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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 7 - Out of Time

time.jpgOk â€" first of all, I got some of Isaac’s paintings wrong. Last week, I said it looked like one painting had Peter with a broken nose throwing a bolt of lightning. Totally wrong there. The painting was of Mohinder with a broken nose holding a gun.

We start the episode off back in the 17th century. Kensei has Hiro over a pot of opium. If he’s high, he can’t transport away in time and space, now can he? Kensei’s evil side has surfaced. He’s no hero. Instead, he’s the baddest villain there is.

But never underestimate a woman! Yaeko picks the lock of her cuffs and knocks away the opium. She needs Hiro to squishy-blink them away before the guard returns. She begs Hiro to concentrate. When the guard returns, there is no one in the tent. Ok, I had a problem with this part. From as much as we know, Hiro can transport others only when he is touching them, right? So how did the swordsmith transport with them? He was still handcuffed sitting in the corner. We never saw him again after he lamented about giving White Beard the ability to make guns. And Hiro’s ability isn’t all that stable, so if he’s high on opium, would they really have just beamed over to the other field? I would have thought they might have beamed over to Living Island with Jimmy and H.R. Pufnstuf!

HRG is looking at the painting of Mo holding a gun. He calls Mo who is sitting with Molly â€" she’s still unconscious. HRG asks Mo if he has a company issued gun. Mo, acting like HRG’s petulant mistress, whines because he hasn’t heard from HRG and doesn’t know where the hell he is. HRG says the pictures are all random, but aren’t they numbered? And he should pretty much know who each one is in the paintings, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think HRG has encountered Hiro yet so he wouldn’t know what to make of that painting, but the ones with Niki and Peter? Mo’s pissed at HRG and speaking loud enough for the whole ward to hear. Come on now, hushed whispers, my man. HRG lights a match and torches the paintings.

Niki tells Mo that Goldfinger Bob wants to see them. They walk down the hall and it looks like everyone is racing toward the exits. Goldfinger Bob is evacuating the building. Parkman and Nathan turn the corner. Parkman tells Mo about finding his dad and that his dad is out to kill Goldfinger Bob next.

Peter and Caitlin find themselves in a post-apocalyptic type New York of the future, summer 2008. The streets of NYC are desolate and we are just waiting for Snake Plissken to arrive so they can Escape from New York. Looks like all of New York has been evacuated by Homeland Security. Suddenly, they are rushed by men in Homer Simpon-esque hazmat suits and are aken away to be decontaminated.

Our next scene with Peter and Cat are in the decontamination showers. Can we point the camera a tad lower on Peter? Yow! This show should be on at 10pm or move it to Skinamax!

Later we see Peter sitting in some sort of room where people have been classified and registered by their last name. Peter sits in the L-Q section. A government-type official (Mark Harelik) tells Peter that according to his files, Peter is dead and shows him his own death certificate. Peter asks about Caitlin and the guy tells him like all foreigners she’s being deported. He wants to know about what’s going on. The guy tells him that in March 2007, the first case of the Shanti virus was reported and no cure has been found. The virus has killed 93% of the world’s population to date and the rest live in quarantine hoping for a cure. He shows Peter a morgue the size of a warehouse filled with body bags. A biohazard sticker is in the corner of the window. This shot of Peter and the sticker is one of Isaac’s paintings.

Claire is awoken with a text message from West who is romancing her with waffles. She’s not too happy that he’s invaded her home and has been so gracious to his mother. Luckily, HRG isn’t home to meet West. West shows Claire the newspaper article about Debbie’s drunken hallucinations. Claire fears the worst. West is relishing in their infamy.

Nathan, Matt, Mo, Niki, and Bob are in Bob’s office. Maury (Matt’s dad) has ditched his car and is close by. Bob wants Mo and Niki to inject Maury with the virus. Mo objects. He will not knowingly inject someone with a virus where they do not know what the repercussions are. Bob tells Matt that he can do what his dad does. His abilities include more than just reading minds.

