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Heroes: 3.2 - The Butterfly Effect


We're back at the Bennet house where her mom has entered into the dark house to find her daughter with a bloody head. More afraid that Claire's been raped or who knows what else, she eases into a conversation with Claire. Claire, who helps her mom clean up the broken glass with her bare hands, absently finds herself with a big slab of glass in her hand. She pulls it out, but feels no pain. Whatever Sylar did to her, she can no longer feel pain and it was the pain that made her feel human. I'm surprised Mr. Muggles was home and Mom Bennet was out. Doesn't she take that dog everywhere?

Ma Petrelli is dreaming of the future, which seems to be her power (or one of them.) She sees Peter and Nathan dying or dead, even Claire as well as Hiro and Parkman. In her dream, it looks like Adam, Niki, Maury Parkman, and the Haitian (?) are on the evil side with Sylar. She wakes up with a start. She goes to see FP to try to get him to return back to his time. She's not making much of an effort except by threatening him and that doesn't seem to be working. She tells him that he shouldn't screw with time. That what he's done is called "the butterfly effect." Essentially, by altering the timeline by shooting Nathan he has set into a motion a series of events that will alter the future as he knows it. By telling Claire not to come to Texas after Nathan was shot left her vulnerable to an attack by Sylar.

Maya goes to see Mo, who is pulling a comic book superhero by climbing up walls Spiderman and hanging from a ceiling beam you'd think Batman would. He's juiced by his new powers and he's eating and drinking like the 1990's TV version of The Flash. Apparently, superpowers make you really horny too because Mohinder looks at Maya like she works at Subway and just gave him a footlong :::bah-dup-dup::: He kisses her with all the passion two people who have no chemistry can muster and suddenly Barry White starts singing...

We find Matt Parkman in a "location unknown" hiking through desert-like terrain (Los Angeles has desert-like terrain). Is he really at the L. A. Zoo or Shambala Preserve? Maybe he's at the Joshua Tree park? Supposedly, he is in Africa somewhere. He collapses from exhaustion and thirst.

Elle and Papa GOLDstein are watching a surveillance video of two of his agents trying to bring in Sylar. They taze him (like that's really gonna work) but he uses one of his powers to take them down. Elle takes full responsibility. It's her fault that Sylar got out and they lost those two agents.

Using his newfound wealth, Hiro hires a team of investigators to track down his new nemesis. They find out the thief is one Daphne Millbrook residing in Paris, France. Hiro reluctantly takes Ando and blinks over to Paris. Turns out Daphne is a world-class thief. On her fireplace mantel is the Mona Lisa. Hiro and Ando ransack Daphne's looking for the formula. Ando replaces a gold bar on a shelf of gold bars.

Ando questions Hiro on why he is suddenly so standoffish. Hiro confesses that he blinked to the future he saw Ando kill Hiro. Ando can't believe it and tells Hiro it must be a robot or someone who can change their appearance to look like him.

Hiro figures he has to set a trap for Daphne. He starts to look around for something of sentimental value. He finds a first place medal for the 100 yard dash she won her senior year in high school.

Tracy/Niki is advising the governor to pick Nathan to replace a dead senator. She's his lover, but also his advisor. He's not too keen on the idea, but he goes along with it anyway. On her way to see Petrelli, Tracy is accosted by a reporter (played by Greatest American Hero William Katt) who starts to serenade her, "Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself. Suddenly I'm up on top of the world. It should've been somebody else. Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free. Flying away on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me."

Actually, our reporter questions Tracy's past. He shows her a web advert for her Las Vegas showgirl website (the one Ando used to spend company hours perusing before he went tripping with Hiro. Tracy knows nothing of it and claims she doesn't have anything to do with it. Does this version of our Niki know about her past or not?

I don't think I ever got the reporter's name. Was it Ralph Hinkley?

Claire decides to try to make another video of her invincibility. This time she's going to take a train head on ala Hancock.

