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Heroes: 3.6 - Dying of the Light

Dying-Light.jpgWoo-hoo! I just have to start off by saying one of my predictions last week was actually right (not that we couldn't see it from a mile away)!

We quickly find that Hiro did indeed "fake kill" Ando in the Angry Skunk Bar (do you love that name or what?!) Hiro blinked back in time, got a collapsing trick sword or a bag of fake blood from a Japanese gag gift store (or manga role-playing store, I'll let you pick), blinked to the moment when they first enter the bar with Adam, stuffs the bag of blood into Ando's shirt and tells him to play along. Back to the present time, he agrees to kill Ando as we saw last week, stabs him with the collapsing sword to prove he is part of the Villains. Ando falls, holding his breath the entire time, waiting for Knox and Daphne to leave. They finally do and Ando lets out a big sigh of relief.

But before she leaves, Daphne gives Hiro his first assignment - to bring back the African precog we last saw with Parkman. Hiro knows him as "Mr. African Ee-sock." Knox takes Adam back to Pinehearst where he is thrown into the same room as Arthur Petrelli. Arthur speaks with his mind at this point and whatever he says frightens the bejesus out of Adam. He tries to make a run for it but is blocked. Arthur manages to grab Adams hand and effectively kills him, draining him of his life force and his power. He rips out the various tubes he was attached to and stands.

Whiny-Claire is worried about Meredith and is going to go after her at the Puppetmaster's. Following Noah's rule of "One of us, one of them," Sandra insists on joining her daughter on this little adventure.

We see that the Puppetmaster has total control over Meredith's bodily functions (there's an "ewww" in there somewhere) but allows her to speak freely when it amuses him.

Claire and Sandra arrive at the Marionette Theatre. While Claire sneaks in the back, Sandra feigns as if she wants to rent the place for her kid's birthday. She doesn't do a very good job at distracting the Puppetmaster and soon she and Claire are in his control. He forces them to play Russian roulette with a gun. Luckily, when Claire shoots it the chamber is empty. Sandra is next and the gun points to Claire. Claire tells her it's okay to shoot and she does, but against her will and kills Claire. The Puppetmaster is shocked but pleased and gleefully turns his back on Claire. This is when she regains consciousness and knocks him unconscious. Fortunately, Meredith called Noah before she went to see the Puppetmaster so he is soon there to neutralize him and take him back to Level 5.

Tracy and Nathan go to see Dr. Suresh, not knowing what he has become. When they get there he appears that he's excited to see them and that they can help him with his research. Pretending to inject markers into their blood to help tag the mutant DNA, he has instead injected something like a date rape drug or a mickey into the them, making them helpless. Who's the Puppetmaster now?

Daphne goes to Level 5 to free Sylar and bring him into the fold, but the new and improved Sylar politefully declines. Instead he goes to free Peter so they can help each other catch whoever did whatever to Ma P. Apparently, Ma P is in a coma of sorts. I'm guessing she got that way from last week's intense vision of the future where Nathan and Peter are dead but Arthur Petrelli is still alive? Peter tries to read her mind but only gets a flash of the Pinehearst symbol. Sylar shows him the card Daphne left him, they same symbol on as its logo. They fight over who gets to save mom and oddly, Peter wins. He shoves that same tube up Sylar's nose to keep his powers at bay (I hope he sanitized it!) and leaves him on the slab where he once was. Peter goes to Pinehearst to confront the head of the company and is more the surprised to see his dad. His dad offers to hug it out beyotch with his son and while he hugs him, absorbs his powers. Damn! Is that like the ultimate punishment or what? Forget no video games for a week? No powers, young man, until you clean up your room! D'oh!

Hiro and Ando blink over to Africa (how did they know exactly where in Africa to go???) but not before they make a pit stop at the local Gap store to outfit themselves. Ando looks like he got a haircut along the way. Hiro tries to sneak up on "Mr. African Ee-sock" but everytime he tries he sees a painting of him getting smacked in the head with a shovel! LOL! Even when Ando tells him to go back to the minute before he gets hit, he still gets hit! Pretty funny. It's only when Hiro doesn't use his powers is when Usutu allows him to "capture" him. He shows him a painting of the villains Hiro is to face along with a double helix Kensei symbol. The same symbol on the Pinehearst card he got from Daphne.

