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Heroes: Vol. 2, Ch. 3 - Kindred

Over in Cork, Ireland – Ricky tells Peter about the heist he has to help out with to get the box back. He hears Will talk about taking the money, but what Peter doesn’t realize is that he heard Will’s thoughts.

Somewhere in Mexico the Wonder Twins are trying to find a way to get to the border, but Maya is dehydrated and tired. Alejandro gets the bright idea to jack a car during midday but he doesn’t even case the area to see if any cops are around. Of course there is one and he lays chase. He catches Alejandro and carts him off to jail.

Alejandro begs forgiveness but he gets tossed into a cell, next to an American. Of course, Maya can’t take a dump without her brother so she goes to save him. She begs the officer to release him, that she needs him to get across the border but the officer instead threatens to call the border patrol. Maya grabs their wanted poster and tells him that the pictures are of her and her brother. They try to restrain her but you know what’s coming next... Wonder Twin Powers – Form of a ♪ bubblin’ crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea... ♪ The officers along with the American pass out and Maya grabs the jail keys to get her brother out. And here I thought she was going to slick some of that oil onto the bars and help him slide out. Of course, she’s spouting too much goo to go anywhere so Alejandro pulls his shtick “Wonder Twin... Ah, what the hell!” and grabs Maya’s hands. What happens to the goo when Alejandro gets it? Form of a goiter?

Niki is taking Micah to D. L.’s family in New Orleans. They say one last goodbye to D. L. at his gravesite. I presume D. L. is gonna stay dead. They get to New Orleans and it turns out D.L.’s family includes... Lieutenant Uhura! I’m curious to see if Uhura is part of the old regime. Perhaps a flashback will include Uhura and Sulu! Where’s Spock?!

We then see a really bad backdrop of some tropical paradise. Some ugly chick who is in dire need of a nose job (and the sunglasses accentuate this) sits next to Sylar. We find out it’s Candace – the shapeshifter – but now it’s a different actress as Missy Peregym got a role on CW’s Reaper. Is that Tecate Light in the jug? Candace goes by Michelle now and the Gilligan’s Island set is a figment of Michelle’s imagination. The scene disappears and they are in a grey drab room and Sylar is on a gurney (?), his chest patched up, oozing blood. What did they do to him? Apparently, they did eight surgeries on him but what did they do? I guess Michelle’s new boss is Goldfinger Bob?

Molly, Mo, and Matt have a midnight reunion when Mo tells Matt he’s here to stay. Goldfinger Bob is setting up shop in NYC.

Ando’s back in Japan living his boring life as a cubicle jockey. He gets reprimanded by a mean looking boss. Pulling out the Kensei sword from his filing cabinet (I thought it’d be longer), Ando looks at the hilt and the tip says “Ando, open this.” He opens it and out pours some scrolls. Scrolls that Hiro has written him telling him about his adventures with Kensei. Magically, Ando has picked the first one Hiro wrote – he opens it to read it. How did he get that sword through airport security?!

Claire’s having a rough time at school, no thanks to West. West brings up the regeneration theory in science class, secretly mocking Claire. Upset, Claire runs outside and cries along the steps. West finds her and forces her into admitting she’s different. She finally does, angry about it. West smiles and tells her to “Shut up,” but in a romantic, I’m digging on you way. He takes Claire into his arms and they fly off (cue Superman love theme here.) Now that they are truants, they have one more thing in common... They sail off into the sky toward the beach.

Back at the Disney Ranch, Hiro promises to bring Kensei back to the beautiful Yaeko. Kensei is in denial of his abilities. When he finally accepts that he cannot die, he decides he will use his power to obtain riches and not help the helpless. With a roll of his eyes, Hiro grabs Kensei and transports them a CGI set of a Japanese temple (?) where Kensei must face 90 angry Ronin and retrieve some scrolls to start his path to heroism.

Peter helps to distract the guards as Ricky and Will go to get the lockbox of money. When a guard hits the alarm, the two take off but the guard takes shots at them. Peter instinctively uses his powers to move the armored vehicle in front of the guard so Ricky and company can run to safety. Caitlin witnesses all of this and is shocked by Peter’s powers but says nothing.

Back at the bar (I’m figuring it’s a small town. Ricky and Will didn’t wear masks – wouldn’t it be easy to ID them?), they open the armored box and it’s full of cashola. Will pulls a gun on Ricky and Peter and does what Peter heard him think earlier. He takes a couple of shots at Peter, but Peter’s powers quickly fix him and he slams Will against the wall with his powers, ready to kill. Caitlin is able to stop him and Will takes off. Ricky is looking at Peter like he’s the devil.

Mohinder shows up at Isaac’s loft. It’s now owned by the Company. Goldfinger Bob is transforming it into a lab and research space for Mo. They’re packing away his paintings...

As Hiro and the Yaeko wait for Kensei to return. She fears he might have been kidnapped or killed, but he soon returns to their delight with the scrolls. Yaeko hugs Kensei in excitement and kisses him, much to Hiro’s sadness. Hiro is shoving scrolls to Ando into the sword, he’s ready to come home – his job is done. Yaeko and Kensei are having a moment, which saddens our poor Hiro. He’s about to blink away, but he can’t do it. Production has rented the ranch out for another week – we have to shoot more episodes in feudal Japan! And the fake cherry blossom trees don’t have to be returned until the 30th! And Hiro runs back to the two and stays. Do you think Hiro is Japanese for "Cyrano"?

