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Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Two - Landslide

Okay – here we go – second to last episode. Didn't see it? Watch it here.

Ep opens up where we left off – Claire’s reunited with HRG and Peter’s hands start to glow. “You know what you have to do,” Peter says to Claire. She starts to pull the gun out of her purse. She’s about to pull the trigger when Peter yells, “Wait!” He’s able to control his new nuclear powers.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando are back at Mr. Ee-sock’s pad. Hiro laments on how he was unable to fulfill his mission – with a broken sword, what can he do? Ando has an idea! When in doubt, let your fingers do the walking... He grabs the phone book and looks under “Repairs” and finds the Kensei symbol on an ad for metal repair. They call and make an appt. to see the Maytag Repairman.

HRG, Claire, Ted the Geico Caveman, Matt, and Peter discuss strategy. Peter thinks he and Ted need to get the hell out of dodge to avoid the nuclear meltdown he’s had premonitions of. HRG suggests they hit the small town in Nebraska – Windy Fork – and hide there until he comes for them. He wants Claire to go with them because if they do go into meltdown, she’s the only one who can stop the both of them. They set to leave when we see Sylar off in the distance, listening in with his super-hearing. Rut-ro.

Linderman is reassuring Nathan that he’ll win the election today. He reveals that Nathan’s Papa-san was one of them and that he had great power, but he was weak and he gave up. Hmm... What power? And what power does G-ma have!? Linderman leaves with a parting gift. He holds Heidi’s (Nathan’s wife) hand and heals it.

Peter, Paul and Mary – I mean Peter, Ted, and Claire make their way down the street when Peter hears voices in his head – specifically Sylar’s. “He’s baaaaack. We need to get off the streets.” and they run into a building (will this really keep them safe from Sylar – I think not.)

Hiro and Ando make their way to the metalsmith’s when they see a polling place full of people and Nathan exiting it. Hiro goes over to warn Nathan of the impending explosion and to get his help on the matter. “You can help us stop it!” Hiro tells him excitedly.

Nathan basically blows them off. He leans over to whisper sweet nothings in Hiro’s ear, “No one can.” and leaves.

“You’re already a bad man – a VILLAIN!” Hiro yells, enunciating as Nathan taught him in a previous ep. They make their way to the metalsmith. They show him the sword. “Can you fix it?”

“Depends. On him.” The door opens and we see Hiro’s Papa-san! Papa Nakamura!

Ando doesn’t want Hiro to talk to his Papa-san because he fears his father will convince him to return home and Ando’s fate is sealed. Hiro believes he owes his father a moment to say his piece and out of respect he should give him that. He enters the back room and closes the door.

D. L. and Jessica are also in NYC and are out for blood (and they’ll get it, as you’ll see). Linderman tells Micah the job he wants him to do – to alter the electronic pools in Nathan’s favor so he’ll win.

Claire, Peter and Ted exit the store they slipped into but before they can get very far, Agent Hanson and the FBI swarm the building and take Ted into custody. Peter and Claire use Claude’s invisibility ability to slink into the crowd. Agent Hanson thanks Sylar (who intros himself as Isaac Mendez) for tipping them off about Ted.

Hiro and Papa-san have a deep heart to heart and Papa-san realizes Hiro is up to the task. He decides to teach Hiro the skills he needs to take down Sylar. They change into full gear and Papa-san teaches Hiro how to walk like a man, fight like a man. Papa-san brings up the old tale of Kensei that Hiro would always have him tell him at bedtime. Hiro gets it and exclaims, “I get to fight with Sulu! My Papa-san is SO COOL!” Meanwhile, Ando is strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words... Killing me softly with his sound...

HRG and Matt get to Walker System. They see D. L. and Niki enter the building and intercept them so they can all help each other. “Didn’t I throw you out a window?” Jessica asks Matt.

Mo and Molly are chatting in their science lab playroom. Molly’s got her powers back. Mo wants her to think about Sylar and get a lock on him. Before she can start to do that, Thompson enters and wants them to hightail it out of there to the helicopter waiting for them.

HRG sends Niki and D.L. up to the 51st floor where Linderman is. while they go eliminate the Walker System. Matt hears Thompson’s thoughts and pulls HRG away before Thompson can shoot him. HRG takes off, leaving Matt alone. Thompson comes up behind Matt and is about to shoot him when BLAM! BLAM! HRG fires two shots into Thompson.

Ted is being driven out of the state when Sylar flips the car over and sends it careening toward him. One flick of the wrist and the car stops just short of wiping Sylar out. He goes to the back where Ted is strapped down to the seat, but he’s upside down. Sylar does his deed and slices out Ted’s abilities...

Peter and Claire are trying to get out of the system but they’ve come up to a super traffic jam. They see the overturned police van and see that it’s Ted, which means Sylar has his powers now. “You have to stop him,” Claire tells Peter.

D. L. and Niki show up at Linderman’s place. Linderman offers Jessica $20 million to kill D.L. She tells she, Jessica, would kill him for the money, but Niki wouldn’t. Niki is back in control. Linderman pulls a gun on Niki but D. L. gets in the way and gets shot in the process. Linderman turns his back on D.L. to gather the money when he pauses. D.L. has just stuck his hand in Linderman’s head and took out some brain. Linderman falls to the floor. Pretty sure his power of healing ain’t gonna help him now.

