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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 9 - Cautionary Tales

trio.jpgThe Bennett/Butlers are packing up to move. Claire is being defiant and refuses to leave. Dad threatens to duct tape her to the chair but Mom puts the kibosh on the family feud and tells her to say goodbye to her friends and come home.

We’re at Kaito’s funeral and Hiro is expected to speak but he walks away from the podium. Hiro must know the truth and he blinks back to the past â€" back to the Deveaux Building to the day of his dad’s death a week ago.

Molly and Dad #1 (Matt) are having breakfast. She’s not having any nightmares anymore and Matt is looking at the photo of the Old Regime. She wants to help find them but he won’t let her. He uses his mind to tell Molly to come back and finish her cereal. Molly returns to the table and eats her breakfast. Ah, Matt thinks, a newfound power has emerged.

Mohinder and Bob are in California to get Claire and stop Noah. Bob pairs him up with a new partner, Elle. We find out she’s Bob’s daughter. She the Judge, Judy, and Executioner. “Hey, Fight Club,” she says to Mo and his bandaged nose. “Check this out.” She points her finger, like a gun, and aims it at her drink glass. :::Pop::: she breaks the glass and sets the liquor on fire.

Claire is putting rocks in a field. Gee, it looks like the same field that was once 17th century Japan â€" minus the fake cherry blossom trees. Claire wants West to forgive her, but he can’t right now. She tells him that her family is leaving town but she’s not going because she’s staying for him. He wants to think and figure things out, so he flies away. We see what she was doing with the rocks. She spelled out “Sorry.”

Matt is on hold with the FBI to find out more about the Kaito Nakamura case. Matt tells him it’s something big. That this group did something back in the 70s. “Like disco?” his boss asks. Matt uses his newfound power to persuade his boss to give him more time to investigate the Petrelli/Nakamura connection.

HRG and Mrs. HRG are looking through some of the Company’s files he has. He finds a picture of West when he was younger. He proceeds to show her the paintings that he recently found, including the one of him shot in the eye with West and Claire in the background.

HRG calls Mohinder and asks him to use Molly to track down West for him. Mohinder tells Bob about HRG’s call. Elle helps Mo with a gun holster. Mo wants to do it his way or the highway. He looks in the mirror and sees almost a mirror image of the painting he saw with HRG in Russia. Elle wants to keep Mo as a pet. She’s a weird one.

He can’t wait around for Mo to call so HRG leaves the house to go to the school to find West. As soon as he leaves the house, West sweeps in and flies off with HRG. West and HRG have a heart to heart 10,000 feet up in the air. They come back down to the ground and HRG pins West to the ground. Mo calls and tells him that West is at Verbena and Palm, but as HRG looks at the street sign â€" it says Ocean and 4th. They’re not in Costa Verde, they’re in Santa Monica. He looks at West and tells him that he needs his help. Bob comes to talk to Claire in the guise of a worker from the State Board of Education. Once he calls Claire by her real last name, Claire flips and runs for home. Bob, as an adult and smarter than Claire, drives to the Bennett home and arrives before she does...

HRG arrives at Verbena and Palm. Mo gets in the car and pulls a gun on him and tells him to drive. He wants HRG to hand over Claire but hell no! You ain’t taking my little girl, HRG says (or so I imagine).

Claire arrives home and sees the painting. Bob shows up with a gun in his hand. Mrs. HRG sees Bob and recognizes him as the regional sales manager of Primatech.

HRG asks Mo who his partner is. Elle comes around from behind the car and HRG instantly recognizes the hell on wheels (or is it heels?) “You know her?” Mo asks. “Oh yeah,” â€" Um, dummy â€" he worked for The Company for how many years? He probably brought Elle in from the get-go!

Elle’s about to blast HRG with a nice blue fireball when West comes flying in and tosses Elle across the car, knocking her out. Mo pulls the gun on HRG who sees the painting of Mo in the same pose. He hits him and takes the gun. “My nose!” Mo cries. “My beautiful nose!” He holds his hands to his nose as HRG is about to shoot him, but West stops him.

They take Elle back to the house and find out that Bob took Claire. West brings an unconscious Elle in over his shoulder, “Hi Mrs. Butler. Good to see you again,” as he walks into the living room with Elle. HRG ties Elle to a chair and puts her feet in a tub of water. HRG sprays Elle with water to wake her, she tries to use her powers to burn through her restraints and inadvertently shocks herself. “Stings like bitch, doesn’t it?” HRG says â€" Yeah!

