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Heroes: Chapter Twenty - Five Years Gone

Watch the ep online here with commentary from HRG, Mo and Parkman!

It’s five years into the future and present Hiro meets future Hiro. FH tells PH that a man named Sylar (hint #1) exploded five years ago wiping out half the city. PH tells Ando to go to FH as he’s scare of his own self. :::hah, hah::: FH says “Save the cheerleader” while PH finishes “Save the world!” He was able to get the message and save the cheerleader five years ago meaning Peter and Claire are alive and that Sylar didn’t get her powers. FH asks PH if that meant he killed Sylar and nerdy, conservative PH says, “Me?! Kill Sylar?”

According to Future Hiro’s “string” theory – Hiro crosses paths with Sylar the day after Nathan is elected and stabs him, but because he had Claire’s powers in that timeline, Sylar was able to regenerate. But now that Peter was able to save Claire, Hiro can kill Sylar without worry of him regenerating. FH tells PH that hehas to go back and do the dirty deed, but since PH still hasn’t mastered his skills, he’s afraid he can’t get back to the correct time and place. FH has to get PH back to the present (the day of the explosion). Before they can teleport themselves back to the present, a SWAT team busts in and captures PH. Parkman comes in behind them. It turns out they are Homeland Security and Parkman is now the head of HS and he works with the Haitian. And five years into the future, those with powers are now considered terrorists (or maybe “mutants”)... Paging Professor X, paging Wolverine...

FH and Ando flee the scene. FH tells Ando that he can’t rescue PH because the Haitian has a way of blocking powers, but he knows one person who can – Peter Petrelli. “We’re going to Las Vegas,” FH says. And with a twitch of the nose and blink, they disappear. Yes, master... :::duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh:::

They show up at a strip club and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Jessica the stripper comes out and we see it’s Niki/Jessica. Apparently, Niki and Peter are an item now. She sees Hiro and stops dancing. They want to find Peter, “War’s over, General Tsao,” Niki says. (Niki – that’s Chinese, he’s Japanese, get your ethnicities straight if you’re going to make a racial slur! And BTW, yum, now I’m hungry for Chinese food) They ask about HRG and as far as she knows, he’s still in Texas.

They leave to find HRG and Peter shows up and sits at the bar with Niki, a big slash across his face (from Hiro’s sword, maybe?) We find out that Micah was killed in the explosion and D. L. has gone underground(?). Peter’s powers are much stronger and more controlled now.

Parkman tries to get info out of PH, but since he jumped ahead five years into the future he knows nothing of what Parkman is talking about. Matt calls Nathan to tell him they have Hiro and Nathan wants info out of him, wants to make sure it’s really Hiro – that he’s not an illusion (hint #2). Matt ends the call with “Yes, Mr. President.” and we pull back to see Nathan is now the President of the United States.

Nathan calls for the Professor (and Marianne!) and Mo comes in with glasses far too big for his face. Nathan has funded Mo’s research. In the five years, Nathan has basically bagged and tagged all the heroes, stopped their breeding, hoping Mo would have found an “innoculation” to the mutant gene. Mo tells him that the DNA is hardwired, unchangeable – like they are a separate species. There is no “cure.” Nathan wants to basically exterminate as many heroes as he can, positing Mo’s theory of evolution, but Mo interjects “I was talking about the natural order of things. What you’re talking about is genocide!”

Matt is beating the crap out of PH. Turns out he’s not only is the head of Homeland Security – he’s basically the President’s lackey, a government thug. Before he can do any more pounding, he gets a call that Mo is at Isaac’s loft.

Back in Texas at Primatech, HRG is testing a child to see if he has the hero gene. If it’s red, he has the gene. If it’s blue, he’s “normal.” It turns red and immediately Wireless (who we can assume works with him now) gives the family a new identity and a pack of regular blood that won’t turn the litmus paper red. And we see HRG is the future’s Harriet Tubman running the Heroic Underground Railroad!

Ando and FH turn up. They want info on the heroes FH brought to HRG to send underground. HRG won’t help them but when Ando tells HRG that it was Hiro that saved his daughter, HRG has a change of heart.

Matt is dogging Mo as he looks at Hiro’s “string” theory timeline doohickey. He notices a picture of Hiro and Peter on the subway and Mo remembers the date as the day he picked up his dad’s ashes and Peter had the encounter from someone in the future. He remembers the message he was given – “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” He runs up to the top part of the loft and looks down at Isaac’s painting on the floor of NYC exploding.