Daphne, still on her journey, stops off at the airport to meet up with Parkman, who is more than delighted to see his future wife. She doesn't believe him at first, but when he tells her they name their daughter Daniella, after her grandmother she begins to believe.

Her next stop is Mo's for an oil change but Manny and Jack are nowhere to be found. Something fishy is going on, she can sense it and luckily she's a speedster because she escapes from Mo's grasps before he can catch her, but not before she sees that he has his own honeycomb working over there in the alcove.

She ultimately returns to the airport to get Parkman, who was about to give up on her and take his Turtle Wax mascot and be on his way. She decides she can't recruit him to Pinehearst because he's just too NICE. He warns her about Pinehearst but apparently they have some dirt on her or is holding her grandmother hostage, etc. etc. so she has no choice but to work with him. He tells her he can protect her and she replies, "What? With your fat ass? How are you going to keep up with a Speedster?" She takes off, leaving Parkman in the dust.

Tracy turns on the charm and compassion and tries to appeal to Mo to let them go, to stop this nonsense. She offers up a hand and Mo, frustrated at what he has done (because let's be honest, he is ultimately a good person at heart.) He takes her hand and she freezes him, sending him off in agony into the corner. She freezes open her restraints and runs over to release Nathan. He grabs her and pulls her down as a metal table comes flying at them. "We're not finished here," Mo says. Let's get ready to ruuummmmmbbble! Wonder Twin powers activate! In the form of a can of Raid! In the form of a giant fly swatter!


Presumably we can definitely say Adam is dead, swept up by the nighttime janitorial staff at Pinehearst. Not sure how he would return from the dead in this instance. I imagine we may see him in flashbacks and such.

The last scene with Hiro and Usutu, he looks at a painting off to the side of the one of all the Villains. It's of one person hugging another. I'm not sure who these two were supposed to be representing. Any ideas?

So, let's see - Peter can absorb powers of any hero he is near; Sylar get obtain powers by looking for a specific piece in a hero's brain and apparently Arthur Petrelli can absorb powers by touching a hero. Like father, like sons?!

Not sure why this ep was called "Dying of the Light." Someone please explain.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 21, 2008 5:39 PM
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Definately one of the better episodes this season.

"how did they [Hiro and Ando] know exactly where in Africa to go???"

Well, you know... there's only... er... like, ... the Saranghetti and that other place to choose from, right? Africa's not all that *big*, right?

*cough* Moving on.

"The last scene with Hiro and Usutu, he looks at a painting off to the side of the one of all the Villains. It's of one person hugging another."

That was Petey and Pappa, just before The Big Power-Suck (TBPS).

Three moments I loved. I loved it when Sandra shot Clair, because we ALL knew Clair would be fine, but PupperMaster didn't know, and it was just rawkin' good fun to see him get what he deserved.

Also, I loved the moment where Tracie sucker'ed 'Mo. I was thinking, "She's gonna offer a sympathetic hand... is 'Mo dumb enough to... yes, I believe so... he's gonna do it!... WHOO-HOO!" It gave me joy to see 'Mo in pain.

And finally, Hiro and the shovel. Hiro has been annoying me this season, so I loved watching him get whacked twice. Maybe he's had some sense knocked into him so I can enjoy his scenes again. :) Hey, I can hope.

Should be interesting to see what they do with Powerless Pete and Thunder-Dad.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 23, 2008 1:17 PM

I forgot to mention! They made me eat crow. I've been annoyed for a while now that they don't kill off major characters, so it's hard to have a believable drama unfold.

Then, they killed Adam Monroe. Poor guy couldn't survive being 400+ years old w/out his powers. :) Added bonus: I didn't really like his character all that much!

Then, something else occured to me: They did in fact kill off Nicki. Easy to forget since we've got bio-twin "Tracie" prancing around, but we've seen her in the coffin and everything.

So, Heroes made a liar out of me. Good job, guys. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 23, 2008 1:23 PM

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