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Heroes: V.3 Villains, Ch. 1: The Second Coming


It's baaaaack! Which means I'm baaaaaaack! This blog entry seems to be a long time coming, doesn't it? It's been over nine months since the abrupt sophomore season finale of our beloved Heroes due to last year's writer's strike. In fact, so long, I had to go back and re-read a couple of my blogs to remember who died, who lived, who came back to life, who's not who they say they are, etc. etc. If you can't remember either and just don't have the time to watch hours of re-runs, feel free to refresh your memory here. Anyway, let's get to it!

The season preem opens up four years into the future (should have been more like "20 minutes into the future..." Peter is running (from hunters?) and enters a warehouse to hide, but someone's already there waiting for him - Claire. She aims a gun at him but Peter tells her he's going back to fix the past so that their present, a present where our heroes and those like them are being experimented on and put into camps will change. Our future is an X-Men movie? She's okay with the ways things are and aims her gun at Peter and fires. Peter, who seems to have mastered a lot of his abilities, stops time ala Hiro and takes the gun away from Claire before blinking himself back in time.

Future Peter ("FP") goes back in time to the moment where Nathan is about to announce to the world that he has the ability to fly. He grabs a coat and a hat, walks over to the press conference area, pulls the gun Claire used on him and proceeds to put two into Nathan's chest. Current-day Peter ("CDP") lays chase to the assailant, not knowing he's chasing himself (Freud would have a field day with this!) Parkman follows after CDP. He enters a bathroom put only CDP is there (or is it?)

Meanwhile, Nathan is taken to the hospital. Claire calls Peter and wants to come to Odessa to give Nathan some of her blood (as she knows now that it'll heal), but Peter tells her to stay put and he'll call her when he knows more. Peter is pushed out of the ER while the docs work on Nathan, but there's no saving him. Nathan is dead. He went into the light. Peter goes in to say his goodbyes to the prone and bluish Nathan, but before he can say much, Nathan gasps for a breath. He's alive! (Cue ""Weird Science" music.)

Later, Peter goes into the broom closet at the Odessa police station to retrieve the gun that FP left behind. Matt follows him in with the gun swinging from a No. 2 pencil. Matt wants to how Peter knew where the gun was hidden. He tries to read Peter's mind but all he gets is feedback (is this from The Haitian?) CDP turns out to be FP! FP uses some newfound power to send Parkman to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (but is he in present day or the future or the past?)

Over in Japan, Hiro has inherited 51% of his dad's company (what about his sister?) Bored with corporate life, he's sitting in his dad's office playing with time. He's depressed because he's saved the world twice and now he feels as if he has no purpose, no goal. He's telling all this to Ando, who would love to be in Hiro's shoes right now - with a fleet of jets and a vault of money at his disposal. The Nakamura family attorney enters and hands Hiro a DVD that Hiro's dad made for him in case of his death. On the DVD, dad leaves Hiro a message that now that he's dead, it's his turn to be the guardian of a deep dark secret. It's up to Hiro now to safeguard the secret and never open the safe or it will be the end of all mankind. Of course, Hiro, being the petulant 30-something child he is doesn't want to be a guardian, he wants to know what's in the safe? How hard can it be to find the button to open the wall to the safe? Not very, it seems. He finds the button to open the "wall" of the safe right on the desk in the only ornate box sitting there. Looks like the safe is locked by fingerprint (no numerical combination? Code word? Just a fingerprint?) Ando doesn't think Hiro's fingerprint will work esp. if his dad didn't want him to open it, but Hiro tries anyway and the safe opens. Apparently, Papa Nakamura did want Hiro to open it. In it lays a manila envelope. On it envelope is a note that says, "Press 'Play'." They go back to the DVD and press play. Hiro is then berated by his long dead dad by DVD for not listening to him. Hah! That was an LOL moment. He warns Hiro that there are those who want the half of a formula that Hiro is now holding. He warns that if the formula should fall in the wrong hands then there is "only one hope: a chosen among you with the purity of blood, the light to safeguard against the darkness." Why be so cryptic in your death message? Couldn't he have said, "Joe Smith is the one you need..." Who has the purity of blood? Claire? If so, why not say "Save the cheerleader, save the world?" Who is "the light?"

As Hiro looks at the partial molecular breakdown of this formula, someone zips by and takes it from him. Hiro quickly stops time but even so he has to follow the trail out to the reception area before he catches up with Speedy Gonzalez. This is one of our new heroes, Daphne Millbrook (Brea Grant of "Friday Night Lights".) She tells Hiro he didn't stop time, he just slowed it down and how'd he do that anyway? She punches him before she takes off again.

