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Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Three - How to Stop an Exploding Man

Missed the ep? Watch it here...

Ep starts off where we left off – Linderman dead and D. L. shot. Niki wonders why D.L. took the bullet when it could have phased right through him. This is true. Why did he? The ultimate sacrifice? Linderman’s henchmen try to break down the door to his quarters but D.L. and Niki phase through the wall, just in time. They go to find Micah, but D.L. is too weak to go on. She kisses him before she leaves to find her son.

With his dad’s blessing, Hiro goes to save Ando and the world.

Sylar is at Isaac’s loft, painting away. Is Isaac’s dead and lifeless body still rotting away in the corner? He sees the person he’ll have to face – Peter.

Molly, Mo, and Jack are facing each other. Molly goes to hide under the bed and she sees Matt. “Officer Parkman?” Once he recognizes her, he refuses to help HRG in eliminating the “tracking system.” So, instead, HRG and Mo drag Thompson’s body to the garbage bin. HRG gets a call from Claire. She tells him about Sylar and Ted Sprague. HRG tells Peter he has to find Sylar. That he may be the only one to stop him. He tells him to keep Claire safe and that they have a tracking system that may be able to find Sylar for them.

Peter returns to Nathan for help. Claire is distrusts her dad intently. Peter exits the car to talk to Nathan and Claire takes the opportunity to run away only to run into G-ma Petrelli. But Peter hears Nathan’s thought and realizes Claire is right – he can’t be trusted. When he turns to see Claire missing, he goes invisible to find her so Nathan can’t follow. He runs into the street and panicked, his hands start to glow. Will he explode right there? Nope, Peter passes out instead.

Molly tracks Sylar back to Isaac’s loft. She says she can’t find one person – worse than Sylar – only because he can see her when she thinks about him. She pinpoints him and HRG needs to tell Peter immediately. He calls Claire but G-ma answers. She’s trying to get away from the Petrellis but HRG wants her to go with them. But once she gets out of the city, though once away he wants her to escape from them. No problem, Dad. I’m unbreakable!

Matt decides he’s going after Sylar himself. Even HRG’s words of warning don’t stop him.

Peter “wakes up” but finds himself back at the Deveaux Building, the first day he came to take care of Simone’s dad. G-ma and Mr. Deveaux are chatting away like old friends. Present Peter watches Past Peter chat with Simone. He eavesdrops on his Mom and Deveaux talking about the bomb. Deveaux doesn’t think the bomb needs to go off at all, that they should lay their hopes on Peter because it is he who has hope and heart, unlike Nathan. G-ma thinks differently. She thinks Peter is weak and Nathan is ready to play his part in the events to come. When G-ma leaves, Deveaux talks directly to Present Peter. He tells Peter that “In the end, all that really matters is love.” Cue the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” in the background.

Does this mean Simone’s dad had a power? If so, what was it? Seeing the invisible?

Ando goes to Isaac’s loft, sword at the ready, but Sylar flings the sword away from him and pins Ando to the wall. He wants to know where Peter Petrelli is, but Ando doesn’t know. Sylar starts to slice into this neck with his power finger (what happens if I pull that finger?) Hiro appears behind him (didn’t he take Dad’s sword with him when he teleported away) and grabs Ando’s sword that Sylar flung into the floor behind him. He calls for Sylar to stop. Sylar decides to taunt him, “You think you can do your little trick before I can do mine?” Um, yes, you idiot. I control time. Hiro blinks and disappears only to reappear next to Ando and then the two disappear away. SUCKAH! That’ll show you not to get so cocky next time.

Niki goes in search of Micah and find the apartment that Micah’s been holed up in. In the room sits Jessica with Micah passed out on the ground behind her. They fight and Jessica knocks Niki to the ground, breaking a mirror. When Niki looks into the mirror, the real Jessica looks back and warns her that the Jessica she’s fighting isn’t her at all and that Niki is strong enough to take her. Niki kicks some morphing butt and knocks Candice out. The passed out Micah disappears and she hears her son call from the closet out back. “Is it really you?” Micah asks. She looks into the tall mirror behind her and sees only her reflection. “Yes,” she answers.

