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Heroes: Chapter Nineteen - ".07%"

Heroes is BAAAAACK!!!! Missed it last night? Watch it here.

After the quick recap from our too-long hiatus, the ep opens up with HRG in one of the Company’s cells. Claire busts in, telling him how sorry she was and that it’s all her fault. HRG pushes her away because he knows it’s not her. Sure enough, Candice morphs back into herself.

Thompson enters and has a quick conversation with HRG. Basically, taunting HRG for a few minutes before leaving.

Cut to Linderman and Nathan. They are in Linderman’s art vault/private museum. Linderman tells Nathan that he just wants to save the world and heal it. “What do you know of healing?” Nathan asks. Linderman proceeds to show him. He waves his hand over a dying orchid and it comes back to life! BUM-BUM-BAAHHH! Linderman has healing powers!

Lindy and Nate are looking at one of Mr. Ee-sock’s paintings – one where Hiro saves the little girl from the bus in one of the first eps. “I know this man,” Nathan tells him. “Good, when you see him, tell him I want my sword back,” Lindy shoots back.

Lindy reveals that he was much younger than Nathan when he discovered his powers and then he discovered others liked him. They got together and used their powers for good (Justice League, anyone?) But then some strayed from the course and used their powers for personal gain (Magneto, anyone?) He tells Nathan the amount of people who would die from the nuclear explosion caused by either Peter or the Geico Caveman is .07% of the entire population. A small price to pay to further on humanity.

Nathan doesn’t think he’s even going to win the Congressional election until Lindy reveals another work of art. A painting of Nathan standing in the Oval Office.

Parkman wakes up in the room that Sylar was being held in at Primatech (at least I think so). He’s hearing a voice in his head – it’s HRG telling him that they’re going to come and kill him unless he does what he says. He tells him to bang on the pipe if he trusts him and wants him to help. Parkman bangs on the pipe. “Good man,” HRG thinks to him.

HRG tells him to pull a rusty pipe from the wall and to use it against the guard that is sure to show up when he hears all the ruckus. Parkman escapes and HRG leads him to Ted Sprague a/k/a Nuclear Guy a/k/a Geico Caveman. On the way Parkman overhears Thompson telling his goonie to kill off Sprague, HRG and himself. Rut-ro. Over at Ted’s cell, Ted is suspicious of HRG, but Parkman knows the alternative is worse and soon we hear an alarm go off.

HRG tells Parkman to tell Sprague not to burn hot but burn bright and set off an EMP to blow out the power. They go and get HRG. Now, my friend pointed this out... assuming all the “cells” are opened by keycards and the power went out, how did they open HRG’s cell door with the keycard? Hmm....

Parkman, HRG, and Sprague are now at the greasy spoon that Charlie worked at (and died at). HRG has a plan to take down the tracking system that is in New York. Parkman mentions Linderman and HRG is surprised to hear the name. He didn’t even know he was working for Linderman... “You’re middle management!” Parkman laughs.

We’re now back to the end of the last ep we saw where Sylar is slicing open Peter’s head and removing that wayward lock of hair we always see. Peter quickly heals from Sylar’s slicing and Sylar is stunned. Peter uses that moment to toss Sylar against the opposite wall, knocking him out for a few seconds. This lost of consciousness also causes Mohinder to fall from the ceiling where he has been unceremoniously stuck for the past six weeks or so since the last episode aired :D

Sylar stands and faces Peter. It’s totally good against evil here. Peter goes invisible. “Interesting! I can’t wait to try that one.” Sylar uses his mind to float up pieces of broken glass. He sends the shards flying everywhich way and one of them nails Peter in the back of his head. He’s dead... or is he? Sylar is about to slice out his powers when the nice big bulletin board nails him from behind, slamming him into the wall, effectively knocking him out. (Insert me screaming here – “Go Mo Go!”)

Mo goes over to Peter but he’s pretty dead.

We’re now at Grandma Angela Petrelli’s house with her and Claire. She wants Claire to go to Paris for awhile. G-ma Petrelli is no knitting, homemaking g-ma. There are some serious and blatant hints that G-ma Petrelli has powers, but we still don’t know what.

Back to Sylar – when he wakes up, Mo and Peter are gone, the laptop smashed to bits, the list gone. Sylar does find one clue – Isaac’s address. Guess where’s he heading?

