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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 6 - The Line

Missed the ep? Watch it here.

We open the ep in Ireland. Peter tells Caitlin he’s going to Montreal. She’s going with him because she intends to kill Elle when she sees her.

Save the Ozone, Save the World... Back in high school, Claire is trying out for the cheerleading team with a cheer about planting trees that doesn’t even rhyme. Debbie, the head cheerleader, who has it out for Claire, decides she shouldn’t make the team. “Bring it,” Debbie says. “It’s brung,” Claire says. Later, we find Claire chatting with West who decides Claire does need to bring it and give Debbie a taste of her own snobby medicine.

Over at the lab in Hartsdale, New York, Suresh is monitoring Monica, who Suresh terms as having “adoptive muscle memory.” She’s doing gymnastics of Olympic caliber just by watching a video. Goldfinger Bob enters and wants Suresh to try out a virus on her. A virus that they have not tested and Mo doesn’t know what repercussions the injection will have on her. “It’s for the greater good,” Goldfinger Bob tells him. We later see Mo talking to HRG. HRG convinces him to use the virus. “Sometimes we have to do bad things,” HRG tells him.

HRG and The Haitian go visit an old friend in Odessa in the Ukraine. Look, it’s Yakov Smirnoff! No, it isn’t, but it sure looks like him. (The actor is actually Elya Baskin.) HRG backhands his old mentor, Ivan.

"America: What a country!" ©NBC

The Wonder Twins are close to the border and Sylar is working his charm on Maya. As Maya is already enamored with what she thinks of as her own guardian angel, the charm is working. Meanwhile, Alejandro isn’t so charmed. He wants to stop at the next gas station to shake the dew off his lily and to find a coyote to take them across the border, but Maya makes the executive decision to go with Sylar to the border. They get to the border and a fake border patrol comes to stop them. Sylar eggs Maya on to use her powers before they all get shot and she does, using her black goo-ness on them, killing them. They drive off. How does she drive with black eyes?

Ando enters the curator’s office, who is already reading the scrolls. He starts where they left off, but Ando makes him start over again because he doesn’t want to miss a single detail.

Over in 17th century Japan (and written on the scroll), Hiro admits that he is in love with Yaeko, but cannot have her. Yaeko is painting a scroll of the army encampment below. But which tent do they attack first? Which one is her dad in? Hiro tries to recall the old poems and stories of Kensei that he was told as a child and recalls “a tent that smolders.” Ah, yes, dad is in the big red tent along with the rest of the Ringling Bros. Circus. Yaeko kindly berates him that this isn’t the time for guessing, but just as she says that Kensei turns the corner and tells them he’s located Yaeko’s father â€" he’s in the tent that smolders. Yaeko eyes Hiro suspiciously.

Back in present day Soviet Union, Yakov â€" no Ivan â€" is handcuffed to a chair and being questioned by HRG. He wants to know where Isaac’s paintings are. Ivan trained Claude and HRG back in the day. Ivan won’t give him any info, but HRG threatens to have the Haitian rip some of Ivan’s most precious memories from him. A few minutes later, he questions Ivan about his honeymoon, favorite flower, and stuff but Ivan can’t remember. Ivan is pissed that his memories have been taken from him. HRG is about to smack Ivan again when his phone rings. It’s his Claire-bear. She wants to borrow the car tonight. Ivan makes a comment about Claire being in danger and this ticks HRG off. He orders the Haitian to take all of Ivan’s memories about HRG and his family, but Ivan offers him a deal. Come back to the Company and he can have his life back.

Mo is about to inject Monica with the virus but he can’t do it. He charges into Goldfinger Bob’s office and throws the syringe against the wall. “I won’t do it.” Goldfinger Bob says, “If you don’t do it, someone else will and there’s more where they came from.” Mo eyes the glass cabinet with the vials of the virus and picks up a stool and throws it against it, smashing the cabinet and the vials.

