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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 4 - The Kindness of Strangers

Missed the ep? Watch it here.

Noah is worried about the eighth painting which shows him dead/injured and Claire with another off in the background. He questions Claire to see if she’s dating and she lies to him and tells him she’s not.

Over in NYC, Molly wakes up screaming from her nightmare. Slimmer now that he’s on Weight Watchers, Matt gets to her first and holds her tight. Mo enters a few seconds behind him. Our two dads argue a little about what to do. Matt can’t get into her mind. While he’s off to get her a glass of water, Mo sings her some Indian lullaby. I got an idea boys – why don’t you paint her room a bright pink, like most little girls like? That room is so dark and scary, it’s no wonder she has nightmares. A few little My Little Pony stickers and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and problem solved!

Nathan goes to see his kids at school – even though he’s not supposed to. His kids don’t like his beard. Me neither. Good! he says, “Off it goes!” He tells the kids that grandma is sick and in the hospital and to have their mother help them call her when they get home. Saddened that he can’t hug or kiss them, he walks away.

Derek and the Wonder Twins are making their way to the border when Derek slams on the brakes. There’s a body in the road. They get out and flip him over. It’s Sylar – and he seems to have found a change of clothes before he hiked it out of the jungle. Dude, black absorbs heat – maybe you should have stuck with the light-colored linen number you were wearing before...

Over in New Orleans, Micah is rudely woken by a glass of water splashed in his face. Nice cousin he’s got there. They look to be about the same age and the cousin isn’t too happy he’s there. Uhura is cutting up veggies and watching a non-descript cooking show on TV. His older cousin, Monica, is ready for another big day at Burger Bonanza – giddy up! The younger cousin wants $65 to watch some pay-per-view wrestling match on TV which both Grandma Uhura and Monica give a resounding NO. Eager to win his cousin’s trust and friendship, Micah offers up a way to get to see the match for free. As Monica leaves, she sees the show Uhura is watching – the chef is making rosettes out of tomato skins. She grabs her toast and leaves. Today’s the big day where she’ll find out if she made the management program at BB.

Back in NYC, Ma P confesses to Kaito’s murder. It looks like she was the one that caused all the ruckus in the interrogation room in the last ep (or is she just confessing that she did – I’m confused about that one.) She mindmelds with Matt and tells him to leave it alone. It’s best if she takes the wrap for the murder to save all the other heroes.

Across to the left coast, Claire is being recruited for the cheerleading team. She declines but takes the permission form anyway. West corners her – he’s so excited to see her. He can’t stop smiling about how he now has someone he can be “normal” with. Claire frowns and tells him that they shouldn’t hang out anymore. Her dad’s really protective. West offers to meet him and talk to him but the last thing Claire wants is for West to meet her dad – as it was her Dad who put the hash marks on West. West won’t take no for an answer and gets Claire to agree to one date tonight and then he’ll shut up tomorrow. How can she say no to that baby doll cute face?

To do so, Claire has to lie to her dad and family and tell them that she’s off to the library to study. When her brother scoffs and says, “Haven’t you heard of the internet?” Claire quickly finds a plausible answer and says that she’s actually doing a paper on libraries and their lack of usefulness in today’s plugged in society. Nice one, Claire. Dad is still a little leery so he follows her out the door but as he turns the corner, Claire has disappeared and even Dad doesn’t know where to look. We see West and Claire fly off from behind a house nearby.

Nathan shows up at the hospital, arguing with Matt about coercing a confession out of her. Nathan is cleanly shaven and looking SPECTACULAR :D Matt pulls him aside and tells Nathan that he knows Ma P is innocent. He shows Nathan the pictures of Kaito and Ma P with the Kensei symbol on them. Nathan knows this symbol and he knows the picture. He’s sure he has a copy at home. Nathan wants to speak to his mom alone for five minutes and he grants it. His mom doesn’t want to see another of her son’s die so she’s taking the wrap for them. She confessing to save them all. They cuff her and wheel her out of the hospital room. She looks forward but there seemed to be a glimpse where she recognized somebody in the hallway. I don’t know if that was intentional or just me.

Sylar claims he got robbed and was walking for three days. Maya speaks English but Alejandro does not. Maya shows Sylar Papa Suresh’s book. Maya asks him his name and he looks at his watch which says “Sylar” on it but he answers, “Gabriel Gray.” He tells them that he knows Suresh and that he can take them to him. Take them to the grave maybe? Rut-ro.