We find Matt sitting with the comatose Molly, spilling his guts out to her. He tells her he loves her and her monitor registers a blip. He says it again in his mind to her and the blip appears again. Matt knows he can hear her. He smiles.

Niki and Mo walk over to the lab to get the virus. Mo heads into the lab first and Niki is confronted by a dead D.L. who tells her she’s not cured and that she’ll never have the life she wants. If she tells anyone she sees a dead man, people will think she’s crazy again and lock her up. As Mo returns to get her, they both walk down the hall and we see Matt’s dad exit a room they have just passed.

Once they are in the lab to get the virus, Niki is again confronted by the ghost of Xmas past, as D.L. tells her that they’ll take Micah away from her, etc. etc. D. L. tells her that they are just using her. She must eliminate the threat. A shot rings out, killing D.L. The shot is from a gun fired by Goldfinger Bob. Mo stares at Niki who is not holding the dead body that she seems to believe she is holding. He tries to convince her to snap out of it, that it’s probably Maury, but Niki is so spooked, she punches Mo, flinging him across the room. She grabs a filled syringe and leaves.

Nathan is looking at the names on the files on Bob’s bookcase. He recognizes all but Adam Monroe and asks Bob about it. “It’s complicated,” Bob says.

“So uncomplicate it,” Nathan retorts.

It turns out Adam is the one that divided the troops back in the day. Adam is the one trying to kill the old heroes. Maury is just the instrument. Bob tells how Adam had a God complex and Linderman was his disciple. They locked up Adam and threw away the key but he escaped two weeks ago and is killing the old group. Bob tells Nathan that Peter is alive.

One of the surnames Nathan says he recognizes is Pratt. I don’t recall there being a character by that name.

Back to the future, Peter meets up with Ma P, but he doesn’t recognize her. She knows about all his powers and tells him that he can absorb other’s abilities (does this include non-heroic abilities like cooking and sewing?) and that he is the strongest of them all. She tells him that Nathan died in the first wave of the pandemic. She speaks without speaking in his mind and tells him that he needs to remember. He gets flashes of his past and suddenly remembers his mom. Awwwww...

Claire and West are having an oh-so-innocent makeout session. She wants to tell him about her dad. She’s about to break the news to him when HRG returns home. West sees him and is freaked. He thinks HRG has found them and is coming to get them. That’s when Claire spills the beans (Beans, beans the musical fruit â€" the more you eat, the more you toot!) that HRG is her dad. West doesn’t know what to think, he thinks it’s some sort of trap and flies off.

Hiro is back to his old non-opium self, looking over the army encampment. It seems the tent that smolders is no longer there (Perhaps the CGI budget got a little too hefty.) Yaeko wants them to escape. Hiro says he can’t, not as long as White Beard still has the guns. He must destroy them, even if Kensei is still there. He still has faith in Kensei, that deep down he’s a good man. He tells Yaeko to “meet him under the cherry blossoms” on the ranch northeast of Los Angeles. He blinks away.

It’s night and Hiro blinks himself over to the tent with all the guns and gunpowder. Like a “very special” episode of Little House on the Prairie, Hiro throws gunpowder over the lot and is about to light it with the flame from the lantern. Kensei enters and they fight. He’s pissed because Hiro took his love away. He wants Hiro to kill him, but Hiro still has faith in him. Kensei wants only to punish Hiro. As they fight, Kensei knocks down a lantern which lights up the hay around it. Fire begins to consume the tent. Hiro, in his one session of sword training with his dad, disarms Kensei. Hiro offers his hand so they can escape. Kensei yells, “Never! As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste. You will suffer.” Hiro sees the flames getting closer to the powder and blinks away to the edge of the encampment just as the tent explodes in a fiery ball. Kensei is dead. (Yeah, right.) Well, at least Hiro believes it to be so, but of course we all know that that would be too easy.