Meanwhile, over in the fictional town of Costa Verde, Claire has decided to hell with Peter and packs a bag. She's headed for Odessa. Before she even leaves her bedroom, there's Sylar. He's come for her ability. Claire knocks him out with one of her many cheerleading trophies and takes off, but Sylar uses one of his many abilities to shut all the doors in the house. With no way out and the electricity and phone out (doesn't every teenage girl have a cell phone attached to their hip?), Claire grabs a Ginsu knife and makes it a room and shuts the doors - the French doors. She ties a chain or something around it so Sylar can't get in (he can't blow out the windows or throw a chair through the glass?) He tries the door but can't open it.

He gives up for a moment and searches through a box of Noah's files. Files on Level 5. As he's flipping through them, Claire sneaks out of her flimsily barricaded room and slams a ginsu in Sylar's chest before taking off for the front door? Don't forget to grab Mr. Muggles! Sylar, suffering from some major heartburn, is still able to slam Claire into the wall and starts to slice her head open. He lays her on the table and starts to look through her brain for her ability. She wonders if he's going to eat her brain ala Hannibal. He thinks that's disgusting. Looks like he is able to pinpoint where the ability manifests in the brain and extract it through touch? I'm still not sure how he's able to pull powers from other people. Now that he has Claire's powers, he rips out the knife and watches his wound heal instantaneously.

Claire wonders if Sylar's going to kill her, but he tells he can't kill her even if he wanted to - she can never die. Which means now he can't die. Which means Noah can't die? Is she also related to Adam somehow?

Mo returns from sending Molly off to somewhere safe. Maya wants Mo to start experimenting on her now so he can find a cure to stop her ability. Mo doesn't think he can help her at all and is ready to pack his bags and return to India, land of samosas. This angers Maya who gets all black-eyed again but is able to calm herself down quite quickly. This sets off a light bulb in Mo's head once he sees that Maya's ability manifest itself from a stress response - fight or flight. Turns out his dad had it all wrong. His dad was looking in the blood for some sort of cellular metamorphosis when he should have been looking in the adrenal glands. It's the adrenaline that triggers the abilities in our heroes.

Do we know where Molly was sent to? Was this alluded to in previous eps? I couldn't find any mention of it and frankly, I don't remember!

Mo seems to have isolated the whosiwhatsit and mixed it with the thingamabob and hopes it will attached to the blah blah blah. Whatever he wanted Maya's adrenaline extract to do, it did. He can make heroes now! He's so excited that he grabs Maya's naked arms and... (cue producers hoping there's chemistry between these two... Wait for it... Nope. No chemistry.) He goes to the loft lab to experiment some more. Maya wants him to destroy it.

Nathan seems to have found God, believing that it was God who gave him a second chance at life. Him, or Linderman, anyway. Now that he's a holy roller, Nathan intends to start his own cult (wait, that's plan B.) Is Nathan the "light" that Papa Nakamura was talking about? FP leaves Nathan's room to be confronted by his mom who knows that FP is not CDP. She tells him that he's ruined everything by coming back in time to shoot Nathan. He's created a whole new future. She wants to know where CDP is. FP tells her not to worry, that "he's someplace safe."

We find Niki Sanders hasn't died, she's just reinvented herself as Tracy Strauss, a political advisor to the New York governor, Robert Malden (Bruce Boxleitner of Scarecrow and Mrs. King fame).

Back over on Level 5 of the Primatech paper factory, one of the baddies is yelling and banging on the window claiming that he's Peter Petrelli! Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?

Over at the wild animal park, Parkman tries to make his way to the gift shop by the exit and stumbles upon an African painting of...? I couldn't quite make out what it was but it looked like the earth cracking in half?

Hiro goes into the future to see what's going on so he can stop it from happening in the present day. He stumbles upon his future self and future Ando in a fight. Ando kills Hiro! Disturbed, Hiro blinks back to the present.

Mo goes to the docks to chuck the syringe with the hero serum into the ocean (like the sea needs another syringe) then pauses. Should I pollute the ocean and create mutant fish or should I pollute my body and see what happens? Let's go with plan B! Mo injects himself and starts convulsing and passes out on the dock. He is prodded by some thugs who want to mug him but Mo grabs the thief's gun with one hand and crushes it and then chucks the thief with further down the dock. Mo has mo-mo-mo superpowers! Looks like he has superstrength and can make a mean curry vindaloo. As he looks at his hands in awe, we see the same painting Parkman was looking at in the Serengeti but now it's on the wall of a warehouse or shipping container.


Looks like the actions of FP start a whole chain reaction and send things reeling in a different direction.

Nathan is alive because of Adam's blood, not Linderman? He's hallucinating... or is he?

Note to Hayden and Milo: Don't forget you're playing uncle and niece on the show, not newfound lovers. The looks you're giving each other are a little incestuous.

