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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 2 - Lizards

We open to find Peter bound to a chair, beer or some other yellowish liquid being tossed on his newly ripped stripper bod. A new haircut isn’t the only thing he got during that explosion last season... The Irish hoodlums want answers and if they have to beat it out of him they will. Where are all the iPods that were supposed to be in the shipping container they found him in? Ricky (Holt McCallany), the head guy asks.

Back at the Butler household, Ma Butler is trying to make poached eggs but her wedding ring slipped off her bony finger right into the boiling water. Claire and mom stare at the wedding ring when Claire reaches in a retrieves the ring, burning her hand. As she pulls it out, her hand returns to normal and we see that Ma Butler knows all the family secrets now. Which makes me wonder? Does her brother know too? Claire whines about having to lay low but dad puts her in her place and off to school she goes in her new NISSAN ROGUE (product placement fee ching ching!)

Ma Butler shows Pa the day’s paper which features the death of Kaito “Sulu” Nakamura. HRG knew this was going to happen. When Ma asks how he knows, HRG shows her a painting of Mr. Ee-sock’s that mirrors the picture in the paper (like the newspaper would show a dead body on the front page...) He tells her it was the first of a series of eight but he doesn’t know what the other seven look like but he’s gonna find out.

Parkman and his partner are up on the Deveaux rooftop investigating the death of Papa Nakamura. Ando Masahashi is talking to another officer. They did find a print on the body – from Angela Petrelli. Matt asks Ando if he’s seen the symbol that was painted over Nakamura’s face. Ando tells him it’s the kanji for “godsend.”

Back at the Disney's Golden Oak Ranch, oops, I mean 17th century Japan, Hiro asks if anyone’s seen the “scary white man.” Resting against a tree trunk, drunk off his ass, sits Takezo. Hiro dunks him in a horse trough of water to try to sober him up. His only comment to Hiro is how he looks like a fish when he talks and then passes out. Hiro eyes his armor and steals it. He’ll be Takezo Kensei for the day! Interesting how the armor fits Hiro perfectly while it also fits the taller, thinner Takezo perfectly also. Ah, the magic of television.

Back at school, Claire can’t take the hint to lie low and asks her science teacher about regeneration like how lizards can regrow body parts. Wasn’t this an X-Files episode?

Mo is being sent on a mission by his new boss, Bob. Apparently there is a third hero who has the virus and Mo is being sent to bring him back.

Our Wonder Twins are still on the run. They take refuge with an old family friend, Nidia. Nidia says they’ll leave at night but they are waiting for others. Maya takes a nap and when she wakes up there are a couple of people there. One, a woman, tells Maya she’s a healer. She takes Maya’s hand and sees a darkness there inside, a darkness that can kill the devil. It freaks her out and she takes her family and leaves. They’re not crossing the border with those two.

So it’s just Nidia, Maya, Alejandro, backpack, map, river, mountain! No Swiper, no swiping! They reach the tunnel that will get them closer to the border but Maya and Nidia make it but Alejandro has to stay behind when border patrol arrives. Freaked out, Maya goes all freaky – her eyes turn black and black tears spring from them. Whatever it is it knocks Nidia out. Personally, I think it’s the black oil from the X-Files! Alejandro finally makes it to her and takers her hand and Wonder Twin powers activate – Form of a curse sucking sponge! Alejandro absorbs all of the darkness from Maya and she is cured.

Back in Ireland, Catilin (Katie Carr), Ricky’s sister, comes in and cleans up Peter. Much to her astonishment, there isn’t a cut on him after she has wiped away the blood. She tells him that her brother is working for a big mob guy named McSorely and he’s sore that his shipment is nowhere to be found. What do you bet that McSorely is one of the seven? Come on – let’s hope it’s Sean Bean who was falsely rumored to be Sylar last year.

Trying to get out of his bindings, Peter struggles against the ropes, but he pauses for a second and his hand go through the ropes. He’s just about to escape when Caitlin is being mauled by two guys who are about to beat her around. Peter comes to save the day and tosses a lightning ball at one and send the other flying against the wall.

Ricky returns and is pissed. Turns out one of the guys is McSorely’s son. They need to make things right and they need Peter’s help. Peter doesn’t want to help but when Ricky pulls out a box and calls him by his name, Peter stops to listen. Turns out the box has more than Peter’s identity in it, it has some other useful information that Peter is dying to have, so he relents and agrees to help Ricky pull a heist.

Mo is in East L. A., no wait, that’s Haiti, looking for the man Bob sent him to find. Guess who it is? It’s the Haitian! He looks like he’s at death’s door. He’s ready to die, if that’s God’s will. Mo, apparently speaks fluent French. He gives the Haitian some of the antidote and he’s good as new. Mo is sitting at his computer telling the Haitian that he’ll be taking him back to the Company and the next thing you know Bob is yelling at him to pay attention and the Haitian is gone. Bob chalks it up as a rookie mistake but it’s clear that he’s fixed him or he’d still be there.

Back in feudal Japan, about a dozen swordsmen surround the swordsmith’s daughter, Yaeko. She is fighting them off with a sword when Hiro arrives to save the day. He uses his powers to disarm the men twice, freaking them out as they run away. Hiro and the princess ride off to another part of the ranch where faux cherry blossoms have sprung from their plastic roots. They have a moment and Hiro unmasks himself but after he has stopped time so the lovely Yaeko will not know who he really is.

