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Heroes: 3.3 - One of Us, One of Them

One-Us-Them.jpgEvil Ma P is at it again! To make up for lost time with the son she gave up for adoption, Ma P offers up a feast of Bridget - a hero that can know the entire history of a person with one touch. Ma P rips out the tube in Sylar's nose (which I'm guessing fed him some sort of sedative) and allows Sylar to take Bridget's powers - like putting a bucket of chicken in front of Colonel Sanders.

Meanwhile we find out Tracy Strauss is NOT Niki Sanders. They are indeed two different people. Tracy goes to the last known address and phone number for Niki - in New Orleans. She goes to the viewing for Niki, who we see is clearly dead. If she died in a fire, wouldn't her body be burned? The mortician sure did a good make-up job then. We see an older Micah (how long has it been between this ep and the ep where Niki dies in a fire?) who helps Tracy cross-reference herself and Niki. Turns out they were born at the same hospital, same doctor. I thought Tracy might be Niki's twin that died but it looks like she's her sister from the same mister... :D Tracy goes to visit the doctor (who oddly looks like the mechanic from Hunt from Red October) She asks him if he knows her. "Know you? I created you."

Noah returns to Primatech to help re-capture the Level 5 escapees. Unfortunately, The Haitian is off on another mission for Ma P so she partners him with... Sylar!

Hiro follows Daphne to a old silent movie theatre where neither of their powers work. Why? Enter The Haitian! He's there to pick up the other half of the formula and Daphne's there to steal it. Who's she working for? Linderman's group? Some other nefarious party we don't know about yet? Ma P? Ando's starting to get peeved about being a sidekick, a trait that Daphne feeds into. So when Hiro hatches a plan to snatch Halliburton from The Haitian (say that fast three times!), Ando revises it by knocking out The Haitian from behind instead. Of course, with The Haitian out, both Hiro and Daphne have their powers back. Daphne speeds in, grabs the case from Hiro, leaving him with a 10-gallon bag of popcorn (free refills!) so he can enjoy the rest of the movie. Hiro tries to stop time to catch her, but by this point The Haitian has regain consciousness and takes our good buddies into Primatech custody.

Claire, being her whiny 17-old self, decides she doesn't want to go to school since she's indestructible. Yeah, but can you still answer that damn word problem in algebra correctly? No? Get your butt back into school! Adoptive mom, Sandra, and bio-mom, Meredith are at odds with each other. Meredith is way cooler, of course, as she can start a bonfire at home football games without the aid of lighter fluid or flint! She initiates a hooky day with Claire because Claire wants to learn how to fight and defend herself so she can save the world since she was already saved. Instead of teaching her to fight, Meredith is really trying to teach her it's okay to be just a kid. She tries to teach her this by suffocating her (not sure how the moral of this story goes.) Claire, pretending to have learned her lesson, acts as if she's going on a cheerleading sleepover, but instead she has taken a box of Primatech files and is off on a mission of her own.

Parkman wonders how Usutu, his African spirit guide knows his name and he replies, "I met you at the Cheers bar once in Boston... (cue Cheers theme song)." Actually, he shows him a painting of a much thinner Parkman befriending a child (Molly, maybe?) Oddly, they look very similar to Mr. Ee-sock's paintings from Season One! Usutu shows him a painting of Parkman in the future (looking happily down at a woman and a baby) but he says that the painting is no longer valid as the future has changed and that objects in the picture are much thinner than they appear. It seems all Usutu paints are images of Parkman. Isaac's paintings seemed to be more omnipotent. He then pops in his cassette of Rick Springfield's Working Class Dog album into his Sony Walkman, goes all milky-eyed and starts painting. The end result is a painting of Parkman carrying a woman, possibly Daphne. He hands over his Walkman to Parkman who goes all milky-eyed himself as he bops 'til he drops.

Peter, in the body of Jesse, finds himself in the midst of a bank robbery with the other escapees from Level 5. The German (who must be SNL's Fred Armisen's brother from another mother) and Flint grab bags of cash from the bank while Knox keeps a lookout. Peter, smart enough to know he probably can't be implicated if he's not holding the goods, walks out empty-handed. The cops pull up and surround the place because Knox called them. Why did he call? This seems to be unclear. Sensing fear in The German, Knox feeds on it by basically punching a hole through him and killing him.

Noah and Sylar arrive at the scene of the bank robbery. Sylar, looking all sorts of uncomfortable in his Men In Black suit is told by Noah Sylar to stay put because he's not allowing him to go into the all-you-can-eat buffet over there in there bank. Noah offers himself up for the release of the hostages.

