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Heroes Fodder

Heroes: Ooooh, Uhura...

Nichelle Nichols will be joining the cast of Heroes as a recurring character. Nichols will be playing Nana, a New Orleans native who is the grandmother of Monica (a new hero). Her character will also be related to Micah, who is sent there to live with Nana.

With Zachary Quinto signed on to be the young Spock in the next Star Trek movie (helmed by Alias' J. J. Abrams), has our Heroes-Star Trek odyssey come full circle?

Not yet, I say! Where's Walter Koenig? Heroes needs a "Chekov" on the show. Maybe another co-hort of Kaito Nakamura (George Takei) - one of the original group of heroes? Hmm....

Posted by Connie on August 24, 2007 2:43 PM
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