Hiro retrieves Kensei helmet and mask and blinks back to Yaeko. She tells Hiro that it was He who was Kensei and she will perpetuate all the stories of Kensei so that when Hiro is a little boy he’ll have those stories to listen to. Hiro tells her there is one last story of Kensei. One where he fights a dragon and must cut his own heart out to save them all. They kiss their last farewell (did I see Hiro calf lifting up as they kissed?) He steps away from a tearful Yaeko and blinks away.

Over in present day Japan, Ando is doing his best at being a cubicle jockey. He turns away from his computer to grab some papers. When he turns back, Kensei's helmet and mask are sitting on his desk. “I had to bring back a souvenir,” Hiro says from behind him. Hiro wants to see his father and tell them both of the adventures he’s had. Ando has to be the bearer of bad news and tells Hiro that his dad is dead and was murdered.

Bob is showing footage of Peter to Nathan. They lost track of him over in Ireland and Nathan is mad. “How do YOU lose someone?” Before Bob can even answer, there is a bang on the door. Niki is using her Tae-Bo techniques to break down the door. Nathan tries to stop her and wants her to think of Micah. Instead of injecting Bob, Niki slams the syringe into herself. Here’s my question: She claims the Company made her better, but what exactly did they do?

Matt hears the ruckus and thinks it’s his dad. He exits the room he was in (with Molly) and ends up in a bad 70s over-wallpapered apartment. He sees Molly sitting at the table. She tells him this is where the Nightmare Man took her and she can’t leave. She thinks they’re both trapped, but Matt refuses to believe that. He yells for his dad in his mind and his dad appears in the apartment. Maury can’t believe it â€" did Matt bring him there?

The apartment is set up like the night Maury left Matt as a child, never to return. Maury toys with Matt’s emotions. He tells Matt he loves him but Matt wants his dad to turn himself in. Maury says there’s no prison that can hold him, but Matt disagrees. Matt can trap his dad in his own nightmare just like his dad trapped Molly. The apartment? It was never Matt’s nightmare, it was Maury’s. With that, Matt is able to leave. He wakes up next to Molly, who also awakens. Matt turns to see Maury collapsed on the floor, asleep.

Niki apologizes to Mo about his broken nose. She is getting a transfusion of Mo’s blood, but the antibodies in Mo’s blood aren’t working. The virus has mutated. Mo gives Bob the results of the medical tests. Bob promises to destroy all the vials of the virus. He wants Mo to pick up a new Hero â€" well, not new to us. It’s Claire. He puts a company-issue gun on the table for Mo. For whatever stupid logic Mo has, Mo confesses to Bob about his underhanded dealings with HRG. Even Bob wonders why he is telling him this. Bob convinces Mo that they must have Claire. Her regenerative powers are key to their future (Save the cheerleader, save the world, anyone?)

Sandra tells her husband, HRG, that Claire has a boyfriend. Daddy is not too happy with this news. As Claire texts West and begs him to call, HRG tosses the article about drunk Debbie on her lap. He’s pissed. All he asked her to do was lay low and what does she do? Anything but. He feels it’s not safe for them anymore and they need to move again. A rebellious Claire disagrees. If he leaves, it’s not going to be with her.

Peter and his Mom are leaving the quarantine area. He sees Caitlin who is being herded away like cattle. She’s begging for him to save her, but they take her away. In his anger and frustration he finds himself back in Montreal where he and Caitlin were. A sound causes him to turn and fire off a lightning bolt. The hand he shoots it at absorbs the bolt and his hand heals. The hand belongs to... Kensei! But these days he’s known as Adam Monroe.


Did you notice this week’s Heroes logo was in green to commemorate the Green is Universal week?

As we suspected, Kensei is still alive, but now he's known as Adam Monroe - which I'm not sure how many suspected that, if any. More than likely, it was Adam in the picture with the original Justice League. Does that make him Peter and Nathan’s dad? If so, does that mean he faked his death? Is he Elle's dad also?

Do you think Adam will kill Ando out of spite for Hiro? He killed Kaito for that purpose, I believe. Do you think Hiro has it in him to kill his childhood idol? Will Hiro go back in time to save his dad? Will he go back in time to get Yaeko? Will Yaeko appear in the present as someone else (great x many great granddaughter?)