HRG calls Bob and tells him, “Touch my daughter and I’ll kill yours.” He tells Bob to meet him at the beach in two hours. This gives Bob plenty of time to draw blood from Claire’s body.

Back on the Deveaux building, Hiro warns his dad of his impending death. He tells him of his adventures with Kensei. Kaito feels it must be his fate. “We have the power of the gods. That does not mean we play God,” Kaito tells his son. Hiro grabs his dad shoulder and blinks them back to the day of Hiro’s mom’s funeral. Kaito wants Hiro to take him back to his fate but Hiro refuses. Like a petulant little boy he starts to run away but knocks into the younger version of himself. They both look at each other and adjust their glasses the same way (too cute!) By talking to himself (so to speak) he realizes he can’t/shouldn’t change the future or the past. He takes his dad back and watches his assailant take his dad over the roof but he stops time. He can let his father meet his fate but it doesn’t mean he can’t know who the killer is. He walks over to the horizontal duo (it looks like George Takei is about to kiss his assailant) and sees Adam Monroe’s face â€" or Kensei, as Hiro knows him.

Matt comes to question Angela Petrelli. He “persuades” her to tell the truth and she tells him that Adam Monroe has regenerated so much that he stopped his aging process. Angela tells him that Adam killed Kaito. That he’s 400 years old. And he’s pissed that they locked him up and that he wants revenge. He asks about the woman in the photo â€" the only other one that is alive. He asks her again about the woman in the picture. Angela starts to bleed from her nose and tells him he’s just like his father.

HRG, West and Elle are at the beach. HRG and West are making small talk about boys and their cars. HRG tells West to fly him and Claire out immediately. Bob uncuffs Claire and lets her go. Claire goes to her dad and Elle to hers. West and Claire fly off, but Elle burns through her duct tape and sends a fireball up at the two. It shocks West off kilter and sends them flying to the ground. Claire spins them so that she takes the brunt of the impact. HRG fires a shot off at Elle before she can laser-tag him. His shot hits her in the arm. Bob runs to his daughter. HRG figures that he will always be running but if Bob dies then the Company dies with him. He pulls the gun on Bob. Mo begs for mercy but then lays off a shot at HRG. Just like in the picture. HRG falls to the ground and Claire runs to him, but West blocks her from going to him and flies her off to safety.

West takes her home. Claire tells her mom what happened and she falls to the ground in heartache over her husband’s predetermined death.

Cut to an IV of blood as it drips down. We follow it down to an arm. Pan up and we see HRG with the IV in his arm. His eye regenerates and he gulps in a big breath of air and sits up. “Holy sh*t!” he says. Just like Claire said in Volume One, Chapter Three “One Giant Leap” after she was impaled by the piece of wood from her wayward suitor. Like father like daughter.


I do love how the pictures show the future but not the whole truth. It seems like none of the pictures Isaac painted showed the end result â€" the truth.

I thought Christine Rose did a great job in the interrogation scene with Greg Grunberg. She is an extraordinary actress.

HRG has some of the best lines in this episode, IMO.

“You’ve gone native. Are you kidding me?!” This sounded so odd, yet so funny. I was waiting for the smash cut to Mohinder dressed in Indian war paint, holding a spear.

“Stings like a bitch, doesn’t it?”

“Touch my daughter and I’ll kill yours. Then I’ll kill you.”

Missed the ep? See it here with commentary from Kristen Bell and Ashley Crow.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on November 20, 2007 8:29 PM
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once again hiro's storyline was deep, that's just to well dramatized and writen and that includes the time in feudal japan. It's crazy how this show manages to reach into you...

parkman's better off that dark road

mohinder man, put ur sh*t together man

i'm guessing adam is playing peter in a way, i don't know how but it smells bad


-- Posted by: Webb at November 21, 2007 5:19 AM

I find it funny that Mohinder falls in with everyone who tries to recruit him.

First he was taken in by Sylar.

Then he was taken in by Eric Roberts' character.

Then he was taken in by HRG.

Then he was taken in by Bob.

Mohinder places his trust in people too easily.

I can't wait for a Hiro/Peter showdown.

-- Posted by: Josh at November 21, 2007 9:49 AM

Hah, Josh! I never thought about that, but you are right. Mo's a bit of a lemming, isn't he?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 21, 2007 12:41 PM

You can even make the arguement that Mohinder started his lemming ways by following in his father's footsteps.

It seems Mo's just floating in the winds.

-- Posted by: Josh at November 21, 2007 3:51 PM

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