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TV Guide Gets Graphic with "Heroes"

November 7, 2007 (New York, NY) - Will Hiro get his revenge? What's Niki hiding? Will Claire lose her father? Can Sylar get his powers back? These are the burning questions nagging every fan of NBC's comic-book inspired hit Heroes. This week, TV Guide magazine poses these questions on a series of four illustrated covers, each designed exclusively for the magazine by a different leading comic book artist (in the November 12 issue of TV Guide; on newsstands November 8). Each cover features a different grouping of Heroes characters at the center of the show's most talked-about and pressing mysteries, which will unfold in episodes throughout the month of November.

Exclusive Designs by Comic-Book World's Hottest Animation Artists in TV Guide magazine's November 12 Issue (on newsstands November 8)

Following is a breakdown of the covers:

COVER 1: Will Hiro get his revenge? (Featuring: Hiro, Ando, Kensei by artist Jim Lee)
COVER 2: What's Niki hiding? (Featuring: Niki, Nathan, Matt, Mohinder by artist Phil Jimenez)
COVER 3: Will Claire lose her father? (Featuring: Claire, Elle, Peter, H.R.G by artist Michael Turner)
COVER 4: Can Sylar get his powers back? (Featuring: Sylar, Maya, Monica, Micah by artist Tim Sale)

True mavericks in the field of comic-book illustration, the artists weigh in for TV Guide about their work and the unique challenges they faced in bringing these four dynamic, but each very distinct, covers to life.

* Lee: "An actor becomes immortal when he's comic book-ified," says Lee, a true comics legend who is currently illustrating DC Comics' All Star Batman & Robin and drew the acclaimed Batman series Hush (written by Heroes co-executive producer Jeph Loeb). "TV shows come and go, but comics are treasured and vacuum-sealed and held on to by collectors forever."
* Jimenez : Known for his drawings of the X-Men and Wonder Woman, Jimenez was particularly tested in his rendering of Ali Larter (Niki). "She's a really beautiful woman without a specific defining feature to grab on to," he says. "She's torturous for an artist�but in a good way."
* Turner: For an artist who specializes in curvaceous babes (see characters in Witchblade, Fathom) it was Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) whom Turner struggled with. "For me, the hardest was drawing Peter because of his new Tom Cruise look. I wish I had his first-season hair to work with. But I also got lucky�I was assigned the cheerleader!" he says.
* Sale: Revered worldwide for his hyperdramatic Isaac Mendez paintings on Heroes, Sale was also happy with his particular assignment. "All four of the TV Guide cover artists are comics guys and we agree that we suck at achieving true likenesses, so I felt really fortunate to get Sylar," he says. "Zach Quinto's features are extreme�those huge eyebrows, the long face, the big, full lips. He's made for the comics!"

Inside the cover story, TV Guide talks to the show's creator, Tim Kring, and stars and goes behind the scenes during the filming of a key confrontation scene that could end in a prophesied tragedy. Viewers have known for weeks that the clock is ticking on H.R.G. (aka Noah Bennet; Jack Coleman)�one of Isaac's paintings shows him lying dead with a bullet hole through his famed horn-rimmed glasses�but will Claire (Hayden Panettiere) really lose her father?

"Every painting we've had on Heroes has come true," says Kring. "But don't forget, sometimes the true meaning of a painting has been misinterpreted." While he is not exactly forthcoming about the outcome, he promises that this episode, "Cautionary Tales" (airing November 19), involves a very real showdown, with gunfire and tears. "The Company has come back to haunt H.R.G. by going after Claire, and this is all about what a father is willing to do about the mess he's created," he says.

Coleman adds that his character is doubly freaked by the painting "because it shows him dead and it looks like Claire is standing near his body kissing a young man who's in shadow. It makes his daughter seem complicit in his death." Is the young man West (Nick D'Agosto), who was once traumatically "bagged and tagged" by H.R.G. as part of the company's tracking system?

D'Agosto says this episode marks "the first time West and H.R.G. have a clash. H.R.G. is furious, and his intention is to find West and keep him from being with Claire." The actor adds that he's only signed with the show for half a season and claims, "I have no idea what happens after that. It's a mystery."

Also in the issue, producers answers such questions posed by fans on as:

* Will Mohinder ever have a power?
* Will Hana (Stan Katic ) ever been seen again? What about Claude (Christopher Eccleston)?
* Why didn't Isaac warn H.R.G. about the painting that predicted his death?
* What is Niki's power anyway?

For more on this story or to purchase all four covers, go online at

Posted by Connie on November 7, 2007 3:11 PM
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