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Heroes: 3.5 - Angels and Monsters

Angels-Monsters.jpgThis week's ep seemed to be one of those slower eps to help move the story along.

Nathan found out Ma P used him as a lab rat when he was but a babe, having him injected with the formula that manifested synthetic powers. (I think of Castrol synthetic motor oil here.) Ah, the love of a mother.

Nathan realizes that he hasn't seen the Light or God, but has been manipulated all this time.

They tested on Tracy, et al. as we know. I'm still thinking Barbara is a sister we haven't been intro'd to yet. I'm thinking clones here, more than three hence Niki's "twin" dying when they were younger, but only three were tested on. Perhaps the other "twin" was a control subject?

Nathan convinces Tracy not to confess her power and her sins to the police. He tells her they should go to Suresh, a harmless geneticist that can probably help them. No, don't do it! Don't go in that room (cue creepy horror film music.)

Linderman appears to Daphne as well, telling her she needs to get a group together to fight the others. This is the secret boss who has been sending her on all these missions. No one can see him except for Daphne also. We later find out Linderman is not Linderman at all but Parkman's deadbeat dad! (I knew he could change his appearance but he can go invisible too? Anyone have a flowchart of all of our heroes powers? Geez. I can't keep track.)

And what is going on with my man Mo?! He grabs Manny Ramirez out of the park and insists he launch the Dodgers in a sweep of the next three games to take them to their first World Series in 20 years. Oh wait, that's my personal fantasy episode of Heroes.

Mo grabs the Manny wannabe out of the park, though I'm not sure why, and takes him back to his lab. We (and Maya) sees that Mo has taken to cocooning some people who seemed to be a bit paralyzed but alive. Run, Maya, run! Maya makes a not-so-sly escape the first time, but the next time she is caught and stupidly falls for Mo's charm when he calms her down from going all gooey-black-eyed. She, too, is put into this cocoon made of Mo secretions (gross!) I think he put some over her mouth too so we won't have to hear her talk for awhile.

Peter is feeling hungry like the wolf. The wolf being Sylar and his powers. He takes it out on Ma P (had he only known what she did to Nathan he wouldn't have stopped!) Peter starts to slice open Ma's head but Sylar saves the day! (Was this a good thing or bad?!) Sylar knocks Peter out long enough for Ma to stick a shunt in him with the calming goodness of drugs. Noah comes by to take Sylar out for another capture mission.

Mrs. Bennet realizes Claire conned her into thinking she went on a cheerleading retreat. She's pissed at Meredith for filling her head with nonsense. As Sandra looks through the Primatech files, Meredith picks up one for Eric Doyle (who we'll call The Puppetmaster.) She fears for Claire if this is the guy she goes after. Meredith goes after this guy first, making Sandra feel small because she doesn't have any powers and can't do anything to help Claire against the likes of all these villains. What makes Meredith think her little sterno ball power is a match for the walking Imperius Curse? She is captured by The Puppetmaster who manipulates her into doing whatever he wants her to do (ewww!) "High on the hill was a lonely goatherd Layee odl, layee odl layee-oo..."

Meanwhile, Claire is hot on the trail of Stephen Canfield, producer of the A-Team and Booker (no, that's Stephen J. Cannell). Canfield has the power to create black holes (I could see the end of this story line from a mile away.) Turns out Canfield is the "misunderstood" villain. He accidentally sent his neighbor into a black hole during a domestic dispute over fencing or lawn maintenance or something like that. He got taken in by Primatech and put in Level 5. Pulled from his family without an explanation, Canfield only wants to see his wife and kids.

Compassionate Claire (she hasn't turned all evil and badass yet) feels for Canfield and helps to locate his family. His wife agrees to meet with him at the Griffith Park Carousel but Something Wicked This Way Comes in the form of Noah and Sylar. They try to take Canfield in, but scared, he creates a vortex and takes off. It's Sylar (again!) who saves Claire before she goes into the vortex when Noah can't reach her. Your uncle just saved you, what are you going to do now? I'm going to Disneyland!