We find Claire in Midland, Texas (her mom’s hometown), she’s got dark hair and goes by the name of Sandra (and guys, it’s five years into the future – so technically she legal, so roll your tongue back into your mouths). Looks like she’s engaged to the Andy, short order cook there. HRG is sitting in her station and she comes over with some pie. He tells Claire that she needs to disappear, to take the bag on his right which has her new identity. She doesn’t want to leave because of Andy but she also knows she doesn’t have much of a choice. How much does Dad remember at this point? He brought her back to Midland after his wife left. They see the TV screen which is running news footage of Homeland Security’s most successful sweep of heroes since the “Linderman Act” was passed four years prior. Now, did anyone get a close look at the footage. They are taking away a redhead – was that the same redhead that HRG has just sent underground?

Back to the Ando/Hiro lovefest – Ando wants to know what happens to him in the future, but Hiro refuses to tell him. He only comments that the “space/time continuum could implode because of your impatience” and Ando realizes the Hiro he knows is still there. FH wants to tell him something (like “I love you, I really do”) but before he can get the next word out, FH is tasered by Parkman. Just as Parkman sees who it is “Sonofabitch, we already caught you!” in comes Peter – in his Keanu Reeves Matrix wear (available at JC Penney), he easily tosses one commando to the side and then pulls a Hiro-constipated look about him to freeze time. Peter teleports Ando and Hiro out of them and when time goes back to normal, they are all gone.

Parkman shows up at Primatech at HRG’s calling. Looks like someone broke in, etc. etc. Then Matt asks about Janice – apparently Matt, Jr. is has powers too and they are underground. HRG shows him a child’s artwork of “Mommy and Me.” When HRG looks over the desktop, he sees Wireless on the floor with a bullet in her head. Matt slams HRG on the desk and reneges on his agreement with HRG since now he has to explain to the President why there are two Hiros out there and how one of them got away. He can’t go back to the Prez empty-handed so he wants to know where Claire is. He reads HRG’s mind. “No,” HRG says.

Back at the Burnt Toast Cafe, Claire wants to elope with Andy (who doesn’t know of her powers). He agrees. They’ll finish out their shift and go, but when she goes to wait on her next customer, it’s Parkman.

Mo is questioning PH. He picks up a draft version of the 9th Wonder comic. It shows Hiro killing Sylar.

Peter tells Ando, “It’s good to see you.” He tells Ando that Ando died in the explosion and that’s the day Hiro changed. He seemed obssessed with changing the past.

Parkman is back in NYC at the loft (gee that was quick!) to tell President Petrelli that there are two Hiros and it looks like they have the younger one. He tells him about Claire as well. The Prez want Mo to “sterilize” the Hiro that they have in custody even though the knows that nothing they have will stop the mutated gene or whatever it is that makes them heroes.

Back at the Petrelli mansion, Claire is waiting for her dad. They have a tense conversation where Claire blames him for turning the whole world on them and Papa Petrelli tells her that they are special, especially him. After he met a girl name Candice who helped him become President (hint #3), that all he really wants to do is eliminate the competition. As Claire walks away, Papa Petrelli stops her dead in her tracks and points his finger at her. She starts to bleed from the head. “Sylar,” she says in shock.

Papa Petrelli morphs into Sylar. “I’ve waiting a long time for this...” Bum-bum-BAAAAHHHH! Oh dang – an actual twist I did not see coming! Sweet! Of course, after watching it again this morning, I saw all the clues (noted above)

Niki and Peter are having an argument. He’s getting ready to leave to go help Hiro and Ando, but Niki doesn’t want him to go. Why does he feel responsible for helping him, she asks him. He confesses to her in anger that it was him that set off the explosion, the explosion that killed Micah (so we can assume Linderman took Micah to NYC to where the tracking system is?). Nathan covered it up by saying it was Sylar (and we know now it’s was Sylar covering for himself!) If there’s a chance Hiro can undo it, Peter has to help him. “You walk out that door. you don’t come back,” Niki tells him. Peter grabs his Matrix gear and walks out the door. Whoa.

Papa Petrelli is giving a speech to the nation at Ground Zero. At the same moment, Peter and Future Hiro show up at the holding center to bust PH out. “Should I freeze time?” Hiro asks.

“Nah, I haven’t had a good fight in years!” Peter answers. Hiro pulls his sword and goes one way and Peter goes the other. Hiro slices down a bunch of heavily armed soldiers – not a drop of of blood on his sword. He walks over to where Peter is and we just see a body flying across the room.

They can’t go upstairs without a plan as the Haitian is there and will block their powers and surely many men with big guns will be waiting for them anyway.

