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Heroes: 3.10 - Eclipse, Part I

Eclipse-1.jpgFirst off, last week's ep was entitled, "It's Coming." Shouldn't this week's have been titled, "It's here."?

Pa P goes into milky-eye mode and starts drawing away (couldn't he have just picked up the latest issue of 9th Wonder?) Some of the pics he draws are Mohinder in a cocoon; Sylar and Elle kissing; Parkman, Hiro and Ando in a cornfield, and Noah holding a bleeding Claire in his arms (BTW, where did he get the red ink when all the other pics are black and white?)

Mohinder starts molting slime and eventually loses his powers when the eclipse occurs (how convenient!)

Now that everyone seems to believe Claire is the catalyst (because she declared it so?), Ma P sends her into Noah's protection. He takes her to the Vortex guy's empty house and he can train her in the ways of the Force, young Padawan. Not sure how a house with big picture windows is all that safe, but okay. She takes a whack at him but he may be old but he's still quick for her and manages to escape taking a piece of floorboard to the gut.

Tracy calls Pa P to give him an update and we see Ma P catch the tell end of the conversation (how much did she hear?) Ma P suspects Tracy, I believe. We'll see how she handles it.

Nathan is sent to find the Haitian and bring him back. Peter tags along but the two crash land into a lake (how fortunate!) when the eclipse occurs and Nathan loses his ability to fly. Luckily, the Haitian isn't that far away and finds them even after Nathan gets turned around trying to lead the two to the Haitian's village. The two have it out in the jungle in a "Mine's bigger than yours" fight. Apparently, the Haitian is there to bring his brother (who has a similar power) to justice. His brother is on the side of evil and gathering a militia to start a coup. Not sure who the coup is against, but I just like saying the word "coup."

Parkman is sent to search for Hiro along with Daphne. He hesitates when Daphne asks if he trusts her. Who comes knocking on their door but Hiro and Ando. Ando tells Parkman how Hiro believes he's 10 years old. Parkman tries to get inside his head but Hiro only knows Japanese at this point (I'm guessing) and a few phrases in English so Matt can't decipher what he's thinking.

Daphne, frustrated and not sure what to do, ends up taking off from Matt, but before she takes off he reads her mind and see that she was headed toward her home in Lawrence, Kansas.

Hiro blinks them all to the corn field just outside Daphne's home (the precision!) and Field of Dreams references ensues.

"I'm melting!"
"If you build it, he will come."
"If you blink it, there we'll be."

Matt goes to the door but Daph's daddy's there with a shotgun and won't let him in (despite the flimsy screen door that doesn't even close properly.) He could have just walked in there. Matt tries to "convince" the dad with his powers to let him in, but basically just twitches in front of him. Daphne tells him she doesn't want to see him. The eclipse has occurred and he has no powers. Neither does Hiro.

Hiro sees this as a challenge, the ultimate test of hero strength. Woo the girl without the powers. If you woo her, she will come." Oy, insert your joke here.

"Are you a man or mouse?!" Hiro asks as he chucks ears of corn at Matt.

"Ow! Dude, my man boobs are tender! Can't you see I'm lactating! Stop throwing corn at me!" Matt says. He catches the last ear in his Mr. Miyagi-like zen moment. (I was hoping for a back-bending Matrix moment where he bends over to avoid the corn.) He goes after his love. At the door, he tells Daph he loves her and she invites him in. We find out that the reason Daph didn't want to see him is that Daphne was a cripple with a brace and crutches before the last eclipse (or possibly with the help of Pa P?)

Hiro and Ando ponder what to do next as they have reached the last panel of their current issue of 9th Wonder. Hiro has an idea and they head for the local comic book store. Manned by Robot Chicken himself, Seth Green and his cohort Breckin Meyer.

Breckin walks over to Seth (I don't recall the character's names) and shows him the current cover of 9th Wonder. The cover is them looking at the cover with Hiro and Ando in the store behind the issue - like an infinity mirror and like that scene from Spaceballs I mentioned in my last blog entry! Did I nail the Spaceballs reference or what?!

