find Nathan waiting for him. I guess Nathan flew why Peter took the subway. He gives Peter another chance to join him. When Peter refuses, Nathan tasers him.

We find Sylar at his bio dad's home, but instead of being greeted by his bio dad, he is greeted by commandos. Sylar gives the good fight, using his many powers to stun them. He interrogates one by starting to slice his head open. Sylar tortures him for info.

At the Ando-lair, Ando is able to track Hiro's whereabouts. All of our heroes are imprisoned on a plane (it's like Con Air but for heroes) bound probably for Africa as Hiro's tracking device says. Zeljko brings Claire to Nathan who is examining our heroes. Nathan puts Claire in a car to be sent home, but she escapes and gets on the plane as it is taxi-ing down the runway.

On the plane, Claire unmasks one of the prisoners and finds Hiro, with tubes up his nose to drug him unconscious. She rips out the tubes (Ow!) Claire unmasks them and rips out the tubes. She is trying to get them to wake up. Peter is too weak to do anything, but manages to touch Mohinder and take his powers. With the superstrength he is able to break his bonds and attack the guards. Claire grabs a taser and makes her way into the cockpit and threatens to the pilot but whaaaaa--? The pilot is her dad!

Peter is trying to free Tracy when a guard attacks him. He takes Tracy's powers and accidentally freezes the side of the plane. It shatters and sucks the guards and one of our heroes out (probably the red shirt hero, so no worries.) Peter is starting to get sucked out, but Mo grabs him but his hands are slick from having tandoori and he starts to lose his grip...

Posted by Connie on February 9, 2009 10:25 PM
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Some nitpicks... I know Nathan's betrayal is supposed to be a result of his "religious" experience plus the knowledge that his own power isn't exactly genetic (his was manufactured and given to him, revealed earlier this season). Even so, it's not really coming across to me as retribution from a tortured and angry soul... it seems more outta left field than anything.

Also, Parkman suddenly has new powers for little apparent reason. Again, seems kinda random.

And finally, isn't Hiro the CEO of pretty much everything over in Japan? They arn't portraying him as somebody juggling a normal life plus this crazy action-packed adventure. He's just portrayed as some fanboy who's in over his head. I have to deliberately make myself forget about his executive life (which the US Gov. apparently has also done... "hero" or not, can you imagine the US Gov seizing and imprisoning a citizen of Japan with no formal charges? You thought Gitmo was controversial!).

All of that being said:

I like it so far. Shows promise. Definately a step up from seasons 2 and "first half of 3".

"The Ando-Cycle is a chick magnet!"

There could be mighty good times ahead. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 11, 2009 2:13 PM

When I saw Hiro's new lair, it reminded me more of Ghostbusters.

-- Posted by: wendy at February 13, 2009 6:28 PM

I hate to say this, but this show really, really sucks. They have so dropped the ball!

S1 was so amazing, minus the finale which was so poorly written. S2, things kept going bad, with a quick finish due to the writers strike. I didn't mind the first part of S3, but after watching this episode, I'm just blaze about it all.

I have no problem believing in the powers, but I have problems with the erratic and inconsistent characterization in this show. Frankly, they come across as very much contrived to suit whatever plot it is that they are trying to move forward. So much is so redundant and annoying.

Can they please get rid of Claire? I think it is mostly her character that I can no longer stand. She brings zero to the table!

If you need to keep her, at the least give her some kind of offensive power that she can use, otherwise all she can do is run, or get injured and not die. Her personality is so annoying.

Such a shame - so much potential, wasted. I have to wonder how much network pressure is to blame?

-- Posted by: shikotee at February 23, 2009 4:31 PM

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