Wonder Twins are about to escape the jail when the American beside Alejandro is revived and asks to go with them. They hesitate but as he has a car (where were his car keys?) they agree and the three escape. A bumper sticker on the back of his car says, “Go Conquistadors!” Do we know what the mascot is for Claire’s school? Could it be a conquistador? Gotta say, I’m already a little over Maya’s black pool look. That upturned face with the puppy dog eyes filled with black good. Looks like Maya’s powers doesn’t instantly kill. I wonder how long it takes for those affected to die?

Sylar is trying to use his powers but he can’t even move a cup. He asks Michelle what the hell is going on. Michelle gives him a taste of what he can have as she morphs into a few different people. Sylar pretends he’s into her but crashes a coffee mug into her head and proceeds to take her powers. We see the dead Michelle in her true form – the “rubenesque” woman. Sylar tries to use his newfound powers but nothing happens. He leaves the building but there’s nowhere to go. They were in a small shack in the middle of some huge forest. Okay, how did he steal her powers if he can’t use any of his powers? I’m assuming his lack of powers includes that of the laser finger slicing variety...

Caitlin is tattooing the family crest on Peter – he’s proven himself and is one of the family. Ricky returns the box that was found with Peter to him. Peter isn’t sure he wants to know what’s in that box because he fears of what he once was. Caitlin tells him if he likes where he is and what he is right now, then leave the box close – and then they kiss. The new tattoo morphs into the Kensei symbol and disappears.

Over on a beach where West has taken Claire, the truants chat about their powers before they, too, kiss. Claire eyes two small hash marks on West’s shoulder. The same we saw on Parkman in Season One. He tells her of the day he found the mark and that he doesn’t remember much, but he remembers this guy – one with the horn-rimmed glasses. Claire is freaked – what has her dad done in the past? Well, West, that’s what you get for flying around town, practically flaunting your powers...

Mo’s at the lab and the moment Goldfinger Bob leaves for a moment to take a call (the call is with Niki) he takes the chance to call Noah. He finds the eighth picture of the series and sends a jpeg to HRG. HRG pulls up the painting and it’s probably one of the few times we see him scared. The painting is of him with a bloodied face and broken glasses lying in the foreground, Claire (and who we can assume is a shadowed West) in the background kissing. Oh those rebellious teen years...

What did you think?

Missed the ep? See it here.

Posted by Connie on October 10, 2007 11:01 PM
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Hello Connie! This review is a bit rushed, were you busy this week? Regardless, you've got some true gems in this one, including...

Goldfinger Bob! I love that nickname.

"Do you think Hiro is Japanese for 'Cyrano'?" I nearly cried. Hiro de Bergerac.

Good question regarding Ando and the sword, how'd he get that through airport security? But a better question... this sword is a museum piece, has been for centuries... how is it that nobody noticed "Ando Open This" carved into the butt?

Wonder Twins + The American kid... emphatically YES, that is Clair's Nissan Rouge. The kid stole it, partied on down to Mexico, and bled drops of Black Blood of the Earth (you mean oil?) from his soul-windows. What a weekend.

Finally, something I can no longer keep silent about. Forgetful Pete = Jason Bourne. Think about it... no memory, American guy pulled out of the ocean in Europe, total bad-ass and doesn't know why. The conversation with Hot Irish Chick cemented it...

"Arn't cha goin' to open that box?"
"What if I don't like who I was?"

Trust me on this. I just finished reading the Bourne Identity yesterday, and watched the movie just last weekend. That conversation happens between Jason and Marie multiple times in one form or another. I was literally laughing all during Petey's kissy scene.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not upset at the show for borrowing a plotline. At the same time, if Jason/Pete suddenly realizes he knows French, I'm going to have to cry foul on principle.

Whoo-hoo! Is it Monday yet?

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at October 11, 2007 2:35 PM

Hey Chuck - yes, a bit rushed and a few days late :o)

I was thinking the same about the sword - how come no one saw it before but maybe it's a space-time continuum thing? Hiro "just" wrote it so maybe it "appeared" on the sword recently?

I didn't even catch that the car was a Nissan Rogue! Bad product placement then! Good eye!

I never got into the Bourne series (books or movies) so I never made the connection. Personally, I thought the family crest looked like a cheap temp tattoo from Wally World.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 11, 2007 2:52 PM

Great read again this week. Spock, HA nice. Who is next, Kirk? Scotty? (ooooh sorry about that Trekies)

Missy P hot, too bad she was gone (is she the daughter of Scorpious from Farscape?) And I’m sorry but that beach and the Bali Hai in the background is Kauai, not Maui. Another vote for Missy.

Glad to hear Mohinder is never leaving again, I’d hate for that little girl to grow up in a broken home with only one parent. BTW Magoo finally noticed Mo's presence after he made some phone calls, did the dishes, played the national anthem like Hendrix, built a Cherry wood hutch for their new dinnerware and then "Oh it's you Mohinder", what a dope

Shouldn't Kensei have already felt indestructible while he was drunk?

I never liked the use of "rubenesque". If he lost his powers, maybe Sylar went from the laser finger to finger licking.

Oh, Peter's tattoo morphed into the Kensei symbol...I missed it because I was mesmerized by their blossoming romance and coincidentally throwing up at the same time. The guys have the family tat on their arms; does Caitlin have a tramp stamp?

I missed the bumper sticker on the car too. Good catch

-- Posted by: CC at October 15, 2007 1:08 PM

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