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Heroes: 3.12 - Our Father

Our-Father.jpgHiro and Claire are in the past watching Papa Nakamura hand off Claire to HRG. Problem is they can't communicate with each other because Hiro still thinks he's 10 years old and has only had one semester of English. Claire figures she needs to stop Noah from giving her back to Papa Naka and giving her the catalyst.

Hiro is watching his mom (is that Tamilyn Tomita from Karate Kid II?!!) talk to Papa Naka. Apparently Mama Nakamura has the catalyst within her and wanted to give it to Hiro, but Papa Naka thinks he won't amount to much and doesn't think he is worthy of the catalyst. We watch mom kiss a dead pigeon and bring it back to life. Apparently she is a healer and immune to bird flu.

Papa Naka thinks Adult Hiro is the new chef for the household, but unfortunately Hiro can't cook worth a damn. The only thing he knows how to make is waffles (well, he probably found a box of Eggos in the freezer.)

We're on the beach with Sylar and Elle. Not sure why Sylar sliced opened Elle's head if he already had her powers, but in any case, he left her dead body on the beach long enough to go get a can of lighter fluid to pour over her before he torched her. I guess he has HRG's phone which has phone numbers and locations of several heroes. How easy is it to manipulate this guy? He believed his "mom." Then he believed his "dad." Now he believes HRG. Hey Sylar, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.

Peter and The Haitian set out to stop Papa P now that Nathan has turned his allegiance over to Pinehearst. If that means killing him, so be it.

Tracy already has plans for Nathan and his presidency. She shows Nathan what Pinehearst has been doing. They are creating a team of supersoldiers (wasn't that a Dolph Lundgren movie?) that they'll inject with the formula once they have the catalyst.

Claire goes to see her mom in the past. Both HRG and Sandra look 16 years younger due to pancake makeup and soft lighting. Reminds me of the days of Dynasty when Jack Coleman was Steven Carrington... HRG doesn't believe her cover story, but Claire convinces him not to take baby Claire back to Papa Naka.

Sylar goes on the hunt and finds Sue Landers who is a human lie detector. He takes her powers from her in the bloody fashion. When several of her co-workers come in to wish her a happy birthday and happen upon Sylar looking over her dead bloody body, it looks like Sylar has no choice but to kill them too! No one heard her scream? Or the three other people who came in that he probably ultimately killed? Sorry, but office walls are thin and certainly not soundproof!

Parkman, Daphne, and Ando track down the messenger service that picked up Isaac's last sketches. Apparently, there is only one messenger service in all of New York City. The guy takes off with the sketches but Daphne is on the run and catches the messenger before he can get too far. How easy was that?! Too easy. Come on! Some fat guy biking in traffic? I could probably run him down with no hero ability.

I'm not sure what Hiro was trying to make but it looked like Iron Chef Gone Wild. He listens in on Papa and Mama Naka. Once Papa Naka leaves, Adult Hiro serves his mom some waffles but reveals his true identity to her. He needs her to heal him so he can remember his life and stop being ten. She gives him a healing kiss and fixes his memory. He tells her of his powers and how he saved the world twice. She decides then and there to give him the catalyst, but by doing so she gives her life. As quickly as Hiro had his mom, she is gone again.

Claire and Hiro meet up again on the rooftop. He tells her that he has the catalyst, but Papa P is there and takes the catalyst and Hiro's powers and tosses him over the rooftop. Papa P sends Claire back to the future with a message for Angela, "It's over. I won." We find that Hiro didn't fall to his death, but is hanging on for dear life onto a pole. He's stuck back in time. Now that Papa P has the catalyst, the formula is a go.

Ando, et. Al. look at the sketches for 9th Wonder. It shows Hiro lost in time without his powers. With the formula there is a chance of another time traveler. Ando thinks it could be him.

I'm wondering if there's only one use of the catalyst. Is that the only batch they have? Or does he have multiple uses in that body? They inject the catalyst into one of the soldiers and he goes into convulsions at which Mo asks, "How do you feel?" Turns out he has superstrength.

Peter and The Haitian invade Pinehearst and have Papa P at gunpoint. Just as the Haitian had to take his own brother down, Peter feels he needs to take his dad down. But Papa P is too strong for the Haitian and even his power-numbing abilities are succumbing. Peter finally finds his cahones and fires off a shot just as Papa P tries to use his power to swipe the gun away. He stops the bullet just inches away from his head but slices Peter's face in the process - hence the scar we see in Future Peter. Sylar shows up and slams the bullet the rest of the way and kills Papa P. He takes off and the Haitian goes after him. We see the light leave Papa P (where does it go? Does Peter end up getting it?)


There's a cute moment with Adult Hiro and Kid Hiro mimicking the same moves.

Apparently, one of Claire's parents will die - gotta figure it'll be mom since HRG seems integral to the storyline these days. What would Heroes be without HRG?!

I am curious to see how Hiro and Peter get their powers back - if they get them back.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on December 11, 2008 9:38 AM
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I didn't get how peter's dad got killed. because he could time traffel, which he got from peter's obsorbed powers? but then he would also be able to heal since he got adams and claires(through peter) powers.
And we saw that after the eclips the healing works again, so when he's dead and the Haitian left.. shouldn't he be alive again?

Even though they said once that a bullit in the head would kill adam, we also saw a bullit in peters head and a object in clairs head not killing them, cause when it was taken out they were alive again lol

-- Posted by: Inge at December 11, 2008 5:33 AM

Now this one had to be the best episode of the past two seasons. The matching sequential Claire/Hiro moments from the past were like fine art... we know where he got "Claire Bear" from, and how much he loved her... everything a teenage girl needs from her father.
As much as I'd have voted Elle off the island last season at this time... sad to see her demise when she was finally getting interesting... now she's feeding the sand crabs - hope they like barbeque.
From the beginning - there has been something Daphne, an "every girl" quality that comes through when she is interacting with Matt... hope they don't revert her to Villain status.
Mohinder - well, he still is a major pain in the stories backside...
(Need more comic store guys)

-- Posted by: DocH at December 11, 2008 5:36 PM

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