Mo is packing some stuff up and wants to take Molly away because the “Boogeyman” (Sylar) is on his way. “No,” Molly says eerily. “He’s already here.” They try to run, but they find D.L. Mo stops to help. Molly hits the button for the elevator but it isn’t working. Niki and Micah come around the corner. Niki and Mo help D.L. up while Micah uses his techno powers to get the elevator working. Molly’s impressed. They all pile in the elevator and the doors close just as Linderman’s henchmen round the corner.

Nathan, G-ma and Claire go back to his office so he can collect some things. Claire speaks up, questioning Nathan on how he can let all this happen. “The future is NOT written in stone!” she tells him. “If the future is inevitable, why has she kept us apart all these years.” Nathan’s head pops up as he thinks about this. G-ma tries to put a kibosh on it all. Claire ain’t having none of that. She runs and busts out the window, falling to the ground, probably ten stories below. Within a few moments, she gets up and walks away. One would think the glass at that height would be Plexiglas and/or unbreakable...

Hiro and Ando teleport back to their old Cubicle farm in Japan. Ando is ready to go back with Hiro and kick some Sylar butt, but Hiro tells his friend he must finish this alone. “I’m not afraid,” Ando tells Hiro. And it’s Ando’s fearlessness that has fueled his own. He has learned by example how to be a hero from his ordinary but extraordinary friend. He hands Ando his Kensei sword so Ando will know he will back someday to reclaim it. It isn’t the sword that will kill Sylar, it’s the man, he tells Ando.

HRG finds Peter on the street via Molly. He’s going to help Peter since he saved Claire. Peter thanks HRG. “Call me Noah.” I guess Jack Coleman’s prediction that HRG’s first name would be Anthony or “Tony” Bennet didn’t come true.

Peter and HRG go to Kirby Plaza for the final showdown. They don’t see Sylar but just as HRG is looking the other way, Sylar taps him on the shoulder and then flings him into a concrete pylon on the other side of the fountain, possibly breaking his arm and knocking him out, also knocking his gun just far enough away that he can’t reach it.

Sylar uses his powers to get a chokehold on Peter. Matt comes from the other side and fires about four shots at Sylar. Sylar stops the bullets and flings the shots back on Parkman who gets hit with his own bullets. Explain that to the cops. He falls to the ground.

Niki and company exit the Linderman building and run to hide behind a column. Mo sees Matt down and stops to help him. Sylar send a parking meter flying towards him and uses it to knock Peter down. He’s about to use it to knock Peter out for good when Niki shows up behind him, grabs the meter and uses it to smack the crap out of Sylar. He falls. Micah yells for his mom to come back because dad needs her. Peter sends her back to her family while he whales on Sylar while he’s down. Sylar looks up him and starts to laugh that evil, maniacal laugh, but stops cold when he sees Peter’s hands start to glow. Peter takes a few steps away from him. “It turns out your the villain, Peter.” Sylar tells him. “And I’m the hero.”

Hiro teleports in behind Sylar and calls his name. He then proceeds to run his sword right into Sylar’s gut. Sylar falls to the ground, seemingly dead from this mortal wound, but is he? Shouldn’t Hiro have beheaded him for good measure? I would have.

Peter wants Hiro to kill him so he can stop Peter from exploding. Before Hiro can even think about complying, Sylar uses his powers to send Hiro flying back into the Linderman building. Before Hiro can be killed by the impact of his flying body hitting concrete and steel, Hiro teleports away. Sylar has a final future flash before he “passes out.”

Peter is at a loss as to what he should do. HRG is trying to get up enough strength to pick up the gun and shoot Peter. Claire comes around the corner and takes the gun from her dad. She points at Peter but she doesn’t want to shoot. There has to be another way and then we see there is. Nathan flies into the plaza and is willing to sacrifice himself for his brother. He takes him up up and away into space (presumably) where we see a Star Trek sized nuclear explosion in the sky above.

Volume One closes with Parkman being shuffled into an ambulance but still alive and Sylar presumably disappearing down into the New York sewer system.