Pa P sends Elle and Sylar to get Claire (does Pa P know Claire is his granddaughter?) They go to get a rental car (Pinehearst doesn't supply a company car? I guess everyone really has been hit by the recession.) Elle tells the guy behind the counter that Sylar is a serial killer and has taken her hostage. As with every good rental agency, a shotgun is supplied along with a first aid kit and free soda for their employees. The agent returns with the shotgun aimed at Sylar. "Whatcha gonna do now?" Elle asks him. We later see them getting into the pricey rental convertible. It's unclear if they killed the clerk and just beat him into submission.

Sylarelle show up at Vortex House (not sure how they knew Claire and Noah were there in the first place). Claire is beat down and tired because her body is actually feeling the effects of the training now that the eclipse has occurred. When Sylar tries to use his powers and realizes they aren't working, Noah and Sylar go mano-a-mano while Elle grabs a gun and aims at HRG. Claire (thinking she still has her power) tries to save her dad by taking the bullet and is hit but she's not healing. HRG has displaced Sylar's arm and he's writhing in pain on the floor, trying to reach the gun. HRG takes Claire-bear into his arms and races home.

When Sandra Bennett sees Claire not healing she immediately wants to call 911. HRG stops her because hospitals report gunshot wounds. They can fix her at home. "I'll get the first aid kit," Sandra replies. I hope that's the deluxe version, Sandy! I say patch her up with some whisky, a pair of pliers sterilized by the heat of fire like the cowboys did in the good ol' days! They patch her up and she's resting in bed. Noah, as the fatherly figure, assures Claire she'll be all right and starts to leave the room. He slips his glasses back on and is transformed into HRG the evil Company Man we knew in the past. He's out to get Sylar and Elle.

Sylar and Elle can't figure out why they don't have their powers, but they do have the power of attraction as Sylar grabs Elle in a sweeping kiss right in front of the picture window where HRG awaits them with a sniper rifle...


Did Sylarelle kill the guy in the rental car shop? Or just threaten him into submission. If they knocked him out and stole a car - wouldn't the security cams have recorded that?

Eclipse removes powers, shouldn't it have removed the effects of those powers as well? If so, Hiro would have ceased being 10 years old, right?

Hiro tells Parkman in Japanese, "Please don't hurt me." and Parkman answers, "I'm not gonna hurt you!" while the eclipse is still going on. Flub or he's starting to get his powers back?

The 10 year-old Hiro seems to only know Japanese, but I guess he could read some English as he got the "I'm coming" part in the panel with the eclipse in 9th Wonder.

Hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day! Next week's blog will be late since I'll be out of town.

What did you think? Did I miss anything?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 25, 2008 5:25 PM
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Nice review with some pretty funny stuff. I've been reading since last season but haven't commented.

Didn't Daphne ask her father if he still "had it" (or something like that) and that sent him off in his truck? What could she be referring to? Perhaps it was the leg braces and his leaving was for some other reason.

Sylar gave a lame explanation that Noah had tried to "get into his head" when they were partners and this worked both ways and he "got into Noah's head" and knows how he thinks so that's why he figured they would be at the Vortex House.

Now to vent a little (no, not drink beer). I think this season has gotten kind of lame. I never figured out why Peter wanted to learn how to steal powers like Sylar (cutting open their heads) as he already had this power of absorbing the abilities of others simply by being in close proximity to them (without killing them).

Also, I'm not a fan of time travel. Hiro, Peter (well maybe not him now), and Pa P can easily go back in time to say, kill their enemies when they are young (or their parents so they won't be born) and then everything can change (butterfly effect) which means we can't trust anything that happens as anything can be undone by time travel. LAME.

And if these super powers are genetic, how can they be taken or absorbed by another, or lost during an eclipse?

Okay, I know some suspension of logic is required to enjoy science fiction.

-- Posted by: ardie at November 28, 2008 8:41 PM

How many damned comic books did Isaac do? If he did comics two years into the future, why didn't he just hand off comics and say, "you're going to need these."

And if someone new is doing the comic... then why doesn't everyone just hunt down whoever is DOING THE COMIC?

-- Posted by: Devon at December 6, 2008 4:21 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 11:13 PM

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