Debbie is hazing the new cheerleading recruits. Debbie, in her bad rendition of a lazy drunk, tosses back a fifth of Jack(or something of the sort). Claire comes by to talk to Debbie in private. They walk off away from the rest. Claire wants a second tryout and Debbie, in her drunken stupor, isn’t going to let her. Then, West comes flying down in a black mask and carries Claire up several stories before dropping her on the concrete staircase, “killing” her. Then he goes flying after Debbie who takes off running. Cut to a little bit later where Debbie is being questioned by a cop about the flying masked man she saw and the dead Claire who is nowhere to be found. Claire comes walking up looking as good as new and Debbie can’t believe her eyes. Another cop comes up with a brown paper bag with a liquor bottle in it. Rut-roh, Debbie. The cops take her to give her a breathalyzer test.

Claire is furious with West (and herself) that she let him talk her into that stunt. Another cheerleader (the friendly one) comes by and invites Claire to join the squad since Debbie just got suspended for drinking on school grounds.

Our trio sneaks into White Beard’s camp in the middle of the night. Kensei goes up to a guard at the tent that smolders and confronts him. The guard impales him with a sword, but Kensei doesn’t die. He knocks the guard out and the trio enter the tent to rescue Yaeko’s dad (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). The swordsmith doesn’t want to leave because he taught White Beard how to make guns (which are not allowed in Japan during that time). White Beard threatened to kill his daughter if he doesn’t do what he says. With the advent of the gun, the way of the samurai will become obsolete. The swordsmith wants to stay so he can destroy all the guns and rercuits the trio to help him.

At this point, daylight has dawned on the camp. As they try to escape, the army chases after them. Hiro is right behind Yaeko and just as they are about to be shot, Hiro squishy-blinks he and Yaeko away to safety. They end up in the field where they once had their little romantic cherry blossom moment. Yaeko wants to know how they got there. Hiro claims he didn’t know. Yaeko knows better. She knows he has a power â€" that he can move people from one place to another. She places her hand over his face, to see only his eyes. He’s the “Kensei” she fell in love with. Cyrano has been unmasked.

"He's got Betty Davis eyes..." ©NBC

“Do you love me?” she asks him.

Hiro, reluctant to answer, but compelled to, says, “I do. Very much.”

Everything that Yaeko loved about Kensei was all Hiro. She leans in to kiss him, but Hiro stops time. He’s in a quandry. He loves this woman, yet he doesn’t want to alter the space/time continuum any more than he has. Aw, hell, Hiro thinks. He starts time again and leans in to give Yaeko a little tongue action. You go, boyyyyy! Off in the distance, a disgruntled Kensei watches on. Uh-oh, this guy just got betrayed by his best buddy and best girl. Can we say “postal?”

Ando and the curator read on. “It was the kiss that fractured time, It changed me forever.” Hiro wrote. There isn’t any more to the story. They have no other scrolls. Did the kiss affect Hiro’s future timeline? Ando has no more to go on.

Alejandro and Sylar are fighting. Alex is pissed. Look at what Sylar made his sister do. He made her kill. Maya feels she did what she had to so they could get to Dr. Suresh. Alex says he ain’t holding her damn hand next time she goes all black-eyed. He’ll let Sylar die. Sylar talks to Alejandro in English, knowing he won’t understand. He tells him that he’ll kill him and his sister once he gets his power back. If not, he’ll use his sister for his own nefarious means. Alejandro looks on. Do you think he does understand English? And what about Maya? She couldn’t hear any of what Sylar said while looking for neosporin in the trunk of the car?

Mo talks big but his actions say otherwise. He can’t take Molly out of the Company as he threatened because Molly is still sick. Goldfinger Bob actually apologizes to Mo and tells him that he’s stressing out with someone who is trying to bring the Company down â€" one Adam Monroe. Bob says they won’t test on Monica. He actually has someone at his disposal. Someone who will make sure there are no misunderstandings. (Niki?) Great way to turn the tables, Goldfinger. Strong-arming Mo doesn't work, so he'll use the sympathy angle.