Volume Two, Chapter One: “Generations” opens up with Hiro falling from the sky into a grass field. Where did he teleport himself to? He gets up and sees several Japanese samurai warriors on horseback facing him. They shout out a command and Hiro turns the other way to see one sole warrior on horseback with the Kensei flag behind him. Hiro curses in Japanese. Rut-ro.

And that’s it for the season!


How many transfusions is Mo gonna give Molly? She’s going to suck him dry with as many transfusions as she’s getting.

Couldn’t Peter have sacrificed himself by flying away? He had absorbed Nathan’s powers long ago. Maybe someone could have cold-cocked him and knocked him out. Or dunked him in the fountain.

Are Peter and Nathan dead? Is it possible that Peter pushed Nathan aside to save him before he exploded? Perhaps Peter survived the explosion? Maybe he didn’t “explode,” per se, but just let off some “gas?” As we didn’t actually see Peter and Nathan’s death, I have to wonder if they are not dead at all. Or if one or both of them transform into something more like when Jean Grey ascends into becoming Phoenix in X-Men.

Didn’t Sylar slice off Peter’s lock of hair?

Okay, Sylar’s in the New York sewers – will he grow to be 36 feet long and weigh 2000 pounds like the Alligator in New York? Hmmm....

Had to look up the meaning of the name “Noah,” of course. It means patriarch, long-lived, wanderer, PEACEFUL.

Wouldn’t Linderman’s henchmen have made it down the elevator (or the stairs) and gotten to the lobby before the end of the whole showdown?

I found it interesting that in Peter’s dream in the earlier episodes showed everyone running away from him and the explosion yet in the finale everyone was running to him.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the teaser for Season Two.

What did you think? What was your favorite scene and/or episode of this season? Who’s your favorite hero?

Posted by Connie on May 22, 2007 2:58 PM
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Great recap!

I thought the finale was a bit weak.

1) Why didn't peter fly off by himself.
2) Why didn't they kill Peter and let him regenerate.
3) Sylar would have never been stabbed with Hiro running that slow.
4) Sylar's was so strong, until the final showdown. Nikki hit him, Hiro stabbed him, yet he could stop bullets in mid air.
5) How long is D.L. going to stay alive in the hall.
6) There seemed to be too many inconsitencies.

Don't get me wrong, I like the show. For any other show, these things wouldn't bother me, but I expect more from this show.

I liked the way they left it with many questions to set up next season (which I will be watching). They also introduced the new threat. Someone worse than Sylar.

-- Posted by: RickN at May 22, 2007 3:24 PM

the best episode to date along with 5 years gone. It'a amazing how this show can get into you. it goes deep into your craziest dreams!! and makes you even dream more, this something worth watching till the last season, at the end you'll see how much you have grown.

-- Posted by: webb at May 22, 2007 3:32 PM

Why didn't Peter fly off himself?

It looks like Peter can only access one power at a time.

When he rescued Claude from HRG and the Haitian, he flew away. He should have turned invisible AND flew away or turneed invisible and used TK to knock them out.

It seems that Peter can only pull one file out of his powers filing cabinet at a time.

-- Posted by: Josh at May 22, 2007 4:03 PM

I think the reason why Sylar easily stopped the bullets and couldnt stop the sword and the parking meter was because he can't control people's bodies. His powers won't let him stop Hiro's arms from plunging the sword into him. He probably could have stopped the sword if it was thrown at him. The same goes for the parking meter.

-- Posted by: Eugene at May 22, 2007 4:19 PM

If he can't control people's bodies, then how did he move Hiro away at an alarming rate?

-- Posted by: Anonymous at May 22, 2007 5:37 PM

LAME, yes i love the show. But, wow what a LAME season finale, i truly expect more from this show.

AND to Eugene, that excuse doesn't work, he obvioiusly threw benett to the wall and numerous times has he telekinetcally thew people around. So, yeah he could have easily done those things according to the physics of the show.

It's just the way it was written, the writers wanted the characters involved in the last stand. So they added these useless attacks, so that it wouldn't seem that your lovable characters could do nothing against Sylar.