Behind all this action is Papa Petrelli’s speech – he announces they have discovered a treatment to reverse the genetic code in all the “terrorists.” We then see Dr. Mo drawing liquid from a vial into this crazy-azz looking syringe. “I have to go back to stop the bomb. Please don’t do this,” Hiro cries. Mo’s about to inject Hiro but he injects in the Haitian instead! (interject me screaming-just like last week – GO MO GO!) “You’re letting me go – why?” PH asks.

Mo shows him the issue of 9th Wonder he was looking at earlier. “I think I’m supposed to.” The panels show Mo injected someone, but that someone is the Haitian. He opens the door and in comes FH who looks like about to behead him.

“Future me!” PH yells. “He’s a good guy!” Peter comes up from behind, much to Mo’s surprise. FH is going to take PH and Ando back to the present but before they can hold hands think back time, shots are fired and FH falls to the ground. Matt is coming down the hallway – Peter thinks the door shut.

The Prez is lighting an eternal flame for the victims of the explosion when he gets a phone call – it’s Matt. He tells him that the Haitian is down and they can’t get to Hiro as Nathan’s brother is blocking their way. Nathan ends the call and thinks for a split second before he takes off into the skies.

Ando is trying to get PH to teleport them back, but PH is in shock at seeing his future self die. Peter looks back at them but is suddenly pulled through the door by Nathan. It’s like an Abel and Cain moment except Peter knows Nathan doesn’t have the ability to walk through walls. Who the hell are you? Nathan morphs back into Sylar who then ignites his hands (we can assume that he killed off Ted Sprague, Nuclear Geico Caveman...) Peter follows suit and lights his hands up and then they stomp towards each other to create a magical fireworks display envious of that 30 Rock episode and Jack’s Firework Spectacular. PH is still down in the dumps, but it’s Ando who saves the day by telling his BBF that he believes in him. They teleport back right before a Sylar/Peter explosion.

It’s present day NYC and no bomb has gone off. PH pulls out the 9th Wonder comic and looks at the panel where he kills Sylar. “Now the hard part...” he says.


Ok, five years later and the Haitian still doesn’t have a name? I bet it’s Milton Poindexter. Yes, the Haitian looks like a Milton Poindexter...

If the Haitian blocks powers, how come Matt could use his powers around him?

When FH and Ando fled the scene – why didn’t FH take Ando back to the present and kill Sylar himself? I’m sure there’s a Star Trekkian space-time continuum theory that would explain why he couldn’t, but I just don’t see it. Oooh, gumballs!

The strip club five years into the future uses music from now? :D

Until I found out who Nathan really was – I was wondering how cold this guy could be. He has kids, potentially heroes themselves as they have half his DNA, right? How could he want to exterminate them?

Had Ando actually met HRG? Without watching all the eps again, I don’t recall offhand.

The panel of Hiro killing Sylar – doesn’t look like Sylar to me – looks like Nathan...

What did you think?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on May 1, 2007 3:28 PM
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Hey Connie,

Nice write up.

"Niki – that’s Chinese, he’s Japanese, get your ethnicities straight if you’re going to make a racial slur!"

I think if you're using racial slurs, you ain't too bright to begin with.

And if Sylar can fly like Nathan, doesn't that imply that Nathan now has a big ol' gaping hole where his head used to be?

And the Oval Office set...I swear it's left over from West Wing...

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at May 1, 2007 3:49 PM

Hey Ransom - As I'm Chinese - I used to hate (but also had to laugh at the stupidity) when people called me a Jap or Gook...

If you watch the vid with commentary, the Oval Office is the set from the movie DAVE.

Yes, the assumption is Nathan is dead. I assume he is killed before the explosion? But he has to kill Candice first to morph into Nathan, right?

-- Posted by: Connie at May 1, 2007 3:55 PM

Why didn't FH know that the cheerleader was saved? I'm guessing he assumed she must have died since NYC when boom, but, FH is still Hiro, after all, right?

And what happens when Hatian and Pete are in the same room? Wrap you mind around that one for a minute.

-- Posted by: Bryan at May 1, 2007 4:11 PM

@Bryan - By the time Peter shows up in that room at the end, the Haitian is dead, right? Dead means he can't absorb his powers.

-- Posted by: Connie at May 1, 2007 4:16 PM

I actually think Nathan was Nathan at the time of the explosion. After all, he and gramma Petreli have a history of hiding embarassing family matters. So, what I think happened...

1) Peter/Neo loses control, goes boom, NYC crumbles. Anyone close enough to the explosion to know what happened ... er... they died in it.

