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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 8 - Four Months Ago

4mos.jpgNathan is in Montreal with Adam who gives him a few clues about his past. A picture of Nathan and Peter reminds Peter of what happened four months ago. We’re at Kirby Plaza and Nathan has just taken Peter up in the air to save him. Peter can’t fly because it’s taking all of his power not to explode. Peter makes Nathan let him go. Peter falls away and explodes, the nuclear ripple knocking Nathan unconscious and sending him falling to the earth. Next thing you know, Peter is back, flying toward his brother and catching him. He takes him to the ER and disappears away from prying eyes and an inquisitive cop. Peter is walking down a hospital corridor when Elle comes out of a room and blasts him from behind, sending him to the ground. Bob is with her.

Niki and Micah are waiting at the hospital for word on D.L. The bullet was less than an inch from his heart but he’s going to be fine. Niki goes out to talk to the doctor and promises him they will find a way to pay for the bills but the doctor tells her all the medical expenses have been taken care of... by Goldfinger Bob. He knows about Kirby Plaza and Linderman. He also knows about Jessica and wants to help her. She says she’s finished with Jessica but Bob offers that there may be other personalities that will surface. He wants her to leave her family and join the program with Lindsay Lohan to get better.

Four months ago, in the Dominican Republic, Alejandro is getting married to a woman he’s only known for a few months, much to Maya’s dismay. It’s been the two of them for the longest time, why add a ‘ho’ to the mix? Maya is dancing with her brother and see the bride flirting and laughing with her old boyfriend. Maya later goes off by herself to take a breather. She’s upset and a tear falls from her eye. It’s black and made of goo. She wipes it away, not noticing it. She hears laughter coming from one of the rooms. She enters and sees the bride making out with her old boyfriend. Maya threatens to tell her brother, but the boyfriend tries to get her to shut up by strangling. Wrong move, amigo. Maya goes all gooey eyed and accidentally kills off the bride and her lover. She looks in the mirror and sees her face. When she exits the room she sees all the revelers from the wedding party collapsed on the ground. Everyone’s dead. Maya’s in a panic. All their family and friends are dead. She yells for Alejandro and he’s still alive. Alejandro wants to know what’s going on. Maya runs away.

We find Peter lying on a couch, Elle, toying with his hair. She sends a little shock to him. Bob tells him that he’s an old friend of his parents and they can stop his powers. Elle acts a little obsessive and creepy â€" touching Peter, toying with his hair. They have shut of his powers â€" via the Haitian. Bob tells him that 30 years ago they were working on a vaccine to stop people’s powers but the research was shut down. Because of recent circumstances, the research has been started up again.

An extra crispy Nathan lies in a hospital bed. Ma P has come and tells Nathan that Peter is still missing and that the Coast Guard is still searching for him.

Nathan rises his bed up so he can see himself in the mirror. All crunchy and well done.

Peter is in a stark room with Elle who is cutting his hair. She gives him a cocktail of pills to take to suppress his powers. She shocks him before she leaves. Someone says “Hello” from the vent. It’s Adam/Kensei.

It’s Micah’s 11th birthday and he gets a 9th Wonder cake. Micah wants them to be the Fantastic Four minus one and save the world. D.L. has another idea though. He takes Micah bowling because Niki is acting like she should be in an ad for Cymbalta. She’s been given pills by the Company to take, but she dumps them down the drain.

Fast forward two months and Peter is still in the cell next to Adam. Still taking the suppression meds. Elle comes in and wants to play but Peter isn’t in the mood, but he eventually gives in. They place their hands next to, but not touching, each other and she sends him a little shock. He asks about her as he knows nothing about her. She tells him when she was six she accidentally set her grandmother’s house on fire. At eight, she caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio. At nine, she had an IV of lithium in her arm. They called her a sociopath with paranoid delusion and she’s been in the Company’s care for 16 years. She’s 24 now and never been on a date or on a roller coaster. That’s as good as he’s gonna get. She leaves. Adam warns Peter about her. He fell for her tricks six years ago and look where it landed him. Peter believes they are in a facility created to help people like them. Adam points out that they’ve been close to a cure for 30 years and that they are in a prison. Peter doesn’t believe him. Adam tells him to try to leave. Adam is seducing Peter over to the dark side. "Take my hand, Luke... I am your father!"

Peter tells Bob that he wants to see his family but Bob doesn’t allow it. Adam tells him that they are keeping them there because they can save the world. He gives him some sob story but also tells him that he can save his brother with a little bit of his blood. Peter wants to know his plan.

Ma P goes to see Nathan and find him there with his wife. Nathan is trying to tell his wife the truth, but Ma P tells her that there’s a history of delusions of grandeur and paranoia in the Petrelli family. Nathan’s wife and everyone else thinks Nathan was in a fiery car accident. She tells Heidi it needs to be kept secret and can she count on her for that. Looks like Ma P’s powers is the power of persuasion through word. Much like Eden in Season 1 (maybe she was a Petrelli as well?)

Niki is about to start a job as a car salesman. She looks in the mirror and someone speaks to her. She thinks it’s Jessica, but it’s not. It’s another personality named Sybill â€" no, just kidding. Her name is Gina and she’s a party girl. She takes over and tells Niki she’s going off to California to party.

We see D. L. is a firefighter now as he goes into a burning building to save a little girl. He’s a real hero. When he sees Niki isn’t home yet, he goes into the bedroom and sees a note on the mirror written in lipstick “Gone to L.A. C-ya!” D.L. thinks it’s Jessica again.