At Isaac’s loft, Isaac is sending a messenger with the last pages of the last graphic novel he’ll write. He knows he’s going to die tonight. He’s painted it.

Mo brings Peter back to Grandma Angela Petrelli’s (how did he drag a dead body over NYC? He doesn’t have his cab anymore, right?) There was a cab outside the door, but... G-ma P finally shows some emotion as she breaks down and cries over her dead son’s body.

Nathan returns home to see his dead brother’s body. He, too, cries over it. “He’s not supposed to die this way. What do we do?”

“We hide it,” G-ma P says, coldly. She doesn’t want it to effect his election results. Claire enters, much to Nathan’s surprise. Claire wants a moment with Peter.

Claire wishes she had more time to have gotten to know Peter. “I thought you were like me,” she tells his dead, lifeless body as she brushes back his hair. Except... she feels something in his hair and turns his head over and sees the big shard of glass in his skull. Maybe he is like her? She tugs it out and Peter is resurrected! Aha!

We later find the two brothers in deep discussion. Peter thinks it’s wise to keep Claire here. Nathan doesn’t seem surprised that Claire can regenerate (I wonder if he knows about Claire’s mom’s powers?) After all, she is the cheerleader he saved and she’s Nathan’s daughter. G-ma P enters and her two boys want to confess their powers to her. “It’s alright,” she tells them. “I know. I knew long before either of you did.” BUM-BUM-BAAHHHH! Are we to see a flying, kick-ass g-ma soon? Let’s hope so!

Nathan and Claire finally talk later that evening. He wants to send her away to Paris with his mom until the election is over. Then they can be a family. What’s his game? Is he trying to protect her from the nuclear explosion or is he sending her away for his own gain?

Jessica and D.L. fight. He doesn’t want her bad influence and Linderman around Micah, but we all know how protective she is over her son. Before the argument can progress, Lindy’s goons show up for Jessica.

Jessica arrives at Lindy’s art vault. Lindy tells her that he wants to “borrow” Micah for a bit. She says, “Oh hell no.” Next thing you know, Jessica has picked Micah up early from school and sends him off with Linderman. Oops, that’s not Jessica – it’s Candice! Jessica rolls up in her convertible not knowing Micah is gone.

Mo has called the number on the card HRG left him. But it’s Thompson who shows up. Thompson tells Mo that the best way to stop Sylar is for them to work together.

Sylar shows up at Isaac’s. He sends him flying to the ground and literally nails Isaac to the floor with his paintbrushes. Isaac is at peace with himself and is ready to die. “You can’t fight the future,” he tells Sylar. He hints to Sylar that he finally gets to be the hero by showing the others how to kill off Sylar and stop the bomb. Sylar proceeds to slice him open.

Sylar is now painting and his artwork is darker, creepier, but probably just as prophetic.

Cut to five years into the holocaustic future where Hiro and Ando are. They decide to search for Isaac (which totally confuses Ando) who might still be alive. They go to the loft (“Mr. Ee-sock!”) and it is strung back and forth with string. On the string are notes, it’s basically a timeline of some sort. They hear a “schwing!” of a sword. Hiro draws his own sword and sees... HIMSELF (but a studlier version sans glasses and with a little soulpatch) looking back at his dorky self. “You,” his future self says. “Me?” current Hiro wonders...


Well, a) I’m SO GLAD Heroes is back on. 24 just isn’t cutting it for me.

Here’s an aside: Hiro and Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch – separated at birth? You tell me. Mother’s baby. Father’s? Maybe!?

Waaaaah! What is G-ma Petrelli’s power? Did she and Linderman do the nasty and produced Nathan and Peter? Hmmm.... Or is she the one Linderman is referring to that broke away from his little Justice League and used her powers for her own gain...? And might Claude be part of this gang too?

My friend (with the keycard comment) also brought this up - Do you think Linderman had Jessica seduce Nathan so that he might produce another "Claire" or something even more spectacular? Two parents with powers? Two grandparents with powers? Hmm...