That Nakamura safe sure didn't seem all that secure!

What did you think?

Check back later for my review of Chapter 2: The Butterfly Effect!

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on September 23, 2008 3:00 PM
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It's starting to get too hectic now. The story is so convoluted and confusing. The first season was simple and easy to grasp. Now there are too many people with superpowers. Feels like watching Spiderman 3. And since all of the dead people seem to re-appear, it will suffer from the Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome. We just won't care if they die cause chances are, they'll be back.

-- Posted by: Big E at September 25, 2008 6:21 PM

I think they are making up for lost time! It did seem hectic, but maybe they wanted to come in with a bang and future eps will be one or two hero-centric instead of everybody getting in their five minute storyline here and there.

-- Posted by: Connie at September 25, 2008 7:03 PM

Great recap Connie!

My thoughts:

While I love the fact it started 4 years in the future, I just don't like that Peter (and Sylar) can do just about anything the situation requires. It's lazy storytelling. Don't like something? BOOM let's change it! Besides if Peter had mastered his abilities 4 years into the future why was he running? And when did he decide to kill his brother and not just talk to him??

It also looked like the writers didn't know what do with Hiro so they made up some lame formula and put it in a way too easy safe with an all too convenient DVD with a cryptic message that will be strung out the entire season.

The Claire stuff was awesome and more than a little creepy. Sylar syphoned off her powers and now she can't feel any pain? That paves the way for future Claire but doesn't make sense since FP asked her not to come to Odessa which kept her at home giving Sylar the chance to get her powers and it changed the future. Sylar told her that she was "special" which she repeats in the future. But how can that be if the future was changed? That's enough to make my mind explode. Side note: Future Claire looked pretty hot.

It was definitely not mentioned where Molly was being sent. She's gone because the kid grew up too fast due to the long hiatus, ala Walt from Lost. She probably grew a foot in that time.

Maya is still a shrieking, irritating person. Why, oh why couldn't she just die last season? And what's with those dumb wide-eyed looks ALL the time? You're right about the chemistry. Zero, zip, nada.

Another example of lazy storytelling: We spent two seasons and all that time watching and listening to MoMo whine about finding a cure and he figures it out in two seconds after Maya gets pissed off? What a jip. I feel kinda violated that the answer is so obvious and stupid. They need Dr. House to come over and tell him he's an idiot.

It was pretty cool when Hiro went into the future and saw future Ando kill him with the lightning hand. But what about that cool ID4 homage of destruction? I almost thought that Vivica A. Fox was gonna yell for him to hide in the janitor's closet with her! I liked when Ando said it wasn't him but someone pretending to be him. I'll bet the farm that he's right and we'll see it down the road. But first we'll be subjected to lots of arguments and trusts issues with Hiro. I do like Speedy Gonzalez though, she's a less hot Kristen Bell but I'll bet they'll fall in love.

Couldn't care less about the Parkman storyline as he hasn't been interesting since season 1. Nikki/Tracy looks interesting but what happened to Monica? Micah probably grew up just like Molly so we probably won't be seeing him for a long while.

I noticed the Milo/Hayden looks as well her saying she always loved him and it was kinda freaky.

Overall, I thought it was a great start to what I believe is going to be an awesome season. I can't understand how more people watched the lame Dancing with the Stars then this amazing piece of television. There was so much going on and the production value is so high I can hardly fathom this is on network TV.

-- Posted by: Janaki at September 26, 2008 2:52 AM

Am I the only one who remembers that at the end of Season 2 they showed who shot Nathan & it was Noah. I remember Noah going back to work for the guy who could make gold. His first assignment was to shut Nathan up. He left Claire...and somehow ended up in level five? Even though these are the same people that just rehired him? This episode picked up right where the last one left off, but somehow Claire knows that Noah has been locked up, and they both act like it's been a long time. It could only have been a day or two. Also didn't Nicki die in a burning basement? Weren't all of the adds for the end of Heroes Volume 2 that a major character would die. Was that just a lie? Overall I did think it was a pretty good episode. I'm pretty much willing to overlook anything if it's entertaining, I just feel like I'm being cheated. If I'm just not remembering this right, would someone please correct me?

-- Posted by: Jack Blair at September 26, 2008 9:43 AM

I think the teasers for the season finale last year said, "Two will fall." not two will die. Semantics, I know, but I'm sure that was their intention.

Monica and Micah aren't in this season at all. I guess their stories just weren't compelling enough and of course Micah is probably 6' tall now :D

Can we say Niki died in the fire but Tracy emerged?

I was also trying to wrap my head around evil Claire and present day occurrences. Perhaps Sylar got to her later in the alternate timeline, thereby still creating evil Claire?

-- Posted by: Connie at September 26, 2008 11:55 AM

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