This episode concludes the story arc taking place in feudal Japan. I know most of you are happy about that!

Who is Mo supposedly shooting at in that painting?

What did you think?

Missed the ep? See it here with commentary at NBC.

Posted by Connie on November 8, 2007 3:37 PM
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i think ma P was actually thinking about their past knowing that peter would hear those thoughts which is what i think he did...

-- Posted by: Webb at November 9, 2007 2:48 AM

You know, one time on Whose Line Is It Anyway, Drew Carey asked the audience to name something bad that happened to them on a date. Somebody yelled out, "Got Pregnant!", and then the Who's Crew went on to do a skit based on that premise.

I respectfully submit that there are worse things that could happen to you on a date. For example, our dear friend Caitlin McForehead. She hooked up with Pete. Then her brother got crispy. Then she got sent to an apocolyptic future, stripped naked, hosed down, and deported. Then, Forgetful Pete left her there.

That, my friends, is a Bad Date(tm).

And this was, by far, the best episode of Heroes so far this season.

re: Webb's Comment
Somehow I had never considered that... I was trying to figure out if this was a manifestation of G'ma Petreli's power. Your explanation makes much more sense.

Is it Monday yet?

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at November 9, 2007 2:45 PM

Really, Chuck? Best ep so far of this season? I don't know about that.

Webb's comment actually made a lot of sense. Good call!

I did like the Kensei/Adam bit.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 9, 2007 3:19 PM

Yeah, I unashamedly loved this episode. We had heroes in the same general geographical region, interacting and sharing plotlines! It was grand.

I actually *like* the WonderTwins (I have absolutely no idea why), but everything they do is just another delay before they eventually hook up with some of our other characters. As such, I missed them in this 'ep, but I really kinda didn't miss them. Let's just get them to NY and let the fireworks begin, m'kay?

I also like Monica, but I wasn't terribly interested in her plotline until she came to NY and hooked up with the Company. Now that she's back in NO's, ... well, let's just say I missed her in this 'ep, but really kinda didn't miss her. Same deal.

Pete and Hiro have both been annoying me slightly (OK, OK, ... Hiro's plotline *really* annoyed me) largely because they were out and about, disconnected from our other hereos.

But now, Hiro and Pete are being drawn back into the larger tapestry. I have faith that the WonderTwins will get there, eventually. I have ... well, I have no clue how Monica is going to fit into all this.

In any case, all of the nagging little things that had me thinking, "C'mon, you can do this *better*!", are finally being done, well... better. :)

I never stopped loving the show. But I knew I wasn't seeing their very best. Now, it looks like we're headed that way. And so yes... for me, this was by far the best episode of the season so far. I look forward to even better than this, until the premature end of the season. *whimper*

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at November 9, 2007 4:43 PM

I did not miss the Wonder Twins at all.

I agree, that it is getting better now that the storylines are starting to converge again.

I can't wait for next week's ep which should be the "Four Months Ago" ep. What I'd really like to see is a "Forty Years Ago" ep with younger versions of Papa Nakamura, Ma P, Nightmare Man and... Kensei. That would be a cool ep.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 9, 2007 5:41 PM

Hi Connie!

Do you know if they're still going to do the Origins spin-off? I know the strike will push it back a bit.

-- Posted by: Ozzy at November 11, 2007 12:54 AM

Hi Ozzy - the Origins spin off was shelved a couple weeks before the strike. I don't think that's going to happen at all, regardless of the strike.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 11, 2007 1:30 AM

little theory i have...i reckon that Kensei turns out to be Gengis Khan...Gengis is rumoured to be the ancestor of a large proportion of the world's population due to the number fo children he had and raping pillaging etc...If Kensei was the first hero, this would explian how his genetic markers and therefore the superpowers got into the wider population...maybe he is the ancestor of all the heroes...also he wanted to rule Japan and i'm not sure of my timing but i'm pretty sure Gengis tried to take over Japan at various points in history...

-- Posted by: Anonymous at November 11, 2007 6:37 PM

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