HRG sees a picture of Ivan with his family. In it is a picture of Ivan’s daughter who died. All he has left of her are her memories. HRG wants the Haitian to take Ivan’s memories of that daughter. Ivan finally relents and tells HRG that the paintings are in the warehouse by the trainyard where they tagged the Liquid Man. Is he the one that had that useless power of turning metal into liquid â€" the one that Sylar killed? HRG thanks him and nods to the Haitian. The Haitian leaves. HRG starts knocking down books and pulling out drawers. He’s gonna kill Ivan and pulls a gun on him. Ivan wants him to stop running. “Shoot me and there’s no turning back,” he tells HRG. “You’ll condemn yourself to hell.” HRG pauses before putting a bullet in his old mentor. “I know,” he says sadly.

Hiro finds Kensei. They need to go find the guns. Kensei’s mad -- he went to find Hiro to make sure Yaeko is okay only to find Hiro and Yaeko kissing, the worst betrayal of all. Hiro apologizes. “It was an accident. I accidentally fell in love with her and her with me.” He promises Kensei it’s the last kiss they share and that he knows Yaeko is the princess that Kensei is destined to marry. Kensei seems to be okay with this and they head off to destroy the guns, but as he follows Hiro, Kensei knocks him out from behind. White Beard’s army brings Yaeko and her dad in restraints. “Whatever you want, it shall be yours,” White Beard tells Kensei. He walks over Hiro’s body. Rut-ro, I think history just got re-written.

Monica is returned home to New Orleans by Goldfinger Bob. He gives her a folder with phone numbers and an iPod with training videos of all kinds. “You’re like my own personal Oprah,” she tells Bob. Except he looks more like Dr. Phil.

Mo is waiting around the lab when Niki enters. She’s his new partner. The duo will be now known as Mo’nique. Hah, I tried.

HRG and the Haitian go to the warehouse and pull the paintings. One shows a hand holding the vial of virus. Another shows Hiro and Kensei in a sword fight. Yet another shows a blonde woman (probably Niki) banging on a door. Another has Peter (with a broken nose) throwing a bolt of lighting.

Over in Montreal, Peter and Caitlin go to the house in the painting. It has a Kensei symbol over the door. They enter and it’s filled with clocks. Looks like Sylar’s clock shop? There’s a note to Peter from Adam Monroe. “We were right about the Company. The World is in danger. It’s up to us. Adam.” Peter is confused. Caitlin hugs him and he whispers, “Please tell me who I am. What the future holds.” He closes his eyes and opens them to find him and Caitlin in a desolate New York City (the Avenue Q signage is still intact). Peter grabs a piece of paper off the ground and it says, “June 1008”.


Now, was Peter and Caitlin actually in the future or in his own dream? I was a little unsure of that.

"Go ahead, make my day." ©NBC

Is Adam Monore perhaps HRG’s real name? As much as I like that our Company Man is more of a Family Man, HRG is much more interesting as the baddie than the goodie.

Neat how the chapter title “The Line” was next to the police tape where it says “Do not cross.” As in “Do not cross the line...”

I could totally see Zach Quinto as Spock in this episode. There was a moment in the car where he turned to look at Maya and if he had Vulcan ears, he’d totally be Spock.

What does the Haitian do with all the memories he takes? Does he store them in his own brain? If so, will he reach capacity at some point?

What a sweet storyline for Hiro. Sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 1, 2007 1:15 AM
Permalink |

hey there nice recap.
not much of writer so i'll go with my thoughts.

now i'd say peter did go to the future accidentaly, we kind of hear that little sound they always play when hiro uses his power. the question how is he gettin back!! and what is that virus....who's Adam, he seems powerful and he must be link to peter s memory loss(i'd say thats intentional, they must have erased his memory a little so he could instinctively learn how to master his power withouth so much emotion)

now hiro's storyline is definetly very nice i have to agree with u on that. Not a single episode with hiro has been disapointing this season

i also think that the storyline with monica and micah is nicely writen as well.

dont know else to say

best s. 2 episode to date, fight or flight

coolest heroes(villans)
considering how strong they are and how strong the'll probably get



-- Posted by: webb at November 1, 2007 3:14 AM

Hi Connie, it's your "Chuck" buddy. I got to ask. Do you think Ando will ever develop into a main character? He's my favorite, but I fear he's destined to be Hiro's sidekick.