Hiro has done his training and he runs out to tell Ando but Ando is nowhere to be found. When he asks the metalsmith where Ando is, he tells him that Ando bought a sword and took off. He’s off to kill Sylar himself.

Nathan wins the election (of course).

Matt and HRG go in search of the Walker System. Both Matt and HRG are surprised that Walker is a young child. HRG knew it was a person but didn’t know it was a kid. “We came to kill a kid?!” Matt exclaims. Mohinder comes up behind Matt and knocks him out with the butt of his gun. He pulls the gun on HRG. HRG points his gun at Molly. “As long as she’s alive, my daughter will never be safe. None of them will.” So Molly, Mo and Jack find themselves at a crossroads...

Ep ends with Sylar making little fireballs with his newfound power.


One would assume Sylar called the FBI to tip them off about Ted so how did Agent Hanson know who to walk straight up to after they took Ted into custody?

How does Ando know where to look for Sylar? Don’t you think Ando would have heard the clanging of the wooden swords and the grunts from Hiro and Papa-san’s training and thought to hang around for awhile? Maybe peek in to see what was going on?

Wouldn’t you be suspicious if in a matter of minutes the polls went from “down in the polls” to “landslide victory?”

Posted by Connie on May 15, 2007 8:17 PM
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Nice write-up, but you might wanna check out your link at the top.

Boy howdy did they up the body count or what? Linderman, D.L. (gutshot), Thompson, Ted the Glowing-Handed Geico Caveman…who'd I miss?

Y'know, I thought for sure that when Hiro and Sulu came out of the dojo-room, Ando would be standing there and he'd say something like, "You've only been in there for five minutes…" And since Ando went to kill Sylar "…since Hiro wouldn't do it…", I'll bet it's Ando's death at Sylar's hands that motivates Hiro to actually kill Sylar. Or Sulu's death. And then Hiro would inherit gobs of cash…hey…how is Hiro paying for stuff like food and showers? At least he saves money on plane tickets...

And was it just me, or did the sword-fixing guy look like Quint from Jaws? And it was nice to see Agent Hanson again…I was kinda wondering if she still had a job...and Ted the Geico Caveman needed to die so he'd be available for the new ABC Cavemen sitcom.

RE. "He holds Heidi’s (Nathan’s wife) hand and heals it."

I knew he was going to heal Rena's legs episodes ago when we found out Linderman was a healer.

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at May 16, 2007 7:49 AM

We also found out that Candice is Large and In Charge. I had wondered if "Stick It" was her natural form or not, but her exchange with Micah shows otherwise.

"I've got a friend who eats like that. He's huge."
"So am I."

Loved the Jessica / Parkman exchange. That cute little smile when she said, "Didn't I throw you out a window?" was just grand.

I really wanted to hear some variation on the "Rocky" theme music during the Sulu / Hiro training montage. From office nerd to samuri bad-@$$ in just 20 minutes! Billy Blank, eat your heart out.

At the end of the Agent Hansen / Sylar conversation ("Thanks for calling us", etc), she turns to face him one last time and he's gone. Does that mean he's hooked up with Claude in the past couple of days? Or is he just sneaky?

My money's on "just sneaky", but I'm unashamedly trying to stir something up. :)

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at May 16, 2007 10:07 AM

I loved the awkward silence between HRG, Matt, Jessica, and DL in the elevator with the elevator music playing.

DL is in the previews for the next episode.

Doesn't Ando have the comic book page that FHiro gave him?

Poor Matt, he's more often than not knocked out for one reason or another, no wonder he turns evil in the future.

-- Posted by: Bryan at May 16, 2007 10:53 AM

Does everyone believe that DL is dead? I thought while it is likely, there is still the possibility that he is not. Besides if he is holding Linderman's brain, maybe he has a hold of the healing abilities. (Eeewww!)

Ando bought a sword? I was pretty sure that the metalsmith said Ando stole one and ran off. He knows where to find Sylar because he has the comic book.

Doesn't Sylar now know the future as well, since he now has Isaac's abilities?

We still do not know what Sulu's powers are, just that he has some.

We don't know if Grandma P has powers or if it was only her hubby.

-- Posted by: boharpe at May 16, 2007 11:25 AM

@Bo - Ando bought a "Narimake" sword. I can't imagine he'd dare steal it with that guy (the metalsmith) around.

I'm pretty sure G-ma Petrelli has powers. Didn't she refer back to the "Justice League" too as some point - the one that Linderman and Papa Nakamura referred to?

I don't think D.L.'s dead. He was still breathing at the end of the show which indicates he's still alive. He'll probably stick his hand in his gut and pull out the bullet or something. And, yes, he was in the previews for the finale.

Not sure if Ando has the comic book page or not. I guess we'll find out next week. He probably is going to eat it and the anger Hiro feels at his death will fuel his nerve to kill Sylar.

Why can't Peter "disappear" and show up behind Sylar and stab him in the brain and kill him?

I'd like to see Candice's backstory - show who she 'really' is.

I think the death count is going higher next week!

What will I do all summer?!

-- Posted by: Connie at May 16, 2007 1:03 PM

I was just re-watching Heroes on Sci-Fi - the part where Hiro is recalling the tale of Kensei and the Dragon. How he took his own heart, etc. etc. Do you think maybe Hiro has to kill Ando to kill Sylar or something of the sort? Sacrifice his friend to save millions?

-- Posted by: Connie at May 20, 2007 1:38 AM

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