-- Posted by: profile at May 22, 2007 5:40 PM

I gotta agree with the majority - this was not my favorite episode nor the best season finale. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was a lot more than I got. I think the build up was so anticipated, the final showdown was more of a letdown.

My favorite ep by far is "Company Man."

-- Posted by: Connie at May 22, 2007 5:55 PM

I have to admit, I also thought the finale was weak. Here's some thoughts:

Why didn't Peter fly away? Because he had lost control of his powers, that's why. If he could control his powers enough to fly, then he could control them enough to stop himself from exploding.

That's about it for the bits I *can* explain. As for the rest...

Clair-Bear, pointing the gun at Peter and weeping, saying, "Tell me there's another way!" I shouted at the TV, "There is! Point the gun six inches lower and PULL THE TRIGGER!"

Why is Peter so convinced that he has to die to stop the explosion? Claude just knocked him unconscious and that worked.

Why did Nathan have to die? He could have flown Peter out somewhere and then dropped him, letting him 'spload on the way down. Then again, maybe he did? Next season, we'll probably find out.

Sylar knocked the sword out of Ando's hands, so why not Hiro? The only thing I can figure is that he was taunting Hiro, expecting him to fail again.

Why didn't Sylar hear Niki/Jessica come up behind him? I can forgive this, because seeing Niki/Jessica whallup him with that post was friggin' sweet. :)

When Candice was knocked out, she morphed back into "Stick-It" girl form. But that's (supposedly) not her true form... I was expecting to see a much larger woman hit the ground there.

"Noah" (lordy, that sounds odd after a full season of calling him HRG) and Clair-bear, "Home is wherever our family is." Er... the Company has (supposedly?) possesion of your wife and son. Based on what we've seen of the Company, there's a good chance both are dead. Um. You're gonna need some Halmark cards or something...

Connie, good catch on the Clair/window thing... you'd think it'd be harder to jump through a window than that.

And finally, I may stand alone on this, and if I do, so be it. I do NOT want to see a significant portion of next season set in Medival Japan. I simply don't care about it. Let's have Hiro discover some ancient heritage in common with Kensi, have another 20-minute training montage, and get the heck outta there. Don't get me wrong, I'm good for a Samuri movie every now and then. But on a weekly basis? On a TV budget? I don't think so. Also, it separates the show's best character (Hiro) from the rest of the cast.

Overall, I LOVED this season of Heroes. I was, overall, dissapointed in the finale. So much build-up, such poor execution on the delivery. I really expected better. I will almost certainly be watching next season, though. Even with a hiccup like this, the show is still easily one of the best on TV.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at May 22, 2007 6:02 PM

I was also thinking that it might be Ando (or his greatx10 grandfather) under the Kensei mask. Or maybe it was Sulu - wasn't sure...

I just saw Masi Oka on the WB lot!

-- Posted by: Connie at May 22, 2007 7:19 PM

@Chuck - From what I understand - a lot of next season will be spent on how the Heroes evolved into what they are today so I imagine a lot of flashbacks - maybe more on Claude and the Linderman Justice League and such. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of eps in medieval Japan, but I don't want them to linger too much there either since it would only prove to be a Hiro-centric storyline.

I was also thinking the same thing about Candice. If she was knocked out, wouldn't she have morphed back into her true self?

-- Posted by: Connie at May 22, 2007 7:38 PM

Random ramblings:

I don't think Sylar crawled into the sewer; I think he was dragged away. The blood trail looked awfully straight for someone to have crawled. Perhaps it was invisible Claude nearby, just like in one of Peter's previous visions?

-- Posted by: Ken at May 22, 2007 11:24 PM

Why didn't Peter fly away?----I heard a playback on the radio, you were correct above,he said he "can't control it, I can't do anything." Or something like that.

The Samuri at the end was George Takai(sp?), Sulu. At least it really looked like him. And this was the consensus on the radio as well. Not that they are experts.