Do you think Thompson has a power too?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 24, 2007 2:32 PM
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Who knew that Mo had powers too!! To drag a 'dead' body out of an appartment (in NYC of all places) and into a cab, then drive/ride with said body uptown/downtown, then proceed to leave body in cab while knocking on the doorbell of the body's mother takes superhuman ability, no doubt!

And yeah, did he actually hail a cab? If so, did he make Peter pony up for half of the cab fair by reaching into his pockets for spare change?

-- Posted by: Bryan at April 24, 2007 3:00 PM

If you read the official comics at NBC's website, you're gonna find out that Linderman and a Petrelli (presumably Nathan and Peter's old man) served together in Vietnam.

-- Posted by: Nevermore at April 24, 2007 3:33 PM

I don't think Claude was part of Linderman's original grouping. He was definately part of the company before HRG joined up.
I think Hiro's dad has powers and was part of Lindermna and Ma Patrelli's Super Friends.

-- Posted by: Josh at April 24, 2007 3:39 PM

@Josh - I totally forgot about Sulu Nakamura. You're absolutely right - he probably was a Super Friend.

@Bryan - LOL Mohinder has those New York Cabbie superpowers. Maybe he'll be the new host of CASH CAB!

-- Posted by: Connie at April 24, 2007 3:56 PM

I love that "Heroes" gives you answers that just provoke more debate. Such as the existence of Linderman's old Justice League group--while a fascinating revelation, clearly you can't trust a word this guy says. If the group collapsed because someone was into "personal gain," it might as well have been him--he's a mob tycoon at the moment, last I checked.

While Sylar seems to master other's powers better than they can themselves, props to the writers for keeping his "future artwork" so crude--which makes sense, given his lack of technical skill. I wonder if the misshapen figure he saw in the White House is still Nathan, or if Sylar's interpreting the future a different way...

Also, given the previews foreshadowing an Orwellian future, would it surprise anyone if Sylar 2012 was actually a good guy (or at least, the anti-establishment terrorist type that Robert De Niro played in Brazil)?

-- Posted by: DD at April 24, 2007 6:12 PM

Wow, wasn't that cool seeing Peter put the smack down on Cyler? I couldn't help wishing the fight had gone on a little longer! As for that bit with Mo dragging Peter's body all that ways, that's just sloppy writing on the writer's part. It's not even remotely plausible for someone to be able to hail a cab and drag a body across town. The whole notion is plain ridiculous. Again, it's lazy, sloppy writing and stuff like that just pulls you out of the story. The writers can't be doing stuff like that and expect the show to continue to maintain the super high quality that we've been seeing all season. Hopefully this was just an isolated case. Other than that fiasco, the rest of the episode was great. I knew I could count on HRG to get himself out of his predicament. Like I've said before, the guy just always seems to be in control of the situation, no matter how dire the circumstances. Even when Thomson was threatening him, my man HRG was as calm and cool as can be. Love that guy! He's still one of my favorite characters on the show, even if he doesn't have any powers.

-- Posted by: Michael at April 24, 2007 8:17 PM

If I remember correctly, didn't Mohinder had his own cab car? I recall he does have one during the scene when he and Mr.Bennett first met and Mohinder ran away upon suspicions that Bennett was his father's killer

-- Posted by: Ky at April 25, 2007 7:46 AM

@Ky - Yes, he had his dad's old cab, but when he ran away the assumption seemed to be that he abandoned it because he took off, leaving the car door open and the keys in the car in an alley in New York. If it was still there when he went back for it I'd sure be surprised.

-- Posted by: Connie at April 25, 2007 12:53 PM

Can't wait for next week! Future New York here we come!

-- Posted by: Other Bryan at April 25, 2007 1:23 PM

Great episode. I thought it was going to take me a minute to remember things; however, I was surprised at how quickly things fell into place.

While I'm not a fan of Nikki/Jessica, this is the one time I'll be rooting for her. I cannot wait for her to open up a can of kick behind on Candice for snatching Micha. I'm also surprised at Lindy for using this tactic. If anyone would know, he would know how vicious she can be. All I can say is watch your back!

Enjoyed the write up, Connie. I too missed HEROES. Other than LOST, there's no other show I enjoy more.

-- Posted by: Landa at April 26, 2007 7:57 AM

@Landa - Spank you very much ;o)

-- Posted by: Connie at April 26, 2007 2:30 PM

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