Monica is cutting up tomatoes at Burger Bonanza and singing. She absentmindedly slices into a tomato as she’s talking to her friend and ends up making a beautiful tomato rosette. Hmmm... She’s happy as can be – that’s until her boss tells her she’s not going into the management program. It’s not that she didn’t do great on the test, it’s her circumstances. As a manager, she has to be available to relocate anywhere in the state and with her grandmother and brother to take care of, he doesn’t think that’s possible. Later that night, home from work, she catches a clip from the pay-per-view wrestling match that Micah has hotwired for his cousin. The wrestler pulls a “619” on his opponent. During the week she is closing the BB when a thug pushes his way in to empty the registers. Monica pauses for a moment before she runs toward the guy, swings herself around on a stripper pole and kicks the crap out of the thug with the same 619 move the wrestler did. What’s a stripper pole doing in the middle of a Burger Bonanza?

Nathan and Matt are looking for the photo. Matt asks about Nathan’s kids but he’s tightlipped. Matt confesses to him about his wife and that she’s pregnant with her lover’s kid (I didn’t know the kid wasn’t Matt’s. I just thought they divorced because she was having an affair.) Nathan finds the photo. In it are Ma and Pa Petrelli, Linderman, Charles Deveaux, Kaito Nakamura, Goldfinger Bob!!!, a blonde lady, an African-American lady (probably Uhura). a brunette woman, a dark-haired man (maybe Italian or Mexican), another guy and a fat guy. Matt recognizes the fat guy – it’s his dad!

Incidentally Pa Petrelli is turned a bit sideways in the photo but he kind of looked like Matt Frewer (Eureka, Max Headroom) to me! Turns out Matt was abandoned by his dad when he was around 13. He wants Molly to use her powers to help find him, but it turns out his dad is the bane of Molly’s nightmares. He’s the man who can see her when she’s looking for him! He’s the Nightmare Man.

West has snuck Claire off to sit on top of the Hollywood sign. He wants her to trust him. He also wants her to jump off the sign – she tells him her broken bones and stuff isn’t pretty, but she does it anyway. West catches her before she falls to far, making her fall for just a little bit more. “I never want to see you hurt,” he tells her before he kisses him and they float in the L.A. skyline. Look over to the left! The Dodgers lost again!

Nathan puts another cute photo of a young Peter on his mirror. He wants to make things right for Peter but when he looks in the mirror it’s that of a grotesque face (which we saw before.) It’s Nathan, all disgusting looking. The horror! The horror! He punches the mirror and his hand is all bloody. What is he seeing? Future self? Past self? Inner self?

The Wonder Twins, et al take a bathroom break when Derek sees a paper with the Wonder Twin’s pics plastered all over it. He tells Sylar that they need to ditch them and save themselves. Sylar agrees and tells Derek to go call the police. He soon follows him with a brick in hand.

Sylar gets in the car and asks the Twins to tell the truth. He shows the paper and asks if it is them. Maya says yes and Sylar tells her that Derek is calling the cops. Maya starts to freak and go all black oil on them. Alejandro is trying to calm her down. Wonder Twin powers – Form of 20mg of Prozac, twice daily! Maya goes back to normal. Looks like when she’s scared or freaked out her abilities surface. Sylar has witnessed all of this. Oooh, I get the Doublemint twins, he thinks! It’s my lucky day! She’s the walking plague and he’s the cure! They take off and we see Derek lying in a pool of his blood off in the back.

HRG wants Claire to confess to seeing a boy and she finally confesses, but says she tried out for cheerleading, even though she knew he didn’t want her to. HRG wants her to promise that she won’t date. “Okay, dad, sure.” I’ll just keep my raging teen hormones in check, just for you – because you asked. No problem.

HRG then meets with the Haitian who has a lead on the other paintings. The lead starts in Texas...

My Two Dads are arguing as Matt wants Molly to help find his father but Mo is dead set against it. Come on, just kiss and make up, will ya? Matt needs to know if his dad is dead, the killer, the next victim or what... Molly comes out and tells Matt she’ll help find him. Turn on some lights in that there apartment! She locates the dad in Philadelphia but he knows she’s there. Matt tells her to get out but she passes out. She’s in shock. Matt’s terrified for her and wants her to wake up. In his mind he can hear Molly screaming, “Matt, help me!” Very Poltergeist. Go in to the light, all are welcome...


