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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 11 - Powerless

powerless.jpgMo returns to that god awful and depressing apartment of his to find Sylar waiting for him there. Maya is cooking breakfast. She's excited to meet Mo. Mo is surprised that Maya knows Sylar is a killer (though she doesn't know how extensive a killer he is.) Once Mo realizes Sylar doesn't have his powers, he grabs a butter knife, prepared to slather some Jelly Truck goodness on Sylar but alas, Sylar pulls out his utensil - a gun - and aims it at Mo. Bullet trumps Parkay! Maya finally realizes she has been set up and goes all gooey eyed. They all start to feel faint and a cry comes from the other room as Molly comes stumbling out, black goo dripping from her corneas. She stops her deathly curse when she sees Molly. Too bad she can't focus her energy on one person instead of the whole room. Mo agrees to help Sylar (Lemming!), but says they have to go to his lab first.

Nathan and Matt listen to Ma P as she tells her tale. She helped Adam in the beginning but once she realized Adam wanted to rid the earth of regular people so only the heroes like him survive, she stopped helping him. She tells them that the virus is at the Primatech lab in Odessa, Texas. As Nathan leaves to ready himself for the trip (he has to get his cape from the dry cleaners), Ma P mindmelds with Matt and tells him that if he has to, Matt must stop Peter by killing him, just like Adam, with one bullet to the head. How do they know that will work? It's not like you can test it...

Peter and Adam are at the Primatech facilities in Texas. Time stops around Peter and he looks around and sees Hiro. Hiro has come to kill Adam. He rushes Peter but blinks away before Peter can send a blast at him. Hiro rushes Adam again and Peter stops him. Hiro blinks away and comes back behind Peter and puts his sword up to Peter's neck. Peter grabs the blade and shocks it, sending Hiro to the floor unconscious. Time goes back to normal and Adam, surprised, sees his old friend on the ground. He grabs his sword and follows Peter down to the storage facility below. Now, here's the thing - the handle of the blade is not metal so would Hiro have really been shocked? Wouldn't the leather of the handle absorb the blast?

Bob takes Elle off field duty much to Elle's dismay. So eager to please her daddy, she apologizes but Dad won't listen. Elle goes to see HRG and asks about her past. She pleads with him. She has no one to turn to. He relents and tells her that they wanted to see how much wattage she could put out. She'd pass out from the strain she was seven at the time. Bob interrupts they bonding moment. Bob has come to tell HRG that he needs HRG's help with Claire. He's ready to cut a deal with HRG to shut Claire up.

Claire is getting the info together to spill the beans on The Company. Mom isn't too happy about it, but Claire, being her pompous teenage self, isn't listening to Mom and is going to do whatever the hell she wants. Don't you just want to slap her? Slap the cheerleader, save the world. West comes over and Claire thinks he has come to help but he hasn't. He likes his anonymity. She gives him his file and he flies off. She turns around and HRG is in the doorway. He has come to explain that her blood saved him but he just cut a deal. He tells Claire he needs to stop her plans to expose the company. He has to go back to work for the company, but that his family would be safe from now on. He leaves, heartbroken.

Niki is frantic about Micah being gone all night. He comes home and tells his mom that they have to save Monica. They go in search of Monica. Monica is in some abandoned building where her abductor is about to set the whole place ablaze. Micah has used his mom's cell phone to triangulate the position of Monica's cell phone so they can find her. I would love to have his power to send viruses to those spammers from that President of Nigeria who wants my bank account number to deposit money in!

Down in the cellars of Primatech, Peter and Adam use their powers and prowess to knock out the guards. Peter uses his powers to open the safe where the virus is kept. I'm not sure which power he's uses but he sure is exerting a lot of energy to open it. I've lost track of all the powers he has now.

Over at Mo's lab, Mo pretends he needs Sylar's blood to test what strain of the virus he has. Mo has triggered the silent alarm on the lab and is hoping the cavalry will arrive soon.

Elle goes into Daddy's office and goes to grab her file, but nothing is in there. She punches in Daddy's password "MIDAS" sees the security cams in the lab. She sees Sylar and sees her chance at glory.

Nathan and Matt arrive in Odessa - Matt on Nathan's Lear Jet body. That was a comical moment. Matt says they will never speak of this again. Why, I wonder? Did Matt scream like a little girl all the way from New York? Matt tells Nathan that Ma P told him to kill Peter if he came down to it. Hiro comes out and see Nathan and gets all excited.