The karma's train's a coming but before it can hit Claire, Future Peter swoops in to save her from harm's way. Claire wants Peter (who she thinks is CDP) to help her harness and master her powers. FP can't help her, knowing that anything he does can alter the future (didn't he just alter it again by saving her from the train?)

Tracy goes to see Nathan who immediately recognizes her as Niki. She doesn't know what he's talking about. She tells him that she's there on behalf of the governor and that she's there to offer her a Senate seat. Even though Nathan has suddenly found God, he sure seems pretty happy to see Tracy/Niki.

Tracy/Niki leaves, walking right past Linderman. Linderman advises Nathan to consider taking the position Tracy is offering him.

Elle goes to see her dad, telling him she figures they don't have to hunt Sylar down, he will come to them. They have a whole floor of guys with powers he'll want. Dad doesn't respond and when she goes to face him, she finds he's dead with a telltale rip across his head - Sylar has already come to town.

Going down to Level 5, Elle releases Noah Bennet and tosses him a gun, letting him know Sylar is here. As she exits, she happens upon Sylar who chucks her against the Plexiglas. Noah fires a round of bullets into Sylar, but now that Sylar has Claire's regenerative powers, the bullets pop out. Before he can fire another round, Sylar uses a power to toss Noah to the side. He goes over to Elle and starts to slice open her head, but the pain is so unbearable that Elle goes into electric overload, sending Sylar across the hall and shorting out all Level 5, including the security locks on the cells.

When Elle comes to, Peter, who is in Jesse's (a villain in Level 5) body is asking if she's okay. A little stunned and confused, she doesn't get a chance to say anything before the others haul Jesse away to escape Primatech.

Nathan makes the call to accept the position as junior senator but on one condition - Tracy has to be on his staff (there's totally a double meaning there, isn't there?)

Tracy is again accosted by our Greatest American Hero about her days as alter ego, Niki Sanders. He's armed with video of Niki and Nathan in Vegas. Frustrated and angered, she tells him he can't run the story. Grabbing the DVD player she tosses it away and then grabs his arms. Our reporter starts to freeze over and falls to the ground, shattering like an ice sculpture. Freaked, Tracy runs away, leaving Greatest American Hero cubes all over the parking garage?

Ma P shows up at Primatech. Since Papa Goldstein is dead, she's taking over. Her first order of business? Fire Elle. The Company is all Elle has ever known. What is she to do now? Leave the show and return for sweeps week as a guest star, I think.

Daphne returns home to find Hiro and Ando there. Hiro wants to trade for the formula. Daphne tries to speed over to rip it from him but Hiro uses his Spidey-sense of time to deflect her. She agrees and gets the formula from behind the Mona Lisa - the only place Ando didn't check. Hiro sends Ando to make the trade but Daphne takes a knife to Ando's neck, threatening to kill him. She grabs the medal and takes off - again. Fortunately, Hiro has put a tracking device on the ribbon of the medal. In a game of Where is Carmen Sandiego?, Hiro and Ando take off for Germany!

After his marathon sex romp with Maya (remember, he does have boundless energy!), Mo makes his way to the bathroom. He seems to be in some pain. Something bumpy on his shoulder - he picks at it and rips off a piece of flesh ala Poltergeist spitting steak/flesh ripping scene. Ewwww!

Back to Parkman at the Wild Animal Park, he wakes up facing a turtle. Thinking he is using his powers, he hears the turtle telling him to break off a branch over there - there's liquid inside. He drinks some of the liquid and thanks the turtle. Some guy asks why he's talking to the turtle. Hah. It was some African dude talking to him the whole time. There's an egregious product placement for Sprint here when Parkman asks to use his cell phone African guy seems to know Parkman's name and knows that it's wrong that he's there. He's the one that painted the rock that Parkman saw earlier.

We find Nathan playing chess with Linderman, but when a nurse comes in to check on him there is no one there. Linderman is just a figment of Nathan's imagination - or is he? Linderman tells him no one but Nathan can see him.