They also pointed out that there was a cockroach in the cell when Sylar was almost dead, and there was a Cockroack on the sewer grate when Sylar was dragged in the sewer. Maybe that cockroach is the newest villian. Morhed or something. Maybe he will bring Sylar back, or take his powers. The blood streak looked like a body was dragged, not like someone was crawling.

-- Posted by: RickN at May 23, 2007 7:43 AM

Even more questions.

Did Nikki know who Sylar or Peter was, or for that matter, did she know anything about the bomb? Why would she hit Sylar with a Parking Meter, then?

Also, did she know who Mohinder was? How did she know that this person sticking his grubby hands all over her dying husband was not one of the bad guys? (Since, after all, they were at the bad guys' headquarters)

-- Posted by: Dex at May 23, 2007 8:24 AM

Alot of good points. I think Peter has the "only one power at a time" issure going on, good theory. But it seemed that in the future, he used multiples so maybe it's something he can grow into. I don't think he is dead, he's too powerful and now popular a character. But I think Nathan is. And it will turn out to be his love for his brother and his daughter that reined overall.

I also LOVE the idea that Sylar was dragged away. If he passed out, he recovered way to fast to escape, love that theory.

I understood the final showdown with all the characters taking their crack at Sylar, but thought it was "we don't know if we are coming back for another season" overkill. It was not necessary. They could have had them showup but not be so involved. But I agree that Niki walloping Sylar was great.

I agree that the morphing woman should have gone all the way back to her original fat self.

I will have to look at the Samuri again, George Takei? Really?

Great recap.

-- Posted by: David at May 23, 2007 9:30 AM

Interesting theory on Sylar/dragged away - If that is the case, maybe it was the one Molly spoke of - the one worse than Sylar.

Why didn't Hiro freeze time before he stabbed Sylar, just for good measure?

I believe Niki and Peter met at one point, but I don't recall where.

Kensei - looked like Ando to me, but also possibly Sulu. I couldn't tell, but it's one of them. Though it'd probably serve the story better if it was Sulu because then Hiro would be related to Kensei...

@David - Showdown couldn't have been related to "what if we're coming back next season" because the show was the first to get a full season order back in early November. :o)

-- Posted by: Connie at May 23, 2007 1:37 PM

Okay - me and my name origins...

Peter - means "the rock." Peter the fisherman had an impulsive nature as well as rocklike faith. Jesus said of him, "Upon this Rock I will build my church".

-- Posted by: Connie at May 23, 2007 1:45 PM

I noticed the cockroach at the very end and figured it had to be Sylar or have to do with his diappearance. But until someone pointed out above that a cockroach was also seen in the cell when Sylar was supposedly dying, the connection seems to be that when mortally wounded, Sylar can somehow transform himself into one of the most resilliant creatures on earth: a cockroach. It's a theory - maybe not a great theory, but a theory.

-- Posted by: La Reina at May 23, 2007 2:08 PM

Thoughts.... Simone's fathers' power probably was to see invisible people. I'm not sure how Peter got back there, unless he used Hiro's time travelling power. Or maybe the whole thing was a dream, so maybe Simone's fathers' power was like the little Indian girl that Mo met? My thinking about Simone's father had a lot to do with the fact that Claude kept ending up on top of that same building, taking care of those birds... I'm sure he communicated with Simone's dad somehow.

Boy, Nathan's change of heart sure was interesting at the end. And I'll bet it PO'd Mom.

I think Sylar was dragged. And I think the cockroach was simply a reference to nasty little creatures that JUST WON'T DIE!!! heh

-- Posted by: Mike at May 23, 2007 3:33 PM

I think the cockroach might have been a reference to show that Sylar is just like the most hardy creature ever that cant die, comparing them

and one of my friends (who is a comic book nerd) said that it might be a homage to the marvel comic series as well when they had a cockroach conspiracy (look it up) cus they have had a lot of homages before such as sylar being a watchmaker

and to La Reina... i dont think claude and simone's dad have talked before because simone's dad said: "i always thought invisibility would be a fun one to have" so that is hinting that he has never seen invisibility before

And i dont know what my thoughts are about this but im bringing it up to get input... what do you all think the point of the eclipse is? cus it is obviously a MAJOR symbol because it is in the frickin logo

Also another symbol that seems really important is the symbol on nikki's shoulder and on kensei's flag
My friend said that it looks just like a single helix RNA strand, like one segment of it so it might be suggesting that the powers come about as a mutation in an RNA strand or something like the X-men x-gene

-- Posted by: Branden at May 23, 2007 8:09 PM

Any ideas as to the significance of Hiro’s father’s last words to him: “Don’t forget your legacy… the wind at the back of history.” And then he gives him the sword.