Mo is surprised Sylar has the same strain of the virus which means someone injected him with it, but who? Maya and Molly are chatting. Molly offers to find Alejandro from Maya so she can know that he is all right. Maya shows her a picture of her brother. Molly tries to locate him, but he's nowhere on earth which means he's dead. Furious, Maya realizes that Sylar killed her brother. She's ready to kill Sylar but he shoots her point blank. Sylar wants Mo to inject Maya with the antidote.

Peter opens the vault but before Adam can enter, Hiro shows up to stop him. Peter uses his powers to throw Hiro up against the wall. Adam enters the vault and Peter makes use of his power against Hiro. Hiro is struggling when Matt comes up from behind Peter and is trying to "convince" him to drop Hiro and go after Adam. Peter ain't falling for his crap and sends Matt flying down the hall. Nathan comes out of the side door and faces down his own brother. Nathan tells Peter that he has seen Adam's files and that he tried to release the virus 30 years ago. Peter tells Nathan that Adam was the one that healed him but Nathan realizes that was just a ploy to get to Peter. Save the one they love and they'll blindly follow. Peter knows his brother and knows he tells the truth. He runs for the vault.

At the same time, Hiro takes his chance and blinks into the vault. He confronts Adam, telling he is not God and that he should have killed him a long time ago. Adam has the vial of the virus in his hand behind his back. Hiro grabs his shoulder and blinks them away, just as Adam drops the vial.

Peter rushes into the vault, pauses time and is able to grab the vial before it hits the ground (I thought those vials were mainly plastic or thick enough glass that the vials would not break...?) Peter grabs the vial and uses his nuclear power to destroy the vial.

Nathan is ready to expose them all to the world. He calls a press conference which takes place in the Odessa Police Department. The security cams are going as they decide what to do.

Mo injects Maya with the antidote and the bullet pops out of her skin. Sylar grabs the rest of the injection just as Elle comes in. Sylar aims his gun at her and fires just as she fires back with a bolt of her own. She sends a nice bolt at Sylar and knocks him down through the glass. She gives chase. Mo realizes he has no antidote for Niki.

Niki and Micah arrive at the scene of the crime. Niki puts the smackdown on the arsonist (her powers really aren't gone like she told Micah!) as she goes in to save Monica. As they are about to escape, a piece of flaming wood blocks their only escape. Niki uses her strength to lift it so Monica can escape, but she's stuck in there. The building explodes behind Monica and Micah. Is she dead? If she was in the building when it exploded and she exploded with it, did she inadvertently release the virus? Did her multiple selves come out to save her?

Ando finds Hiro at his cubicle. Ando asks if Hiro killed Kensei. Hiro tells him that Adam can never hurt anyone again. We find Adam in a coffin stuck six feet below in the same cemetery as his mom and dad are interred.

Nathan is about to expose the truth at a press conference at the Odessa Police Station. Before he can tell the world he can fly, he is shot in the chest several times! With the chaos ensuing, the gunman is able to escape. Why? Because I think it was Claude. Or someone else who has the capability of going invisible. Who else could it have been? Maybe Future Peter? But I could have sworn he was blonde - the one that walked away. Given that they were in a police station, you would think the cops would have stopped anybody with a gun who's not wearing a uniform. Ma P speaks to someone on the phone and says she knows that "it" was unavoidable.

Nathan has Kensei's blood in him so do you think that means he will regenerate? The ads said "Two heroes will fall." It didn't say "Two heroes will die."

That is the end of Volume Two.

Volume Three: Villains " We see Sylar injecting himself with the antidote like a junkie getting high on meth. Within a few minutes he feels himself going back to normal. He uses his powers to pull a spinach can toward him. I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today...! I'm Sylar the Sailor Man! I live in a garbage can! I eat all the worms and spit out the germs, I'm Sylar the Sailor Man!

What was the end of a story arc became a season finale due to the current writer's strike.

You know Adam isn't totally gone. Sylar will probably find out about him and save him or Hiro has to retrieve his old buddy for his blood or something.

I also think that Elle will eventually turn on her Emperor dad and help our Han Solo-ish HRG.

Assuming Nathan flies as fast, if not faster, than a jet plane - wouldn't his and Matt's clothes have been ripped to shreds during the flight? And does he offer drink service?

I wonder if the writers read David Eddings because I find a lot of similarities. Burying Adam below the ground like Belgarath did to his Belzedar... Walking through walls like Relg did in the Belgariad series...