2) Nathan covers for Peter by saying it was Sylar who 'sploaded. This would probably be after some lengthy period of "investigative" time. After all, how's Sylar (wanted for murder, being chased by FBI, remember?) going to defend himself against the accusations of a popular political figure?

3) Sometime later, Sylar hooks up with Candice, which paves the way for him taking Nathan's place.

Also of note:
"Save the Cheerleader, Save the world"... no workie! Future Hiro (at the time of his intervention with Peter on the Subway) didn't know that it wasn't Sylar who 'sploaded. All of his good intentions have been funneled in the wrong direction!

I wonder if we're going to see Sylar cut down by Hiro, only to then see NYC go boom anyway....

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at May 1, 2007 4:28 PM

After watching the show, I assumed "Milton" could select whose powers he wanted to block. That may be the amount of control he has over his power.
Additionally, if Hiro's purpose is to stop the explosion and save Ando, he is after the wrong person. Killing Sylar won’t stop the explosion - that was caused by Peter. I don't remember Peter telling Hiro the truth about who REALLY caused the explosion. PH has gone back to the past (present?) and is now operating under the assumption that killing Sylar will stop the explosion. Unless Sylar somehow caused Peter to go nuclear, I don't see how Sylar’s death will prevent NYC going boom. What’s Hiro going to do when he finds out the truth? Will they have to kill Peter (as if they could) to stop the explosion and save Ando/everyone else?

-- Posted by: callie at May 2, 2007 7:45 AM

Awesome episode!

Recall earlier in the episode how Nathan/Sylar wanted to initiate genocide to the people with powers by offering them 'treatment'.

But in fact I came to realize that since Nathan was Sylar, he wanted to rip their brains off to get all their powers and be even more powerful. Ahh Sylar, you sly devil you! All the powers you've already got and still you're not satisfied :P

-- Posted by: Ky at May 2, 2007 10:28 AM

Here's another clue:

While talking the future Mohinder, "Nathan" says something to the effect of, "blah blah blah....I know how these things work....blah blah blah".

Now thant I think about it...was it Mohinder or was it Claire. It was one of them though.

-- Posted by: Bryan 2 at May 2, 2007 11:44 AM

Can we assume FH didn't know about the cheerleader because he was in a different timeline so the Claire may not have been saved in his timeline?

@Ky - I hadn't thought about that about Sylar. Interesting...

I am still curious about that last panel in the 9th Wonder where Hiro stabs somebody in the front (FH said he stabbed Sylar in the back but he regenerated). The man he stabbed could have been Sylar, Peter or Nathan - it was a pretty generic looking guy.

-- Posted by: Connie at May 2, 2007 12:19 PM

Bryan 2-

Nathan/Sylar's "I know how things work" line was definitely uttered to Mohinder--I believe when they were poking around Hiro's timeline nest, which was the biggest tip-off yet that Nate=Sylar (per Connie's hints, I think it would've been #3).

Also, I think this clarifies certain paintings of Isaac and Sylar shown in the last episode. Isaac had painted "Nathan" in the White House, but when Sylar stole Isaac's brain and painted a disorted version of the picture, I really think it was Sylar going Dorian Gray (the hidden, twisted side of "Nathan" in the WH) rather than Gabriel Gray's lack of painting ability.

-- Posted by: DD at May 2, 2007 2:32 PM

I think that we are forgetting a few things.

While Peter saved Claire at homecoming, I think she is still in danger of Sylar. In fact, last week's ep (.07%) seemed to suggest that it was very important for Claire to go to Paris before the election. Peter wanted her to stay. Nathan believes that Claire's absence is necessary, although it is not clear why. It could be that her absence allowed Sylar to kill her or her presence changed Peter's role in the bomb going off. Regardless in this fact pattern, Peter is not the bomb.

I didn't see Sylar as Nathan either, but I did notice early in the ep that Nathan's values seemed to have changed as Leader of the Free World.

I had three nagging questions: What happened to Linderman and Grandma P? What were their powers? Why was the Petrelli townhouse completely unscathed when the ep made it clear most of Manhattan was totalled?

BTW: I think Linderman is Nathan's biological father.

-- Posted by: boharpe at May 2, 2007 3:16 PM

Question - If Peter now has Claire's regenerating powers, which obviously he does, how come he has that big ole scar on his face from some unkown battle?? Why didn't his skin just heal and go back to normal?

Peter has been able to regenerate ever since he first saved the cheerleader. So why doesn't he look like a shiney new penny??


-- Posted by: Ski House Hostess at May 2, 2007 5:46 PM

@Ski - Doesn't he have the scar because he can not regenerate? I thought in that timeline, the cheerleader was NOT saved so he never got her powers (maybe he never made it to Texas?)