There’s talk above about some credibility issues. What about the whole concept of a character like Sylar who can steal abilities that are at the genetic code level simply by slicing open their sculls and (what’s he do with the brains?). But I guess that why it’s called science fiction.

-- Posted by: Ardie at May 23, 2007 9:56 PM

Weak finale, when I first heard the show was coming out I doubted it would be good. After a few episodes I realized how good it was, after the finale I feel like I wasted my time. Such a great show with such great writing and production value, it was a shame that they did not put more time and effort into the Final Standoff.

-- Posted by: Jeremy at May 29, 2007 10:57 PM

I haven't seen this point mentioned:

Early in the season, when Hiro first arrives in New York, he sees the big nuclear explosion during the day-time. But the climax was held at night? Is their chief of continuity really that bad?

Another annoyance was how absolutely empty the streets of New York were - no traffic, no vagarants, no body at all - New York as ghost town.

Add me to the list of disappointed people. Loved the show - hated the finale.

-- Posted by: Schweighsr at May 30, 2007 6:34 PM

I have to imagine that the events that led up to the explosion changed significant after Hiro teleported himself to the day of the Event therefore changing the time of the Event itself.

I also had the same thought that for New York City it was awfully empty. Not one other soul to be found.

If Sylar was dragged away, how come no one saw it? Unless, of course, it was Claude...

-- Posted by: Connie at May 30, 2007 8:58 PM

Late posting. I agree with most posters. Loved the recap, enjoy Heroes, but finale was very lame. I had reservations when I heard it was only one hour. With me being a LOST fanatic, I wanted the producers to come HARD with the season ending show.

Was very upset to see Nathan and Peter go. To me, besides Hiro, that is what pulled me in and kept me. I loved seeing the sibling dynamic. Wondered what Peter thought after hearing G-Ma Petrelli call him "weak." Especially after declaring that he was her favorite in the beginning of the season. Gotta be disturbing to hear your mom say such words about you.

While I'm not AS excited about next season, I will continue to watch. Am curious to go back and see how it began for our heroes...

-- Posted by: Landa at June 1, 2007 6:00 AM

Just because Peter blew up, doesn't mean he died.
In episode 20, Peter was still alive in the future, and they said in that episode that he was the one that exploded, not Sylar.
He just regenerates.

-- Posted by: Zeppo at June 22, 2007 5:38 PM

Sooooooooooo dissapointing
loved the whole series and then the last episode ruined it all. So many inconsistencies... as you have all pointed out and sooooooo small a climax. Where was the big apocalyptic finale battle ??? Where was the explanations to anything and everything? where were the writers when they wrote this episode... was it take your kids to work day. Sorry but I expected so much more and am actually angry that I have wasted so much time watching the first 22 episodes. At least season 2 starts soon so they can reddem themselves...
some very interesting comments and points by everyone here but it doesnt hide the fact that the finale was terrible
Now I have finished ranting Im off to catch up with season 6 of 24... let me guess nuclear weapons and foreign bad guys! (its never the Americans fault!)

-- Posted by: dave at September 8, 2007 5:35 PM


Dude, if you think the season finale of Heroes was a letdown and are now watching season 6 of 24 - that whole season was a letdown!

Looking forward to 2nd season of Heroes. Hiro falling in love with a Japanese princess. Another hero dies (?!) Guest stars Kristen Bell and others.

-- Posted by: Connie at September 8, 2007 9:10 PM

So-so. Something was not impressed.

-- Posted by: Matthew at January 31, 2013 5:03 PM

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