Ok – If Dad was the one that put hashmarks on West, wouldn’t he have known where West lives? And if so, why would he have moved his family to the same town where West lives knowing that the two would be in school together?

So, Monica’s powers didn’t manifest until Micah arrived, I’m assuming? When Micah hugged her, was he trying to fix her problems like he does with electronics?

How bad a liar is Claire? You know what your dad can do, girly. You should tell him the truth.

Not the best episode and I totally missed Hiro not being in this one, but I guess he can't be in all of them.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on October 16, 2007 3:54 PM
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My thoughts...

Noah is a smart cookie. The pic shows him a goner, with Clair performing lip-o-suction on an unknown guy. I'd bet he knows Clair is lying to him, even if he doesn't quite know specifics yet.

I kinda like the New Orleans family. But being able to mimick anything you see on TV seems a bit odd, as superpowers go. Odd, but *frickin' sweet* at the same time. Maybe Micah did that to her w/out realizing it. The camera did linger on his hand when he hugged her; for a horrifying moment there I though he was gonna pinch her tooshie.

I'm 100% certain that Mamma P is confessing to crimes she didn't commit. She thinks this will stop additional killings from happening, or something.

I think the only reason Maya y Alejandro are still alive is because Sylar knows he can't actually use their powers yet. Once he gets his mojo back, I'd bet anything on Alejandro taking a dirt nap. Maya will survive, because 1) it'd be more interesting / tragic for the wondertwins to be broken up, and 2) she's the hot one.

re: Parkman's divorce... I also thought the divorce was only because of the affair. There might actually be a continuity error there. The "5 years in the future" episode from last season seemed to imply Matt's son was around and all biological and stuff. Maybe not. Maybe I'm just high.

re: Nathan's photo... on another message board, somebody said they saw Kensei in that photo along with Goldfinger Bob, Nightmare Dad, Sulu, etc. I didn't notice it myself, so I kinda doubt it... anybody else see that?

Parkman / Magoo is starting to remind me of Jack on LOST, and that's NOT a compliment. He's the guy who says, "Hey, let's do *this*." Everybody says, "No, that's stupid." He insists, and whines. "Let's do *this* 'cause I wanna!" Everybody else gives in. Bad things happen.

Molly is in la-la land, and it's 100% Magoo's fault. Hey, DORKO the Magnificent... she gave you the apartment building, and still had all her mental facilities. CALL IT GOOD. You're a cop... ya think you can find him, knowing what building he's in? Sheesh.

Oh, and are you saying that the Burger Bonanza's where you live *don't* have stripper poles? Heavens... why not? ;)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 17, 2007 5:59 PM

I think the stripper poles come with the combo meals - I've never seen one myself.

I think Micah hugging her was after her powers manifested. It was post-tomato-decorating 101.

As we all well know the drawings don't always depict the final story. Peter dying after saving the cheerleader as it looked in the drawing didn't happen, but if you were Noah you still gotta be a little freaked.

I paused at the photo and don't recall seeing Kensei anywhere in it - unless it's an aged version of him? The only white guys in there I recall were Nightmare Dad, Papa Petrelli, Goldfinger Bob and some other guy sitting in the foreground.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 17, 2007 6:16 PM

Noah Bennett definitely was the one that initially captured West. But, as West said, after that his family moved around. With Hana Gittleman destroying the tracking satellite last season (in the graphic novel), there was no way for the Company to track people by their marks anymore and were using Molly to find new "specials".

Without Molly working for them anymore, you have to wonder how they are finding specials now...

It's really funny that you call Maya and Alejandro the Wonder Twins. I call them the exact same thing on my website. lol

-- Posted by: Peter Sorensen at October 17, 2007 11:09 PM

I don't think HRG knows where West IS. May have known where he WAS. And I have a sneaking suspicion that West is a Company spy... maybe that's just the conspiracy theorist in me.

I caught the look in Ma P's eye as she was wheeled away, also. I think she confessed to get "protection" from whoever's coming after the rest of the group.

And I'm liking Claire less and less as this goes on... I mean c'mon... how much of a blonde can she be?