We find out some more about the escapees from Level 5. There's Knox - he can absorb someone's fear and turn it into his own strength. There's a flamethrower guy named Flint (hah) and one they call "The German" because he loves his sauerkraut and spaetzle. Actually, he can control magnetic energy. The last guy is Jesse Murphy - Noah tells Claire she doesn't want to know how evil this guy is. His power seems to be sound manipulation. Jesse is the guy FP has put CDP in (but what happens to Jesse's being/soul in the interim?). Noah has to track all these guys down and bring them back to Level 5. Claire wants to come and help, but Noah refuses.

To keep Claire and the Bennet family safe while he's out tracking these guys, Noah has asked Claire's real mom, the firestarter, to stay and protect them.

FP blinks over to Level 5, presumably to release CDP from Jesse's body. But when he sees Sylar in the cell he's confused. Ma P tells him that the Butterfly Effect has already started. His interference ultimately caused the escape of the Level 5 prisoners, among them Jesse - who has CDP inside him. She tells him to find CDP and then go back to future (but can he go back now that he's altered it?)

CDP is leaving message with Nathan, warning him about FP. He isn't able to leave much of a message when the other escapees grab him to catch their ride. We see Peter, but in the reflection and what everyone else sees is Jesse. Flint and the German are just wreaking havoc on some innocent bystanders.

Back over on Level 5, Ma P is checking on Sylar. Turns out Sylar is the spawn of Angela Petrelli!


How did Tracy/Niki get to bend the ear of the governor in such a short period of time? How did she back her resume and credentials? I need details!

How about some more Hiro/Nathan interaction. Those two are a great comedic duo... Or Matt and Nathan? I'd love to see Matt's reaction to Nathan's newfound holiness.

What happened to Nathan's wife and kids? Are they still together? Or is she now pulling a "Maris Crane" on the show?

How is that shelf of gold bars staying up? Miracle putty? I'm just asking.

Won't the frozen reporter cubes melt into stinking flesh? Gross.

Couldn't Hiro have slowed time enough to grab the formula from Daphne, leave her 12th grade track medal and whisk Ando away back to Japan? Why put Ando in harm's way?

Didn't Noah think that Claire was dead or seriously injured? Though maybe he knows she can't EVER be killed. Even if he didn't, don't you think he would have checked up on her first once he got home?

Will Peter start to absorb the evil that is Jesse?

I wasn't really all that surprised that Ma P was Sylar's mom - were you?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on September 23, 2008 8:33 PM
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Another great recap Connie!

My thoughts:

After two years we finally see what Ma Petrelli's power is and it's dreaming the future? How lame is that? The dream was pretty cool though. I guess that's how you kill Claire; cut her head off and separate it from her body. I kinda thought that her severed head would open her eyes, didn't you?

I knew Maya and Mo Mo would get it on as soon as she walked in wearing that vintage J Lo hoochie mama outfit and stiletto's. What was with that?

Mo Mo was sure drinking milk like a madman. You watch, he'll find some connection with milk that make as much sense as, well. . . nothing else he does.

Sylar killed the boss daddy for his power of turning things to gold? And since when does Nikki have the power to freeze someone? It was a cool effect though. Reminiscent of that T2 scene.

I wasn't surprised at all about Angela being Sylar's mom since both he and Peter can soak up powers.

The Linderman thing didn't surprise me either as I think the writers are treading dangerously with all the X-Men/Lost parallel's.

I hope we haven't seen the last of Elle, she rocks.

I thought the Flint burning of the woman at the gas station was pretty graphic and was surprised it made it past the censors. I liked it though! It was very dark.

Can't wait till next week!!!

-- Posted by: Janaki at September 26, 2008 3:22 AM

Milk. It does a body good. :o)

I have to assume Ma P has more than the power of fortunetelling.

I think Sylar kill Papa Goldstein just to kill him and get to Elle (?)

-- Posted by: Connie at September 26, 2008 11:57 AM

Yeah, it happens sometimes ... Nothing special.

-- Posted by: Justin at February 4, 2013 6:39 AM

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