-- Posted by: Ozzy at November 1, 2007 5:56 AM

Hey Ozzy:

I consider Ando a main character but without powers (much like Mohinder). I personally don't think he'll be imbued with any powers, but his real world/real person action will prove to be heroic.

James Kyson Lee is on the main cast list so I don't expect him to be going anywhere anytime soon.

What power did you want him to have?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 1, 2007 12:59 PM

I had never thought about how much Elya Baskin looks like Yakov Smirnoff. Now, I'll never be able to look at him the same way again.

The "Mo + Niki = Mo’nique" gag had me incapacitated for a while. Good shot, there. :)

I don't think HRG = Adam Monroe. I'm not really sure why I feel this way... call it a hunch. HRG is very focused on saving his family, Adam seems to have a broader focus. I could easily be wrong.

I dunno how Maya was able to drive with oozing eyes, but I do wonder if the border patrol is really dead. She sped away, Alejandro did the hand-hold anti-seepage thing, and all was fine. So maybe the border patrol woke up a few minutes later with headaches?

In any case, I LOVED Sylar's little speech to Alijandro after their fight. "Your sister is a shiney new toy..." Sylar is such a great villian. And poor Alex is toast.

The fuedal Japan story stopped being interesting for me about half-way through the second episode, I'm afraid. I'm desperately ready to get Hiro back to the present. This storyline has Hiro going through plot motions that I (mostly) saw coming a mile away, and has reduced Ando to the role of a whiney girlfriend. I loved these characters in season 1. I miss them.

The Heroes are a bit too geographially diverse right now. Less spread-out is good, interaction between characters is good (this seems to be where they're headed, I think / hope). They need to just go for broke... rent out an old auditorium, gather up all the spandex they can find, and print up the "Hero for hire!" business cards.

Ah, I whine. But even so, the nitpicks are small. I love this show.

Is it Monday yet?

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at November 1, 2007 2:08 PM

Thanks for the recap each week.

I too am not happy with the fuedal Japan story line. I've never cared for time travel into the past, where you can totally change the present by what you do back then. Also, Hiro writing notes to Ando is pretty lame. First, how is that the notes he wrote over 300 years ago were not discovered by anyone else? And second, why even write to Ando unless he fears that he will never return to the present, since he could return to the moment in time that he left.

-- Posted by: Ardie at November 2, 2007 1:33 AM


I got the impression Hiro was writing to Ando not only to tell him the story, but also to keep a "diary" of his adventures.

I was thinking about the sword and how no one discovered the notes before... That would be the whole space/time continuum thing - he didn't go back to the past until now so the notes didn't appear in the sword until now... Even though he was in the past and the notes survived 300 years. It's convoluted but it kinda makes sense to me :D

What I don't care about the storyline is the setting. I know they don't have the budget to recreate feudal Japan, but it looks pretty lame...

-- Posted by: Connie at November 2, 2007 2:35 AM

Hi all,

1st of all: Good stuff Connie, thanks for all the great reviews!!

I love the fact that Sylar knows that he had a number of powers, and plans to get them back. These last eps show us the guy is very methodical in his work.

To Hiro: Come back to the present, man. It would be a good idea to bring your ancient girlfriend with you, I am sure she can adopt. If not, you can schedule little feudal Japan weekends, just to drive her crazy.

I like the Peter Bourne identity - I mean story. It must be cool to slowly realise you are some kind of superpower hero, and you can do good - let alone save the world. And he doesn't even know that he can fly yet! Caitlin will be another impressed chick.

-- Posted by: Stilianos at December 4, 2007 1:25 AM

So-so. Something was not impressed.

-- Posted by: Andrea at February 11, 2013 2:44 PM

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