And the scene with Molly was a little irritating. I thought better of My Two Dads... some guy who you're deadly afraid of??? Happens to be my Dad, who I haven't seen in 25-ish years??? I GOTTA KNOW WHERE HE IS!!!! Ok, I could have easily stopped at knowing what building he was in, but NOOOOOO... gotta know the room number. Is he on the toilet right now? Geez....

I'm still very happy with the show, but some of the characters are getting DUMB.

-- Posted by: Mike at October 18, 2007 10:47 AM

Ok, ok - I totally didn't catch that West was in St. Louis or wherever when he was captured by HRG.

It may read wrong - but I do think Ma P confessed to a murder she didn't do to protect the others. What I was wondering if she was the cause of her "attack" in the interrogation room - or if it was Kaito's murderer.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 18, 2007 12:53 PM

Wrestler/cousin/tomato rose making Monica is excellent additions to the show...add the pole and damn, when is a BB opening up in my town. Micah definitely gave her a 20 point inspection when he hugged her-how annoying is that, you shake hands with the kid and he's like "your cholesterol is high and that arthritis in your elbow will act up tomorrow".

I yelled “she’s dead” when Mother of the Year Petrelli walked in the hall. That is a good mystery…maybe someone just held up her medical bill in her face. Oh and did Nathan get elected or what? I’m guessing the burned carcass face wouldn’t have sat well with the pollsters but what’s up? One day King of New York the next he’s getting checked by Ando on a street corner. ??????

Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again ( ). What was he thinking, and yeah, why did Molly Earth (Molly + Google Earth) have to give sub-meter accurate Lat-Long on the guy. You’re right, he’s a “cop”. Good lord! Love the pink room idea! Honestly, you’d think one of Molly’s parents would have some style.

I’m with Mike, I’ve thought from day one West was a spy. A smooth spy, but a spy. That cheese-ball pickup line was fantastic too. Just waiting for Claire to give him a pet name, something like “Smallville”.

I thought the Haitian Board of Tourism & Mental Nothingness said Russia. No? Somebody correct me I thought he said ‘Odessa’ and HRG said ‘Texas?’, but the Haitian said ‘No Russia’. Anybody???

Anyone who is travelling by foot through ALL of the Americas (South, Central & North) to meet one person, runs into an abandoned injured stranger in a desert who says “yeah I know him, I’ll take you to him” deserves to be worm food. Maya think about it before you offer him everything including your virginity toots.

What is with the cockroach!?!?!?!?

-- Posted by: CC at October 18, 2007 1:25 PM

Did anyone else notice the ticking clock
sounds reappearing in the later Sylar scenes? I'm pretty sure these are the sounds that were played when Sylar's powers first manifested last season (when he learned that he could SEE how people's brains worked). Also, and I've NEVER been clear on this one, but is Sylar a zombie (brain-eater) or does he just study the brain like a watch-maker?
Any answers would be helpful. Thanks

-- Posted by: B. M. at October 19, 2007 2:29 AM

Hey All,
Papa Petrelli in the photo is blurry and obscured (his face is in profile, while everyone else faces the camera). I have a theory that Kensai is Papa Petrelli. If he really is indesructable, then he never died. Maybe every 20-30 years he fakes his death then starts a new life somewhere else with someone else. This could mean Kensai has been spawning heroes for 400 years. All our heroes could be decendants of him.

I realize this is far-fetched, but this is Heroes, so not impossible!

Also, I'm sure Mama Petrelli confessed so she would have police protection from whomever is after her. I also theorize that the electrical power we've seen Peter use came from Mama; there was an electrical surge in the police station when she was "attacked".

-- Posted by: Sarah at October 19, 2007 2:18 PM

The picture of the Old 12 is here:

(Thanks, Peter!)

I've been studying it and it could very well be Kensei - interesting. But being indestructible doesn't necessarily mean you're immortal, right?

I never really thought about West being a spy, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was.

It has never been made clear how Sylar extracts powers from his slice-o-matic victims.

I guess the telling point is when Hiro returns to present time and maybe sees the picture? Gosh, I love this show!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 19, 2007 2:37 PM

Loved the TV guide commercial "Only 7 days left until the next Heroes" Classic.

7 hours 4 minutes until Heroes

-- Posted by: CC at October 22, 2007 12:57 PM

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