Watch the episode with commentary here.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on December 4, 2007 3:24 PM
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OK, so Nathan was shot, but why does he have to die? Clair and Adam have regenerative blood, and if they do, that means Peter does, so why can’t Peter just cure is brother? Never mind the fact that he may still have Adam’s blood in him, so could possibly regenerate automatically.
And speaking of Peter, I am so sick of him! Why did he just follow Adam around like a Puppy? Why couldn’t he just let Hiro kill him? He has nothing vested in Adam (OK, so Adam cured Nathan...) And what was his grand plan when they got to the vault? He was just going to let Adam do what to destroy the virus? With so many people telling Peter that Adam was evil, it is hard to understand why he didn’t believe them! We don’t have a lot of info regarding their early relationship, but I just don’t get why he trusts him so completely.
The Wonder Twins were completely useless. They served no purpose. The writers could have found another way to get Sylar back to New York. What a waste of time.
If the virus kills anyone who has it, how did Sylar last so long?
Why have we still no idea what the older generation’s powers are? Is anyone left besides Angela? There were people in the photo who were never discussed.
Did Caitlin get saved? If that future is no longer going to happen, then where is Caitlin now? Did she just pop back to Ireland? Peter’s entire (seemingly) motivation to stop the virus was her, but they never tell us what happens.
Why did Peter have to struggle so hard to telekinetically open the safe? Doesn’t he have Sylar’s “knowing how things work” power? If so, couldn’t he have just opened the safe? Or used Micah’s power of talking to machines? Or DL’s power to walk through walls? He seemed to do it the hard way.
And why oh why make poor little Micah an orphan? Does this mean we’ll see more of Uhura nest ‘season’? That would be a plus, I guess.
And who shot Nathan? My money is on Noah Bennet, now that he is a Company Man again.
Ad how did Elle get to NYC so fast? She was in her Father’s office in Texas, sees Sylar on the screen and gets to the lab seemingly moments later? I don’t get it.
And finally, how is it possible that Nathan and West both fly blatantly during the day and have never been caught?

Sorry that is so much, but the show is really losing it- all these loose ends and plot devices that make no sense…
I hope they can pick it back up after the strike!

-- Posted by: sarah c at December 5, 2007 12:02 PM

Good write up Connie

Sarah -- Ditto on your remarks. I was talking about this with friends earlier this week. It seems like the HEROES who I've come to luv and adore are now doing silly stuff with NO rhyme or reason. When you start rooting for the bad guy, something is wrong somewhere. Nathan and Noah are my two favorite characters, so I've been on a emotional rollercoaster ride this season. I'm still there for the ride, but my faith is dwindling fast ...

-- Posted by: Landa at December 5, 2007 1:14 PM

Sarah - Goldfinger Bob's office is in New York state somewhere. I forget the city name but it was mentioned in an earlier episode when Monica and Mohinder were there so Elle did not have too far to go.

Caitlin seems like she was an afterthought, only put into Peter's situation when they needed it. Will Peter go back to the future to bring her back? Why didn't he once he remembered who he was?

It could have been Noah who shot Nathan, but how come none of the cops in the police station stopped him? I got the inkling the assailant had the power of invisibility. Otherwise, they will catch him on security cams.

I don't think anyone has died.

-- Posted by: Connie at December 5, 2007 1:36 PM

After Nathan was shot, in the wide-angle scene of chaos breaking out, you can see somebody walking out while everybody else is running forward. You don't see the guy's face, but you do see that he's not invisible. It sure looked a lot like Noah Bennet's walk. I'd bet anything it was Noah.

Why wouldn't the police stop him? Because they are looking for somebody with a gun (Noah would have stuck it in his pocket immediately) and who was panicy or running, or generally looking guilty / shifty. Not our man Noah... he's cold. The expression on his face probably never changed, and he walked (not ran) out after the shooting. He did not draw attention, hence, he got away clean.

The fact that Sylar is "back" gives me hope for season three. I still love the show, but all the nitpicks mentioned in the review and in these comments... valid. Every one of them. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for the sake of a good time, but even so, it gets to be a bit of a strain after a while.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at December 7, 2007 2:05 PM

Hey Chuckster - I saw the guy leave the station. I was guessing he went invisible (if it was Claude or someone other than Noah) and standing in the crowd when he shot Nathan and then went back to his visible self as he left the station.

The guy was definitely blonde. It's funny you say he walks like Noah. A friend of mine said he walked like Peter!

Anyway, we'll have MONTHS to ponder this as we wait for the next season.


-- Posted by: Connie at December 7, 2007 2:52 PM

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