Elle comes in to give Peter his meds and turns around to leave. He wants to know if he’s going to get his daily shock from her. She walks over to him and he grabs her and tells her he’s getting to like the shocks and her. He leans over to kiss her. HOT HOT HOT. She shocks his lips as they kiss and she’s excited. He takes his pills and she hugs him from behind. She’s like a lost little girl who has never had any affection in her life. She leaves. Peter spits out the meds. It’s the fifth day of not taking them. Adam tells him to try. Peter is able to put his hands through the wall and walks through to Adam’s side. Adam grabs hold and they walk out of the compound.

Maya takes thee to a nunnery to hide. Alejandro has found her and wants her to come home and face the music. Everyone wants to know how she did. How she poisoned them all. She tells him she didn’t do it. That an evil inside her did (cue alien monster child bursting from her stomach.) Notice how he didn’t die but everyone else did. It has something to do with the two of them. A cop comes in to arrest her. She starts freaking out again and the black goo starts to pour. The cop passes out. Alejandro holds Maya’s hands and tells her to calm down. He absorbs the goo. Realizing she has been telling the truth all along, he tells her they need to run.

Niki/Gina is partying at a club (I guess in L.A.) And lookee, here comes D. L. He’s tracked her down to the ONLY club in Los Angeles. He gets into a fight with the guy she’s dancing with and knocks him to the ground. He hands Niki a picture of the family and Niki returns. D.L. puts his coat on and they leave. But the guy he knocked down isn’t finished with him yet. He puts a gun to D. L.’s chest and fires, blood spattering on Niki’s face. This is how D.L. died, senselessly, not at Linderman’s as we all thought. Why keep the character alive to just have him die senselessly like that. At least kill him off saving a dog in a fire or something, right? Have him die a hero.

Bob comes to D.L.’s wake, passing Monica by with her family. He looks at Niki and she nods. She’s ready to join the program.

Peter and Adam go to the hospital to see Nathan. Adam jams a syringe in his arm and draws out blood (YEAH, RIGHT). He injects it in Nathan’s IV and it immediately heals him. They leave the hospital but Elle and the Haitian are on their tail. Adam gives him the plane ticket and passport that we later find in the box and tells him to meet in Montréal. They split up. Elle throws a bolt at Adam and the Peter, starting his coat on fire. Peter sheds his top and keeps running, the Haitian running after him. Peter jumps a fence, gratuitously shirtless and into a shipping container. The Haitian suppresses Peter’s powers and knocks him around, finally cuffing Peter to the container. He tells Peter that his mother helped him once so he’s going to give him a new life and to go with God. He puts the Kensei symbol necklace around him and takes away his memories.

Ma P comes into Nathan’s room and he turns around to look at her, all dashing with a that awesome sweep of thick hair. She’s shocked. Perhaps she knows who helped her and now she’s scared?

We later go back to present day and Nathan has shown up at the Wandering Rocks pub in Ireland looking for Peter.


I’m confused. Is Uhura D.L.’s mom or aunt? Has that been established yet?

Peter lost his powers surpressed because of the Haitian - Does this mean Sylar was affected by the Haitian while he was in the jungle? Maybe he has all his powers now but doesn’t know it?

What brand clothes was Peter wearing that survived a nuclear blast?

I’m guessing Adam is not Pa Petrelli because, of course, Peter would have recognized him and they would have already had the antibodies in their blood, right?

I don’t know about you but I find Maya’s attitude toward Alejandro a bit incestuous.

So is the new theme now - SAVE THE SAMURAI, SAVE THE WORLD?

Missed the ep? Watch it here with commentary from Milo Ventimiglia and Greg Beeman.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on November 14, 2007 2:56 PM
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great fillin' episode i'd say. i mean if there's anything i learned from this show is to not expect to much out of it, so i guess based on that, this season's been enjoyable too, almost the same pace as first one but obviously new stuff. for all those naysayers be patient, it will develop into someting fairly cool and respectable........i guess.
still i have to say there is still a couple of gaps to fill though(not that i need to elavorate, right?)

peter flying was awesome, everytime he's in control of his power he's amazing, just can't wait to see him be stronger than that...(somewhat like in 5 years gone)

anyways not much of a good commenter(if one can say that) i've just been reading to many complaints, thought i'd
post a little somthing about it, cheers


-- Posted by: Webb at November 14, 2007 9:26 PM

When peter was being chased by the Haitian, he was far enough ahead, and he is now in control of his powers, why didn't he just FLY away??

-- Posted by: Doug at November 15, 2007 4:01 PM

Good question! Because they needed a reason to get him in the shipping container and send him to Ireland! :D

Comments are always welcome, Webb!

-- Posted by: Connie at November 15, 2007 4:41 PM

In that case, why didn't Peter turn invisible?

My theory is that he just wasn't thinking. If he stopped to think things over he could have flown away or turned invisible.

The other question though, is what's the Haitian's range? And did Peter think that the Haitian's range was wide enough that he did not want to risk relying on his powers when they might not work?

-- Posted by: Josh at November 20, 2007 3:58 PM

So Nathan was lying in the hospital "extra crispy" for like three months, then got healed, and then separated from his wife, became an alcoholic and grew that long beard in a couple of weeks?

-- Posted by: Some dude at November 25, 2007 4:56 AM

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