Jesse/Peter is trying to talk some sense into the Level 5's, but isn't getting very far. In anger, he yells, but with Jesse's power of sound the yell turns into much more. The sound waves throw Flint back across the room. Power of sound? Maybe it was really the power of bad breath! An piece of Orbit gum should cure that! Realizing this power-so-evil-Noah-couldn't-tell-Claire, Peter/Jesse yells at Knox, but time stops as Future Peter enters. FP extracts CDP out of Jesse and then takes him to the future to show him why he shot Nathan.

Noah, thinking Peter is still in Jesse, thanks him, but the evil Jesse grabs Noah. He's about to whisper sweet nothings in Noah's ear when Sylar enters to save the day. Turns out Noah used a little reverse psych on Sylar to make sure he would disobey his orders and head for the buffet. Noah takes Flint out to the paddy wagon leaving Sylar to watch over the other two Level 5's, but Sylar is starving and it is a smorgasbord of powers sitting in front of him. So he locks the glass doors and proceeds to take Jesse's powers.

Eventually, Sylar gets sent back to Level 5 with the others when they return to Primatech. We also see Ando and Hiro in one of the cells. Doesn't Ando deserve his own room?

When the Haitian asks Noah if he's been replaced, he tells him only temporarily - until he gets the other Level 5's back in custody and kills Sylar.


Who's the good cop/bad cop in the Noah/Sylar scenario?

I did enjoy the scenes with Hiro and Daphne. The old silent movie music accompanying the scenes really made it amusing.

The evil Jesse has the power of... a bullhorn? I can't quite figure out how this power is so evil aside from the person himself being pure evil. Reminds me of the Heroes webisodes on Echo DeMille. Webisodes I'm trying to forget.

Do you think there's a point where Sylar will fill up on powers? I would think there's some finite amount his body can hold, don't you think?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on September 30, 2008 2:04 PM
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So... Petey said he tagged along with Scarecrow and the gang so that he could make sure nobody got hurt. But last episode, right before they all piled into that SUV, Torchy was happily deep frying Joe Civilian, and Petey was on the phone. I suppose he really wanted to save Capt. Crisper, but he'd already plugged the quarter (where'd he get pocket change?) and hated to waste it.

Speaking of the Fab 4, what's with Jessie? Papa Quickdraw told Clair last episode, "... and Jessie... you don't even want to know what his power is." He made it sound all spooky and dire. But no, apparently we don't want to know due to a simple lack of interest. He's Bruce Campbell from "Sky High".

The real villain so far is Mama Petrelli. First she gives Kristan "Sparky" Bell the boot (Boo! Hiss!). This time around she cranks it up a notch by feeding an underling to her new favorite son. Join us next week as she juggles kittens over an open fire pit.

I know that in an office environment, resources get consumed. Makes me wonder what this will look like on Mama P's quarterly budget report. Do they count her salary as a net gain and file it under "Attrition"? My company doesn't have an expense category for "Laser-Finger Target". The closest we have is "Petty Cash".

Don't get me wrong. I love the show. Seriously. I wouldn't take the time to make comedy out of it if I didn't. They are nowhere near the level of "Awesome" from season 1, but they are also nowhere near the level of "Mind-Melting Pathetic Pointlessness" of season 2. I hope for better, but so far season 3 is "Meets Expectations". And that's OK.

Viva La Heroes!

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at September 30, 2008 9:09 PM

I'm back and finally caught up with watching the show. Hey Connie!!

I agree with Combat Chuck's comments, Mamma Petrelli is a force NOT to be played with. Was I the only one getting creepy vibes when she was talking to Sylar?

Speaking of Sylar, why I am LOVING him this year?! I loved the interaction 'tween him and Noah. As to who was being the 'bad' person, I'm gonna go with Noah this time and he's one of my fav! You can't blame Sylar, they knew what he was to begin with.

Glad there were no Mohinder this week.

What happened to the person who feeds off fear, did he get away?

I'm also getting vibes that Claire is going down a dark path, to which she may not return from. How much of an impact of what her real mother did to her, have on this adventure she’s going on?

Will Matt's adventure be this year's Hiro's story? Speaking of Hiro, I’m not feeling the Hiro/Ando/Speedster story AT ALL. I always loved Hiro; but, during last season, my affection for him started to dwindle and Ando became the more apparent real hero.

Good recap Connie, I so look forward to reading other responses and to future recaps. Thanks!

-- Posted by: Landa at October 1, 2008 11:32 AM

re: Ando...

One of my coworkers said something interesting about Ando. "If he had superpowers, he'd totally be a villain. Instantly."