Hiro excavates Adam Monroe out of his coffin cell, but Adam quickly eludes his would-be captors by taking them to a seedy bar. Monroe thinks he's escaped Hiro and Ando, only to be captured by Knox and thrown in the back of a van.

Hiro and Ando are approached by Daphne and Knox to join their gang. Daphne's not sure if they are badass enough to join the gang and Knox hands Hiro a sword and tells him to prove his badassness by killing Ando. Hiro doesn't even hesitate and tells his friend he's sorry before he impales him with the samurai sword. Ando keels over. Is he dead? From the amount of blood gushing from his body one would think so. Will he be brought back to life (oh wait, that's Fringe) and then have powers manifest because of his near-death experience (a la Durnik from David Eddings' The Belgariad series)?

Noah, Sylar and Claire go to Griffith Park to find Canfield. Noah has an offer for Canfield. Send Sylar into a vortex of his choosing and Noah will let him walk away scot-free. Canfield's not a killer. He can't do it, won't do it. The gun Noah has to his head tells Noah differently. The distraught Canfield can't go on. He creates a black hole and throws himself in it. Buh-bye. See you later on the other end - in Cardiff, Wales. Torchwood will be there waiting for you...

Maury, as Linderman, send Daphne on her next mission, to bring Parkman into the gang. He probably has an ulterior motive for this as it is his estranged son. So the turtle gets the hare... How does she find all these people? She can run fast but how does she locate them?

Ma P falls asleep at her desk and has a vision of the future. In it, Nathan, Tracy and Peter are all killed. She is confronted by her husband, her presumably dead husband, Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster).

Looks like Arthur runs Pinehearst, the competing company to Primatech. He's alive, but bedridden (I think) and apparently can't speak vocally, but he can communicate with Maury Parkman with his mind. Looks like he has one of those devices in his throat where smokers smoke through their neck. Perhaps he was stabbed (presumably to death) by Ma P. I need some back story!


Does the number of pearl necklaces one wears signify rank in our Heroes world? Tracy had one on making her but a mere foot soldier. Ma P, on the other hand, had on about ten strands - what does that make her?

Does Hiro have an ulterior motive for killing Ando (other than pre-empting his own death?) I thought for a second he was going to stop time, go back in time and save Ando and return to present time but that didn't happen - yet... Or did he already go into the future and know Knox was going to suggest killing Ando and therefore they turned the tables and set Knox and Daphne up with a fake blood pack under Ando's shirt?!

So, one wonders if Claire and Peter were also injected with the synthetic hero formula as Nathan questions...

I love the line Ando says about him and Hiro being "the worst heroes ever."

What did you think?

-- K. L. Wang

Posted by Connie on October 14, 2008 1:59 PM
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Maurey (Parkman's dad)... He's not making himself invisible. He's altering what people see... he could be standing right there in plain sight and not be noticed. However, in that last scene with Daphne, he walks out into the open after she spritzes away.

I've pondered and pondered the Hiro / Ando thing, and all I really "know" is that I don't trust that Ando is dead. Why? Because they don't kill off main characters on this show anymore, that's why. Even so, I just don't get these two anymore. The writers spent two years telling us who these characters are, and this season they just aren't behaving like they "should". Parts of this episode were great, but everything having to do with Paunch and John just doesn't seem right anymore. Hiro in particular should be smarter than this.

On a similar note, what's with Clair's Bio-Mom? Season 1, she was the "I always run" type. Now, she's throwing herself into harm's way for the sake of a daughter she didn't even know survived? Remember, she milked Clair for money and then jumped to Mexico back in Season 1.

I do have to say, my opinion of the Mohinder storyline took an instant 180 when he put Maya into a cocoon. Give that man an Oscar! I really hope, if they take her out of the cocoon later, that they at least give her something interesting to do.

One other thought regarding Hiro... he inherited his dad's company, right? He's the owner/pres of that place, right? It would be a nice nod to that fact if they'd have his cell phone ring every once in a while. "What?... oh. Well, cut that department by 10%, will you? Have the report on my desk by Monday. Now leave me alone, I've gotta stab my hetero life partner to death." Just a thought.

