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Heroes: 3.8 - Villains

Villains.jpgThis week's episode was mostly flashback and more background on our heroes and villains. As Hiro goes into his milky white dung/herb induced trance, we see how Ma and Pa P were once a loving couple but a rift between them broke the family apart.

Most of the ep, save for Hiro's present day trance takes place about a year ago.

Nathan's an assistant D.A. investigating Linderman, but Pa P has ties with Linderman and if the investigation delves too deep they'll be found out. Pa P is willing to sacrifice his own son to stop that discovery. We go back to the moment when Nathan and his wife are driving home and are being run off the road by a van sent by Linderman (or Pa P). This is the accident that leaves Heidi paralyzed and sent Nathan floating out of the car. At the hospital, Nathan confronts his dad (I recall this scene from Season 1 or so and of course the dad wasn't in the scene then - but was it from someone else's perspective?)

Turns out villain Flint and Meredith are siblings. Flint is the younger dumber brother of Meredith and as we know they both have the ability to light up. Makes me wonder if their last name is really Zippo. The two sibs are robbing a convenience store when Thompson (Eric Roberts) comes in to take them into the Company. Meredith sacrifices herself to save her brother but in the end he is caught also. Thompson wants to turn Meredith into an agent so he can be part of the "One of us, one of them" coalition. Family seems to be more important to Meredith because she screws up her chances when she tries to help her incarcerated brother escape. They end up like hobos on train with Thompson in pursuit. He catches Meredith because she saves her brother again, but Thompson ultimately lets her go when he finds out that Claire is her daughter.

Sylar, still Gabriel at this point, has decided to end his life because he killed a man to take his power. He ties a noose around his neck to end it but Elle is there and zaps the noose loose. She was sent in with Noah to investigate him further but Elle starts crushing on Gabriel. There seems to be some good and remorse in him but did that all disappear when he became Sylar? Is it Sylar and Elle in the future at Costa Verde and the kid theirs?

HRG wants to send a potential victim to Sylar to see what he does with his powers and how he does it. Elle's against it, but HRG threatens to throw her out on her butt. She brings a guy who can sharp shoot with his fingers and Sylar seems to be a bit jealous watching Elle gush over this guy and his powers. He gets angry and tries to take his power, but Elle uses hers to temporarily stop him. Feeling betrayed by Elle, he sends her running and proceeds to take the sharpshooter's powers.

Ma P catches Pa P and Linderman talking about the accident and their plans. Pa P uses his powers to convince Ma P that killing Nathan is the right thing to do. Makes you wonder if Pa P used his powers to convince Ma P that she loved him and to marry him (among other things - ewww!)

Linderman sneaks some private time to talk to Ma P and releases the truth from mind as she is playing housewife and cooking dinner for her man. Once she knows the truth, she cooks Pa P a special lentil soup. Best line of the show, "I lied. It wasn't your mother's recipe." D'oh!

She and The Haitian make plans to dispose of Pa P but Nathan comes home to find his dad on the floor, seemingly a victim of a heart attack. The doctor at the hospital tells them he died but we see that he's in the same state in which we were first introduced to him on the show - in a half coma with his body paralyzed but mind still alert and able to speak through the minds of others.

Hiro wakes up knowing he has to stop Pa P, but Usutu, his spirit guide has been beheaded during the time he was under a trance. By who? Well, who should show up in the African desert but Pa P himself! He puts his hands on Hiro's head and I'm guessing is draining his power from him.


Was it just me or did it look like Linderman was making the moves on Ma P?

Um, why does Ando just stand there and watch his friend get hurt? Throw a rock or Usutu's head at him!

I thought this was the best episode of the season. Why? No Maya and no mutant Mohinder!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 13, 2008 12:37 PM
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I dunno... this one just didn't do as much for me as it did for you. Two things really stood out to me.

1) Elle. Apparently, a year ago (story timeline), she was a real person. Compassionate, helpful, etc. When we were first introduced to her in the series, she was this self-centered "What Daddy's girl wants, Daddy's girl *GETS*!" bimbo. That's a pretty big change, personality-wise. OK, maybe the encounter with Gabri-Sylar made something in her head go "plink", but it just stood out to me as a fairly big oddity.

2) Hiro n' Pappa Petrelli. OK, how did Pappa P sneak up on a precog? How many "unknown" powers does he have... he can apparently teleport, he apparently has some sort of head-ripping super-strength. We know he can read minds. He knows exactly what Hiro is, and if he's already got the power to teleport, why isn't he also ripping off Hiro's head? Does he also want the power to move around in time? Does he just like how Asian ears feel?

Maybe Hiro is still Spirit-Walking at this point. I guess we'll find out shortly. :)

Having said all that, I do also have to say that ALL of the Mamma + Pappa P stuff from the flashbacks rocked. I loved seeing how their relationship deteriorated, loved Mamma P's retaliation, loved the idea that Linderman himself was really just a glorified lackey in Pappa P's empire. And I agree completely, Connie... the "I lied..." line was fantastic.

And of course, the lack of Maya and 'Mo *is* mighty.

I say the 'ep was good, but not great.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at November 14, 2008 10:27 AM

In theory Pa.P should already have Hiro's power. That is if absorbing Peter's power also gave him all the powers Peter had already accumulated.

And even if that isn't the case, then by taking Hiro's power he's only basically disabling him. With Peter's power he has already absorbed Hiro's space/time control.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at November 14, 2008 10:50 AM

Chuck - you couldn't read my sarcasm in my comments? LOL. I didn't think the ep was great, not by far. "Company Man" is still, by far, my favorite ep.

:::feeling my Asian ears::: They are quite luxuriously soft... ;oD

-- Posted by: Connie at November 14, 2008 11:23 AM


You know, in retrospect your sarcasm is incredibly obvious. Maybe I just hadn't had enough coffee yet when I read this the first time. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at November 14, 2008 1:56 PM


What. The.


Whily somewhat decent from a characterization standpoint, this one poops all over established continuity.

Just one of many examples:

Sylar killed one guy and wants to kill himself. Then Elle pushes him to commit his second murder. Then she talks to HRG about it. HRG gets off in a taxi. Which is driven by Mohinder. Who came to New York because something happened which none of the viewers will remember anymore anyways. Or somesuch.

There's been more instances in this episode, but that one was by far the worst offender.

-- Posted by: Nevermore at November 18, 2008 5:44 PM

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