Think about it... his first teleportation suggestion was for Hiro to invade the ladies room. He encouraged Hiro to cheat in Vegas for profit. Attracted to power, he hangs around Hiro like a groupie. Can't believe Hiro isn't satisfied with inheriting a fortune from his dad. Acts on his own, contrary to Hiros plans... he did this with the Haitian this week, but also remember back to Season 1, he did it again with Hope's (Vegas lady) bag in the casino.

Maybe, before season's end, we'll see Ando get pumped up with super-powers, and then we'll see the birth of a new villain? It could happen.

Of course, I've been wrong before. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 1, 2008 11:47 AM

I think Sylar took Knox's powers too. The only person we saw returned to Level 5 was Flint.

I can totally see Claire going down the dark path, dying her hair to change her look, etc. etc.

I'm rather interested to see more of Niki/Tracy's story.

Parkman had always seemed to be a bit of comic relief, even when he wasn't trying. Parkman/Nathan/Hiro laughfest is what I want to see.

They should do an ep where (in a funny way) they misuse/bumble their powers.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 1, 2008 12:04 PM

Pardon the name but I am also a HUGE fan of heroes.

I really enjoyed reading the summary of the episode. The key points were hit included with wonderful humor.

Sylar is definitely the bad cop. Sure they have both killed people but Sylar does it for his own personal benefit, to steal other's powers. HRG does it to protect his Claire-bear.

As far as limitations on his powers, who knows, Peter still seems to be absorbing other powers as well.

A couple of thoughts:
When the man said "I created you" to Tracy, that sounded like something a scientist or genetic engineer would say. I think cloning may be a possibility. I wonder how many "Nikis" there actually are?

Also, What if Ando already has powers? We have just not seen them yet.

-- Posted by: lost4ever at October 1, 2008 4:35 PM

Thanks for the compliments :o) Please tell your friends to read my blog! Insist on it!

Wondering if all the Tracys and Nikis have their memory wiped clean a la Dollhouse (which yours truly will be writing that blog also). If so, then two words: CROSSOVER EPISODE.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 1, 2008 4:59 PM

@ Combat Chuck
I can totally see Ando having powers by the end of the season. The obvious path is an injection from Mohinder/Mohinder's formula, but it would be nice for them to throw a kink in there.

@ Landa
I think you are right about the dark path Claire is going down. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Ma P is behind that.

@ Connie
I will tell my friends. BTW, What is the Dollhouse?

I have only watched each episode once and am not familiar with the Fab 4 and their powers. I didn't even know there names until reading this blog ( except for Jessie ). Is Knox the African-American?

-- Posted by: Anonymous at October 1, 2008 8:14 PM

Sorry, forgot to login. ANON was me.

-- Posted by: lost4ever at October 1, 2008 8:15 PM

@ lost4ever
re: Knox... yeah, he's the African-American. Looked to me like he got away at the end of the episode... I even think I remember HRG pointing at him and shouting "He's getting away!"

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 2, 2008 10:46 AM

It was a bit of blink and you missed it moment. As Noah was going through the files showing Claire the escapees, he mentioned some of the names and some were printed on the files (which I had to pause and see).

They call Jesse by name a couple of time during the last two eps.

Dollhouse is the new Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy) show. Superspies who take on the identinty of whoever they are downloaded with to complete a mission and when they return they are wiped clean of their memories. Except now the lead (played by Eliza Dushku) is started to retain some of her memories... Should be a good show, but I think it is set to air the same time as Heroes (premieres in January 2009)!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 2, 2008 3:01 PM

TY for the info.
I love the actor who portrays Knox. He was spectacular in The Wire as a druglord. I think you are right Chuck, he escaped from the bank and is still on the loose. The way he punched through the German, reminded me of DL.

The Dollhouse sounds like that new Christian Slater show, which I have not seen yet. Same time as Heroes, bummer. Isn't that around the same time as 24 also?

-- Posted by: lost4ever at October 3, 2008 2:05 PM

Dollhouse is on Fox so I'm guessing 24 is on at 8pm and Dollhouse on at 9pm? I didn't recognize the actor who was Knox as I've only seen Season 1 of The Wire (which IMO was better when it was Homicide: Life on the Streets!)

-- Posted by: Connie at October 3, 2008 6:59 PM

That's too bad Connie. I could see how someone could assume that after watching only the first season, but they were really nothing alike. It actually developed into a much bigger story, dealing with all aspects of the community. TY for the info on the Dollhouse.

-- Posted by: lost4ever at October 4, 2008 5:38 PM

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