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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 10 - Truth and Consequences

truth.jpgPeter is forward into the future and he sees him and Caitlin being dragged off by some HazMat people, but suddenly he’s back in Montreal with Adam. He tells Adam about the Shanti virus. Adam tells him about Victoria Pratt, the scientist who created the virus.

Over at the Bennet home, Goldfinger Bob is looking down the barrel of a gun held by Mrs. Bennet. He’s brought HRG’s ashes to them. He has been cremated without their knowledge due to the specific instructions in his personnel file, he tells them. Yeah, right. Bob tells Claire that due to her father’s wishes that she will be left alone to leave a normal life. Mom tells her kids to pack their bags.

Bob gets in the car and tells Elle to keep an eye on the Bennets.

HRG gets his eye back and it’s Claire’s blood in his system that has regenerated him. So, does this mean he has Claire’s powers or just enough to fix him? Mohinder and he argue as Mohinder gets all high and mighty with the lies he’s been fed. He still thinks he’s doing the greater good.

Micah is telling Monique why St. Joan has to have a superhero identity. He sticks the 9th Wonder comic in his backpack. Niki has come back to see Micah and to give him the bad news about her virus. Micah goes to grab his backpack but it’s gone.

Sylar and Maya are having a glass of wine in this romantic lake setting. He wants Maya to take control of her power so that she doesn’t need her brother to save her every time. He says things to make Maya mad. She goes all black goo on him and Sylar starts to feel the effects. He tries to tell her to control her power. She wheezes and is able to shut off her power. She’s done it! Without the help of her brother. Score one for Sylar.

Hiro and Ando are looking for more info on Adam Monroe/Kensei. They find paperwork that Kaito signed to lock Adam away. Hiro thinks he needs to go back to that point in time to stop his dad. He blinks away, much to Ando’s annoyance.

He blinks back to the Primatech Research Facility where two guards restrain Adam. Kaito goes in to see Victoria. She tells him that Adam was looking for Strain 138. Kaito takes it and promises to store it in the Odessa facility. Victoria doesn’t want to be a part of it and quits, walking out.

Adam and Peter go to Victoria Pratt’s (Joanna Cassidy) house. Peter introduces himself to her and questions her about the virus. She pulls a shotgun on him. He tells her that in 24 hours the Shanti virus is released and in a year 93% of the world’s population dies. Victoria tells Peter that after Kaito was murdered, she knew it was only a matter of time before they came after her. Peter gives her his sob story about Caitlin. He wants to know where he can find the virus so he can stop the pandemic. She tells him where to find it and he goes out to Adam that they can find the virus at the facility in New Mexico. Adam says there is no facility in New Mexico,. but before he can say anymore, he takes a shotgun blast to the chest. Peter tries to explain to Victoria what is going on but she doesn’t care. All she knows is that Peter is working with Adam and he’s as good as dead. She shoots Peter as well. She goes over to Adam who is starting to sit up and tells him that she know the only way he’ll die is to blow off his head. Just as she takes aim, Peter recovers and knocks Victoria out, taking the gun away from her.

In the telenovela of Alejandro and Maya â€" Maya races back to the motel to tell her brother that she is able to cure herself. Alejandro tells Maya that he googled Gabriel on the internet and finds out that he is a murderer (How does he know this if he doesn’t read English? The printout was from the New York Times). Sylar wants to know what’s wrong. Maya tells him that the article says he killed his mother. He admits to the murder, but gives her the sob story that he was just defending himself. She feels for Gabriel â€" he knows what she’s been going through. Alejandro wants her to leave with him but Maya makes her choice â€" she’s going with Gabriel to find Suresh. Alejandro walks out and Maya turns to Gabriel for comfort. The sinister look on Sylar’s face tells all.

Victoria tells Peter that she was trying to stop Adam from releasing the virus, just like she did 30 years ago. She’s not going to tell him where the virus is, but Peter reads her mind. Adam unties her to let her go. She jumps up and grabs her gun, aiming it at Peter. Adam shoots her from behind. Victoria has no powers, she isn’t coming back from the dead. Adam claims he was saving Peter’s life. Furious that he killed her, Peter goes to get the car. Adam takes out her portion of the portrait, uses his blood to draw the Kensei symbol (Was that smart? Can’t they trace the murders back to him with his blood?) and drops the picture next to her.

Micah’s cousins confesses that he took Micah’s backpack to find out how much his comics were worth, but then he got jacked on the street. Micah goes ballistic and starts pounding on his cousin. The reason he wants his backpack so badly is that his dad’s medal of honor was in there. Micah thinks the three of them could be heroes and get his backpack back.

Micah is in his bedroom. Monique comes in and tells him that she’s going to go get his backpack back. Monique sneaks Micah out. They go over to the house in question and Micah turns off the street lights. Monique watches her iPod and learns to scale walls and jump up to the second floor. She does some Jackie Chan maneuvers and gets into the house. Of course, before she can get out, the crew that stole his backpack return home. They catch Monique and take force her into their van. Micah sees the whole thing and takes off for help.

Alejandro confronts Sylar in his room. They fight. Sylar grabs a knife and stabs Alejandro. Maya knocks on the door and being the resourceful one, Sylar wets himself down and goes shirtless as he opens the door, pretending to have been in the shower. Maya eyes the chesty Sylar and kisses him, missing the fact that her brother is dead in Sylar’s room.

Claire is actually hurting. Not from a wound, but from the loss of her father. West’s comes to see her. She finds the chimes that signal The Haitian to come. She wants him to erase all her memories of her dad.

Mohinder has merged Claire’s blood with his and it’s strong enough to save Niki. He confronts Bob about Strain 138. He wants Bob to help him track down all the strains of the virus and destroy them. He calls Niki to tell her the good news and that he’ll be on the next flight out to administer the antidote to her.

Claire is saying goodbye to her dad and to spread his ashes into the sea. Just as she says her final goodbyes, she sees Elle off in the distance, sipping her soda in a car. She races over there. Elle is trying to put the keys in the ignition as she sucks down a Super Big Gulp with her bad arm. She spills the drink and exits the car. Claire shoves Elle against the car. She threatens to spill the beans on the Company.

Mohinder is on the way to the airport. He pulls out package with the antidote and syringe (you think the airlines will let him on the plane with that big ol’ syringe in his carry-on?) He gets a phone call and it’s Sylar. Sylar has “taken care of” the babysitter and is watching over Molly now. He wants Mo to meet him and his new friend.

Adam and Peter go to Primatech’s Odessa facility. Time stops around Peter. He looks around and sees Hiro. Hiro tells Peter that he’s come to kill Adam Monroe but Peter is defending Adam. Hiro tells him that he has chosen the wrong side and charges Peter, who flashes a lightning ball at Hiro...

Missed the ep? See it here with commentary.

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Chris Haston

Posted by Connie on November 29, 2007 1:48 PM
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no t the best review there, but i guess this episode didn't deserve it..........right?

-- Posted by: webb at December 3, 2007 1:08 PM

I agree with webb... not the best review ever. But hey... can't have everything now can we?

Is Adam / Kensai good or bad? Is the company good or bad? Does Goldfinger bob really believe he's working for the greater good?

Why is Mohinder such an idiot?

When will the highlander come and start chopping off the heads of these immortals?

Why don't Hiro and Peter just try and TALK about their differences... I mean its not like time is running out?

So many questions... so few answers

-- Posted by: Jaxxx at December 4, 2007 7:36 AM

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