For what it's worth, my vote on the Nikki / Tracy / Barbara thing is that each is (was) one individual, and we just haven't met Barbara yet. Whoever is correct gets bragging rights.

Other random thoughts... Angry Petey isn't doing it for me. I kinda like the "Searching for Redemption" Sylar. Connie's "Manny Ramirez" jokes made me laugh out loud (I'm not even a baseball fan!). So did the "walking Imperius Curse" line. :)

They need to ratchet up the drama a bit. Should be a real challenge, since I know (OK, strongly assume) they won't actually kill off any of the characters.

They still have my attention. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 14, 2008 6:07 PM

Chuck, you're right about Maury. I forgot that he could manipulate what is seen around him as well as his appearance. I'm convinced I have early onset Alzheimer's! I didn't remember this until you mentioned it!

LOL about Hiro getting work calls from his company. This is true. But I guess once you're in that position you have enough lackeys to do your work for you.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 14, 2008 6:26 PM

My friend pointed out something - Sylar has superhearing from one of his first victims so why didn't he use his powers to listen in on Canfield and Noah at the carousel?

-- Posted by: Connie at October 14, 2008 6:59 PM

I don't think Sylar has that ability anymore. I think in one of the earlier episodes he mentioned that not all of the powers he stole had been restored after taking that injection. O, and I love that line where Hero declares that he and Ando are "bad asses". Now that was funny!

-- Posted by: Michael at October 14, 2008 8:43 PM

Never liked Sylar... don't care much for Zach Q... but finally they are giving him some depth and innuendo (+).

Noah is still the "most shades of gray" guy on the show. Subtle and knowing (+).

Ma P is best when she plays strong... she played weak in this and faded (-).

Nathan/Tracy are fading in interest (-).

Someone needs to take a can of RAID to Mohinder and end our pain (---).

Kill the cheerleader, save the show. Clair is becoming a bit of a chore (-).

Only bad guy worth his salt was wormhole/vortex guy... they need to bring him back (+).

Peter still has great depth and mystery (+).

Maya is where she should be... stuck to the wall like a booger on a 4-year old's headboard.

Clair's 'real mom' is starting to peak my interest (++) - guess that means she is dead by the end of sweeps month in Nov.

-- Posted by: DocH at October 15, 2008 4:11 AM

Finally caught up (again!). Interesting episode. Trying to maintain the luv I have for the show, but, I’m fading fast. Thank goodness for this and the Houston Chronicle blogs to help me see missed things.

Have a question, several actually. With all the things that are happening to our Heroes and how we see them in the future, does this mean that this is truly their path? How will they ever redeem their selves or is what we see in their future, truly who they become?

If the folks over at Pinehearst are bad and it appears that Knox and Daphne are working for them now, does this mean that Claire and Parkman will be on the side of bad in the future? That in spite of his annoyance, Peter really is good in the future?

How did Parkman’s dad get out of the mental jail that Parkman placed him in?

Claire is really starting to become a pain. Once again, she’s at odds with her dad. The same person who, in the first season, proved that he would do anything to keep her safe. I’m wondering that’s how she shifts over to Pinehearst, something bad will happen between her and HRG or he gets killed.

How long must we suffer Mohinder and Maya? We know, from the future, that both Nathan and Tracey (President and first lady) survives, so the anticipation of something really bad happening to them when they go see Mohinder, just isn’t there. Also why is Mohinder’s transformation is reminding me of what happens to Dr. Smith in the remake of ‘Lost in Space,’ with William Hurt a few years back?

Sylar is moving quickly up the charts as a favorite.

Hiro and Ando? Not much to say. I don’t think Ando’s dead – remember, he ‘attacks’ Hiro in the future. I think this was something planned out. If it plays out that this was an elaborate plan hatched with Momma Petrelli, it still doesn’t make me have warm fuzzies for Hiro again. Really been disappointed with how his character has been portrayed this season.

Wishing everyone a great day …

-- Posted by: Landa at October 20, 2008 8:24 AM

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