Then you have that whole time-travel thing. Did Hiro jump to an alternate reality, too?

-- Posted by: Connie at May 2, 2007 6:18 PM

I'm really confused on how Claire is still alive. I was assuming that on this timeline, she had been killed by Sylar (hence his regenerated powers and healing from Hiro's stabbing). The Haitian would definitely know she was still alive.

-- Posted by: Jayme at May 2, 2007 10:18 PM

Peter's scar was probably created in some extraodinary way that has yet to be revealed. I think it's simply a metaphor for the idea that the explosion permantently wounded him in a fundamenal sense (maybe the explosion has something to do with how he got it).

Re: Claire alive, Sylar alive, etc. The story makes sense from present Hiro's "time travel logic". Claire and Sylar are still alive in the future because future Hiro explicitly says there are two parts to the "Sylar dies" timeline, and only one of them has been met so far in present Hiro's journey... first Claire has to not be killed by Sylar, AND THEN present Hiro must kill him at the appointed time. But before present Hiro can kill him, he has to go to the future (from a point in the past at which he hasn't yet killed Sylar) in order to get the tip from future Hiro on how to kill Sylar and that it must be him to do it. But because he didn't kill Slyar yet, the future he visits is messed up, so the future tells him to go back and fix the past, because Hiro is one of those variables upon which the fate of the universe rests. (Ouch, my head hurts now).

-- Posted by: catbarf at May 3, 2007 2:13 AM

Connie --

Good write up. I have comments, I really do. However, my head is trying to wrap around the different alternate time lines, so I'm still working my thoughts.

Do wanna say this. If "Milton" can block thoughts ... was he ever around "Nathan"(Sylar)? I'm assuming if Matt was, then "Milton" had to be and if so how come Sylar wasn't exposed then??

-- Posted by: Landa at May 3, 2007 6:14 AM

Too...much...thinking...timelines...confusing... Head is gonna explode!

Man, I don't think this hard at my real job. Curse you people for making my brain function! :D

@Landa - exposed to what? I was trying to think if "Milton" had met Sylar, but of course, he has - when he was with HRG. But did/does "Milton" know Nathan had powers? I would assume yes, as he worked with HRG and he seemed to have the low-down on everyone.

Now I gotta think about Claire/Hiro/Peter's scar (is it like a Harry Potter Scar? It was kind of lightning shaped - though it looked more like a Hiro Kensei sword scar...)

Thanks, people - now I gotta think!!!! :D Maybe the explosion isn't Peter or Sylar - maybe it's me and my head exploding!

-- Posted by: Connie at May 3, 2007 11:13 AM


My kids and I had a lively debate about Peter's scar too. They, like you, think that Peter should have *absorbed* this power from the one encounter Peter had with Claire at homecoming.

My take, is that Peter was able to channel her power in her presence but hadn't mastered the ability himself just yet (along the way that initially he could only fly when in Nathan's presence or could only read minds with Parkman in the room). Eventually he incorporates the powers of others as his own (if you think about it just like Sylar, but in a less gory way and for good). I think this means that there will be a showdown between the two at the seasons end. It also means that Claire must stay close to Peter until the appointed time.

-- Posted by: boharpe at May 4, 2007 9:49 AM

A few points:

- When Nathan says to Matt: "I know how things work", that was a great bit of Sylar foreshadowing, because that's Sylar's line and his ability. He takes apart people's brains just like clocks and figures out how they work.

- Regarding Peter's scar: one thing no one has suggested is that perhaps Peter is *deliberately keeping* the scar, to be symbolic of an inner wound that cannot heal, possibly related to his immense guilt over the catastrophe in New York.

-- Posted by: Michael at May 4, 2007 2:35 PM

Okay, after reading everyone's comments I am even more confused! Nobody has even mentioned the fact in the ".o7%' episode Peter was saved by Claire when she took that piece of glass out of him. If this has something to do with "alternate timelines" theory then can someone breakdown the alternate timeline in regards to Claire,Peter and Sylar.

Also my next question is: isn't Candice the "wireless" girl or is that someone else?

feel free to e-mail me about any heroes theory chats ; all my friends are "grey's anatomy" fans and I can't be loyal to two different shows so feel free to chat!

-- Posted by: Gia at May 6, 2007 1:19 AM

@Gia Candice and Wireless are two different people. Candice (Missy Peregrym) can morph into people and works for the "Company." Hana "Wireless" Gitelman (Stana Katic) has an ability with technology.

Though I agree, they do look very similar.

-- Posted by: Connie at May 6, 2007 7:24 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:39 PM

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