He returns to the village to give Takezo back his armor and tells him of the things he must do. Our drunk Brit isn’t too keen on doing any of it, but when the Yaeko comes in all happy to see him and hands him the Kensei sword, Takezo reconsiders, but as they exit the hut Takezo is pierced by three arrows at close range by the swordsmen Hiro earlier embarrassed. Upset, Hiro pulls out one of the arrows (um, hello? You don’t do that unless you want him to bleed to death.) Kensei dies, but within seconds his wounds heal by themselves and he breathes in new life.

Could Kensei be a great (with many greats) grandfather to Claire?

Back at school, West was interested that Claire had such interest in lizard limb regeneration. He tells her about this book this Indian guy wrote and there’s a whole chapter on spontaneous regeneration. He wants her to read it. She blows him off as she walks to her car – which is gone. Oops, the brand new car got stolen!

She goes to Copy Kingdom to tell her dad and they have yet another argument in the stockroom about how she can’t not be who she really is, etc. etc. What do you bet someone was totally listening?

At the precinct, Matt and partner are questioning Mama Petrelli. Matt’s trying to delve into her mind and Mama knows and she yells back at him in her mind. “Get out of my head!” Matt goes out and greets Nathan, who is here to bail out Mama. The lights go out and they hear her scream bloody murder and they run to her aid. The door is locked so Matt goes in the observation room and breaks the glass. There’s no one there but Mama Petrelli and she looks FREAKED. She’s got a bloody face. Matt finds the picture of her with the Kensei symbol on it. The lights come back on.

Mo returns to his My Two Dads life with Matt and Molly. He pulls the covers over Molly before he goes to the other room to make a phone call to HRG. Turns out Mo was in on the whole thing and the plan to have the Haitian escape right back into HRG’s waiting arms was theirs.

But how did Mo know he would be going to the Haitian and not some other hero?

Back at home, Claire paints her toenails while Mr. Muggles (which I think was a body double) watches some dog competition on TV. She eyes a pair of scissors and cuts off her toe and waits for it to grow back. It does. And a point to continuity, it grows back without nail polish on it. Odd it didn’t gush out that much blood which she cut it off in the first place. She looks up and sees West looking in the window – he takes off. Claire runs out after him and finds the book he came to bring her on the driveway. He’s nowhere to be found. Mr. Muggles is looking up and barking. Ah, it’s like Cinderfella ran off and left his book for Princess Charming.

And so ends this week’s episode.

Not the best episode – a little boring, but I know it’s all set up for better things to come.

Is the phantom menace who killed Hiro’s dad and attacked Mama Petrelli Claude Raines? He’s the only one I can think of that has the power of invisibility. Or is Mama Petrelli conning everyone?

On an aside – did anyone see Chuck last night? Did you notice that Chuck said “Oceanic Flight 815” in his ramblings in the chair about what he saw in the files downloaded to his brain?

Missed the ep? See it here.

Posted by Connie on October 2, 2007 8:28 PM
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Caught the Oceanic flight 815 comment, thought it was brilliant considering Lost is on a rival network.

Loved the Hiro Kensai (Hirsai? like hear-say)telling them what to call the battle, "You could write about it and call it the Battle of 12 swords." A riot.

Waiting to see if CMR's re-life cover story is an insurance salesman.

Parkman's a great cop...somebody walks through the apartment, right past him, tucks in the kid and makes a phone call without him even budging. Welcome back to NYPD Magoo.

With the Haitian waiting for his double-sided collated copies to finish, I thought HRG might tell Mo "We're getting the band back together

-- Posted by: CC at October 3, 2007 1:36 PM

Another great episode (and recap).

Mama P isn't conning anybody, unless her power is to make a building's lights flicker and self-mutilate at will She was under attack by -something.-

Also, a guy named Holt McCallany should have a better Irish accent, don't you think?

-- Posted by: DD at October 3, 2007 7:01 PM

"We open to find Peter bound to a chair, beer or some other yellowish liquid being tossed on his newly ripped stripper bod."

Way to set the tone! I had to stop and get my laughter under control before I could proceed.

I think the attacker who took down Sulu and assulted Mama P is a new character. There's only one current character we know who can be invisible AND survive a fall from a 10+ story building. That would be Forgetful Pete. (And possibly Sylar, but he would have cut open their skulls.)

'course, it could be that two different assasins went after Sulu and Mama P. In which case, Claude is suspect #1, methinks.

I've been thinking up Wonder Twins jokes all week, and not a one of them is half as good as "curse sucking sponge". I wept.

Oh, and thank you CC (first poster). Parkman will forever be known as Magoo to me. Perfect!

Connie, did you notice that there is now a Chuck blog on this site? It's not very good yet, but it's there. And despite my nickname, I had nothing to do with it. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 4, 2007 11:24 AM

Hey Chuckster - Yes, I did see the Chuck blog. I love that show, but I really LOVE Pushing Daisies! That was an awesome pilot ep.

Thanks for the compliments - I hope my Wonder Twins jokes can last the whole season!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 4, 2007 12:42 PM

Some Wonder Twins for you off the top of my head

Maya: "Form of, Xerox Colorpass 9000 copier, black toner refill"

Alej: "Form of, whoa, what did you just pick? Ugh. No, no, no. Form of ink blotter. Honestly, could you come up with something else? This is pathetic"

Maya: "Wha, what is the matter?"

Alej:"Again with the black ink. I'm tired of soaking up that stuff. It's dark out and I can't even see now. The murder thing I'm okay with, but you embarass me with the "weapon."

Maya:"Well what do you want me to do?"

Alej:"Oh, I have an idea. Why don't you chill the heck out the next time something doesn't go your way. OMG. I mean what are you a squid?"

-- Posted by: CC at October 8, 2007 1:27 PM

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